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ArtAround Roswell 2018
Roswell Arts Fund
PO Box 768136
Roswell GA 30076

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Georgia
Entry Deadline: 10/5/17
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3

Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 10
IMPORTANT: Each artist may submit up to Three (3) artworks for consideration. If submitting multiple artworks, each piece of artwork must be a separate application. See below insructions for further information.
Instructions for submitting multiple sculptures:
This application represents ONE artwork, with 1 to 5 images of the work. If you wish to enter additional artworks, checkout and submit the first application, then return to "Apply to Calls" and choose APPLY AGAIN TO THIS CALL. Repeat this process for up to 2 additional applications.
ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour 2018

Request for Proposal for Existing Outdoor Artworks

Submission Deadline: October 5, 2017 - 11:59 PM MT

Project Summary:

The City of Roswell, Georgia invites artists to submit proposals of existing outdoor art works for consideration for ArtAround Roswell 2018, a Sculpture Tour; a temporary art installation to be installed at various outdoor sites in the City of Roswell, Georgia. Proposals selected through this call will be considered for exhibition during an eleven month tour from April 14, 2018 - March1, 2019. 

ArtAround Roswell introduces public art to a broad community, promotes appreciation of fine works of art, enhances outdoor spaces and enriches lives.  We seek to have a well-balanced and diverse exhibition of sculptures with a variety of styles, types, and sizes. 

Ten outdoor sculptures will be selected and installed in key locations throughout the city park system and historical downtown Roswell. Photos of current sites and sculptures can be viewed at and Final available sites will be determined after 2017 sculpture sales are completed. Please click on the floor/site image above for a 2017 ArtAround Roswell sculpture map which is followed by a list of current and potential site descriptions. 

We seek artwork that captures the spirit and brand of Roswell, is compelling for residents and visitors, and connects to the cultural energy of the various neighborhoods and city.  If possible, a visit to the city and potential sites is recommended.  

At least one piece of sculpture will be purchased as a permanent work of art for the City of Roswell by the Roswell Arts Fund.  Our first year,  two sculptures were purchased. We strive to increase that amount each year. Additionally, two cash awards will be presented to the top two favorite sculptures in the amounts of $500.00 and $250.00 respectively.

This invitation is extended to all qualified artists and there is no entry fee.  Artists will receive a $2500 stipend for the loan of their work paid in two installments ($1250 at installation, and $1250 when the art work is deinstalled). All sculptures are for sale to the general public unless otherwise stated,  but must remain installed for the entirety of the eleven months of the exhibition and tour.  A sales commission of 30% will go to the Roswell Arts Fund, the City’s designated arts agency, for all sculptures sold during the tour. The Roswell Arts Fund conducts an annual Keep the Art in Roswell campaign, to promote the purchase of ArtAround Roswell sculptures.

A visual listing, an online brochure, map and OTOCAST app and audio will be available as a guide for the ArtAround Roswell sculpture tour. In addition, the art and artist’s profiles will be promoted on our website,, social media, city websites, newsletters, etc. We encourage all interested artists to visit and for more information. 

ArtAround Roswell is a collaboration between the Roswell Arts Fund and the  City of Roswell. The sculptures are hosted by the Department of Recreation and Parks.

About Roswell:

Modern Spirit. Southern Soul.

Roswell’s vision……A premier riverside community, connecting strong neighborhoods and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Roswell is a successful city that blends its history with its future, urbanism with its environmental resources. Roswell is home to a wealth of artists, performance venues, nonprofit arts organizations, galleries, and historic homes.

In addition, Roswell has become a robust dining destination, boasts a Triple AAA Bond rating, enjoys a unique proximity to the Chattahoochee River and has 22  parks with over 1000 acres of active and passive parkland facilities. 

Roswell has been awarded many designations, including the following recognitions and awards:

City Recognition

  • Named a Gold Certified Green Community by the Atlanta Regional Commission for leadership in its environmental and sustainability effort
  • Named One of the Top Three Cities in the Nation to Raise Your Family: Roswell was listed third in the book, "Best Places to Raise Your Family," released by Frommer's
  • Roswell is ranked as the 18th Safest City in the United States according to City Crime Rankings 
  • Named the 6th Best Place to Retire in the United States by Black Enterprise Magazine 
  • City of Excellence: Only 50 cities in the state have been honored with the designation by the Georgia Municipal Association
  • Designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community in 2006 by the League of American Bicyclists
  • "Money Magazine's" 19th Best Eastern U.S. City to Live: Roswell was ranked 19th for cities with populations under 100,000
  • "Atlanta Magazine's" Best Place to Live in Metro Atlanta: Roswell was honored twice by "Atlanta Magazine" as the best place to live in the metro area 
  • Internationally Accredited Police Department: Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) 
  • State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification: Roswell Police Department 
  • Nationally Accredited Recreation and Parks Department: Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies 
  • Preserve America Community Designation: Honored for its efforts in preserving our historic, cultural, and natural heritage


  • Trendsetter Award 2006: Roswell received the award for the Big Creek Wetlands demonstration project from the Georgia Municipal Association 
  • Create Community Award 2005: The Atlanta Regional Commission's most prestigious award. Roswell was honored for its efforts in environmental sustainability 
  • Achievement of Excellence in Procurement: The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 
  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting: City of Roswell has received a Certificate of Achievement for the last 24 consecutive years, since June 30, 1989 
  • Georgia Recreation and Parks Agency of the Year: 1974, 1979, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2011 
  • Budget Presentation Award: Government Finance Officers Association 10 consecutive years since June 30, 2004 
  • Tree City USA Award: The National Arbor Day Foundation 
Roswell Public Art Intent and Goals: Roswell’s Public Art for People and Places seeks art of redeeming  quality that enhances the aesthetic quality and experience of public places.  The public art selected through this initiative will be of high quality, innovative, and embody our city’s Modern Spirit.Southern Soul.

Specific ArtAround Roswell Objectives include:

  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal, interest, and experience of residents and visitors.
  • Introduce Fine Arts to a broader population and more specifically activate and advance the discussion on Public Art (a museum without walls).
  • Actualize the City of Roswell’s vision/brand to be a “premier riverside community connecting strong neighborhoods and the entrepreneurial spirit”, a City that is both modern as well as steeped in history.
  • Actualize recommendations of the Imagine Roswell Arts & Culture 2030 study completed in 2015 and our Public Art Master Plan completed in 2017.
  • Leverage the river, parks and downtown areas and their frequent visitors. 
  • Acquire at least one piece to reside permanently in the city.
  • Provide accompanying events to engage and energize the community.
  • Build collaboration between the various Roswell City departments, commissions boards, business and civic organizations.

ArtAround Roswell is a  multifaceted annual arts experience accompanied by community planned events featuring performance, music, dance, and tours. in 2017, "Makers in the Afternoon" was created to increase art appreciation and recoginition for the tour:
Length of Project: Installation is anticipated to be completed during March 2018. The exhibition will be from April 14,2018 - March 1,2019. 

Project Timeline: 

October 5, 2017 - Submission Deadline

October 27, 2017 - Artist Notification and Confirmation (final contract must be signed and returned by November 17, 2017)

January & February 2018 - Installation specifics and install date confirmed

March 2018 - Installation

April 14, 2018 - Opening Day and Celebration 

March 2019 - Deinstallation 

Artist and Artwork Eligibility:

  • This call is open to all professional artists and artist teams. Students enrolled in degree programs are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be 18 or older. 
  • Artwork must be original, one of a kind artwork. Multiple edition work will not be considered.
  • Artwork must be structurally able to be secured to a concrete pad with anchor bolts. The majority of current pads are 4 x 4, but several are much larger. Please specify specific installation requirements, including pad size in the submission. 
  • Artwork must be fabricated and finished with non-hazardous materials and be maintenance free for the duration of the exhibition. 
  • Artwork should be appropriate for outdoors and active pedestrian environments, safe for the public, and appropriate for all ages. 
  • The selected artist(s) will be required to carry general liability insurance for the installation and for the length of the exhibition.

Public Art Selection Process and Panel: 
The Public Art Selection Panel will be comprised of various representatives of Roswell Arts Fund, Recreation Commission and Department of Recreation and Parks. At least one person on the Panel will be an artist, one will be a community representative, and at least one person on the panel will serve as a Conservator, able to assess materials, design and siting as it relates to installation and potential maintenance costs. 

The Public Art Selection Panel will seek to choose a well-balanced and diverse exhibition of sculptures with a variety of styles, types, and sizes. Ten finalists and up to three alternates will be selected. 

After the submission deadline members of the Roswell Arts Fund will prescreen the applications for the Selection Panel to ensure completeness and eligibility in order to identify a list of qualified candidates with appropriate experience for this project.

The Public Art Selection Panel is not required to select from among submitted applications and reserves the right to invite artists who do not apply.

Submission Requirements:

  • Applications must be received no later than October 5, 2017. 
  • Only submissions through CaFe will be considered. 
  • Submitted applications will serve as an agreement to the conditions herein stated for exhibiting in ArtAround Roswell. 
IMPORTANT: Applications must include all of the following items; incomplete applications will be rejected.

1) Statement of Interest:  Please tell us why you believe your artwork is a good fit for ArtAround Roswell and why you are interested in participating. Tell us about the artist, and the artwork. Please include the artist’s full name, address and complete contact information including any professional websites.

2) Art Work Details and Requirements:

  • Each artist may submit a maximum of THREE (3) artworks for consideration. PLEASE submit a separate application for each artwork.
  • Provide details of each submitted artwork including but not limited to title, date of construction, medium, dimensions (HxWxD and weight), and any required power sources.  At the current time not all sites have access to power sources.
  • Artist can submit up to 5 digital images per artwork but no less than 2 images. Please ensure images show various views of the artwork, as well as the detail.
  • All work must be the property of the artist. Sculptures must be free from damage, scratches, fade marks, or any other irregularities. Original, one of a kind artwork only. Multiple edition work will not be considered.
  • Please state if the submitted artwork has been previously on display within a 50-mile radius within the last three years.
  • All artworks should be suitable for outdoor installation, safe for viewers and all materials must be appropriate for extended outdoor exhibition and exposure to weather. 
  • Sculpture should be large scale, heavy, and have the ability to be easily secured to a concrete foundation. Several sites are visible from the road as well as pedestrian traffic. 
  • Artist statement of installation requirements . We seek artwork that does not demand unusual installation requirements. Ideally artwork should be structurally able to be secured to a concrete pad with anchor bolts. Majority of current pads are 4 x 4, though some are larger.  Artwork that requires a different size pad or unusual installation will be considered but specific installation requirements must be noted in the submission.  Please provide detailed information regarding installation method, anchoring procedure and any required maintenance.
  • Artist statement of artwork purchase price.

3) Resume/CV: We seek high-quality original artwork that is safe, durable and structurally sound. Include education; experience; public exhibitions and commissions on a similar scale; awards, grants or fellowships; works in private, corporate or museum collections; and exhibitions at major museums or galleries. Please distinguish between being awarded a commission and being a finalist for a commission; temporary art exhibition from permanent; indoor or outdoor artwork. Please specify examples of working with a diverse group of individuals including installers, marketing professionals, sponsors, city employees and volunteers.

4) List of Recent Art:Include title, location, date completed, medium, brief description of the project. Up to (5) additional images are welcome, (1) image per artwork.

5) References: Include two references including their name, affiliation, email and phone number.


Please direct any questions to the following email:

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