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Woodbriar Park Art
651 10th Avenue
Greeley CO 80631

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Event Dates: 1/1/17 - 1/1/17
Entry Deadline: 7/25/17
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6

Over the course of the past 6 months, the Stormwater and Parks divisions of the City of Greeley have worked closely with the residents of the Woodbriar neighborhood to develop a conceptual drawing for the renovation of Woodbriar Park.  The primary goal of this project is to provide temporary storm water storage to eliminate localized flooding while enhancing the recreational opportunities of the park. These improvements will not only dramatically change the aesthetics of the park and the surrounding neighborhood, but also the social dynamics of this public space. 

The concept of place making has been utilized to capitalize on the local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating a public space that promotes the neighborhoods health, happiness, and wellbeing. Feedback has been gathered from the community for which the public space is intended.

Land art, earthworks, earth art, and environmental art has been chosen as the underlying theme for this project. Land Art can include works that are created in nature using natural materials such as soil, rock, boulders and stone, organic media (logs, branches, leaves) and water with introduced materials such as concrete, metal, asphalt or mineral pigments. This provides for site-specific structures, art forms, and sculptures that contribute to place making. There will be an abundance of soil, rocks and tree trunks to haul away if we don’t make works of art with them. The eventual disintegration of the works may be acceptable if it is a slow process, or works may be created with the intent of being permanent. The selected artist(s) will be responsible for developing and installing original artwork utilizing the “natural advantages” of the park. This will be done in collaboration with the Architecture and Engineering firm that has been hired to complete the overall design of the park. Final park construction drawings are anticipated to be complete by October of 2017 with construction to follow beginning in late November 2017.


Budget and Scope of Work: The total budget for the artwork design, fabrication, delivery and installation is $50,000. Artists will work with the project design team to identify a suitable location for the installation within the project boundaries. All mediums, including landscape architecture and ‘Earthworks’, will be considered. Special consideration will be given to applicants who state in the letter of intent one or more of the following:

  • artwork that makes use of existing soil and ground materials from the site excavation

  • artwork that encourages interactivity and play

  • Plans to include children and/or citizens in the creative process; explain how this can be successfully accomplished.


For installations located proximate to playground areas, artist must consider federal safety standards for playground areas (if applicable).  Additionally, the piece must take into consideration the additional wear and tear from activities consistent with playground use such as climbing, hanging from, jumping on, etc.

Final design must be original and must include all details necessary for the fabrication and installation of the actual artwork. Artist must be willing to attend a minimum of two meetings in Greeley with the design team to develop the design and two progress reports will be required during the evolution of the design. The final design submitted by the artist shall be completed by October 15, 2017. Once the final design is accepted by the Greeley Art Commission and payment is made for the design, the City will retain all rights of the final design. Fabrication delivery and final installation shall be completed along with the construction schedule in spring/early summer of 2018.

No project proposal is desired at this time. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

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