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Request for Proposals Transportation Center Garage Music-Themed Mural
118 N. Jefferson St
Dayton Ohio 45402

Event Dates: 1/1/17 - 1/1/17
Entry Deadline: 10/9/17
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $10.00

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This is a request for proposals for a mural that has a music theme to be located on the City of Dayton Transportation Center Garage.

The site is located near the future home of the Levitt Pavilion, Dayton’s free outdoor amphitheater planned to open at Dave Hall Plaza in 2018. The mural should reflect the spirit or music, musicians, and musical performance. The inclusion of Dayton’s rich musical past, present, and future, as well as any other interpretation of how music plays a role in our city’s rich cultural fabric is highly encouraged.

The City of Dayton Transportation Center Garage is located in Downtown Dayton and bounded by Jefferson, Fourth, St. Clair, and Stone streets (see map below).

Specifically, the mural will be installed on the west face of the garage (along Jefferson Street) focusing on the inset cement block walls (see image on the next page). This location is across Jefferson Street from the Levitt Pavilion site.

To enliven the Jefferson streetscape with a mural that has a music theme, which is appropriate due to the site’s proximity to the Levitt Pavilion and other establishments that feature live music.

Call for Submission Opens                   September 1, 2017
Submission Deadline:                           October 9, 2017 midnight
Notification of Semi-Finalists:                October 13, 2017
Final Design Deadline:                          October 23, 2017
Notification of Design Selection:           October 27, 2017
Project Production:                                October 30-November 10, 2017

The proposed mural shall encompass at least the center of the three bays. That center bay is approximately 389 square feet in area, with the glass block windows not included. The left bay has the same height and width, but also has the door area. The right bay is approximately 383 square feet in area.

Background Information
The City of Dayton Transportation Center Garage, completed in 1973, was part of the Mid-Town Mart Urban Renewal Area.  Over the years, it has primarily served patrons of the Dayton Convention Center and the Crowne Plaza Hotel. However, a number of recent developments have increased its role and importance for not just the immediate area, but all of Downtown Dayton.

In addition to the Convention Center and hotel, the garage serves or has the ability to serve a number of other downtown employers, Levitt Pavilion patrons, as well as to potentially serve patrons of the Oregon District entertainment area. This puts the Transportation Garage, arguably overlooked and underutilized for decades, as now having a cornerstone role in the increased density of visitors and activity in Downtown Dayton.

In association with this expanded role, the City of Dayton and its partners seek to improve the convenience, functionality, and visual impact of the garage. The garage was designed from a predominately utilitarian perspective four decades ago—and it shows. By applying relatively low-cost/high impact improvements, such as signage, lighting, and public art, we can increase usage and improve visitor experience.

Eligibility for the project is as follows:
·       Any amateur or professional artist or designer age 18 and older is eligible to apply. Artists under the age of 18 may apply if they are part of a team with at least one member that is 18 or older.
·       Applications must have primary residence within a 40-mile radius of downtown Dayton.
·       Applications must submit a complete proposal through the CAFÉ system (
·       Submissions can be made by individuals, groups, classes or teams.
·       Submission fee is $10 per application and open to the public within the eligible geography.
·       Three Semi-Finalists will be selected to submit a final design.
·       Final Design will be selected by a committee made up of Dayton and Levitt Pavillion officials and arts professionals.
·       If selected, be available for a consultation with K12’s mural team in early November 2017.
·       If selected, sign an agreement with project organizers.

·       Semi-Finalists will receive a modest stipend of $125 for to their final design.
·       The selected artist will earn a $2,500 stipend for their design.

Proposal Requirements
Complete proposals shall include:
1.     Application with complete contact information
2.     Proposed site design – designs should be submitted as high resolution .jpg. Up to three images may be submitted from different vantage points, one of which should be rendered to scale applied to the intended building/surface.
3.     In addition to submitting proposed designs, applicants may choose to include qualifications to install the mural, or submit designs only. If the submission is for design only, DVAC will contract with K12 Gallery Mural Production team to install the mural.
4.     Résumé or brief biography of the artist/team’s experience with references
5.     Examples of other relevant work samples – one minimum image, three maximum
6.     Artist statement about the design, including a description of your design vision for the project, creative approach and other relevant information (one-page maximum)
7.     $10.00 Application fee

Design Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria
The following guidelines should be considered for every submission:


Likely To Be Considered


Not Likely To Be Considered

-        Flat application of paint

-        Textural/3D or anything that requires material additions to the paint

-        Palettes of 10 or fewer different paint colors/shades

-        Broad color ranges with a lot of tinting/shading

-        Designs that can be applied within a reasonable timeline


-        Highly detailed designs that are complex and time consuming to transfer and paint

-        Builds a sense of place, with a connection to Dayton. Fun, creative, and interesting.

-        Generic designs or murals that do not incorporate the music theme

Contact Information:

Eva Buttacavoli, Executive Director,
Dayton Visual Arts Center
118 N. Jefferson St.,
Dayton, OH 45402