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EDGE District Gateway Marker Project

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Entry Deadline: 9/22/17
Application Closed
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Call to Artists - Request for Qualifications EDGE District Gateway Markers

Budget: $249,000

Deadline: September 22, 2017 (extended from 9/15/17)
Submittal via CaFE at the following link:

I. Project Description

The City of St. Petersburg, in conjunction with the EDGE District, seeks to commission artist(s) or artist(s)’ team(s) (“Artist”) to design, engineer, construct and install EDGE District Gateway Markers to identify the EDGE District, St. Petersburg, FL.

The project under this Call to Artists - Request for Qualifications (“RFQ) is for multiple gateway markers utilizing one design, i.e., two markers of larger scale and six to eight of smaller scale. The two sites for the larger scale markers will be (1) the northwest corner of Central Ave. & MLK St., and (2) the southeast corner of Central Ave. & 16th St. in St. Petersburg, FL. The sites for the smaller markers will be on 1st Avenues North and South at major intersections bordering the EDGE District. The marker design must incorporate the EDGE District's logo. The logo is depicted on the EDGE District's official website at

II. Background Information

The EDGE District spans from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street to 16th Street, and 1st Avenue South to 1st Avenue North in St. Petersburg, FL. It is an award- winning, historic downtown Main Street district operated by the EDGE Business District Association, and characterized by an eclectic mix of locally-owned, independent businesses, historic buildings, public art murals, and landscaped corridors lined with majestic palms. Based in a rich history of pioneering and industry, the District was home to the first settlements in the area and became the center of growth for the emerging City of St. Petersburg. Today it is one of the most popular destinations in the Tampa Bay region, with an authentic, safe and beautiful environment that promotes a connected, active community. For more about the EDGE District, go to

III. Budget
A. Project Budget

The total budget allocated for this project is $249,000. This allocation is inclusive of ALL costs for the final installed artwork, including but not limited to Artist design and engineering fees, all required permit fees, fabrication, shipping, installation (including but not limited to the cost for any bonds that may be required in association with installation of the artwork by the Artist), travel, hotel, transportation, mileage, and insurance.

B. Stipends for Finalists:

All Artists selected as finalists to prepare and present a proposal in person to the Selection Committee shall receive a flat fee of $1,500 each, which is intended to cover any and all expenses such as travel, hotel, transportation, mileage, and any costs or expenses associated with preparing the proposal. Finalists will not be reimbursed separately for any travel costs.

IV. Eligibility

This RFQ is open to all professional artists who are United States residents with experience creating (designing, fabricating, installing, or overseeing the installation of) public art in active, urban settings. Professional artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and/or peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indicators of an individual’s status as a professional artist include, but are not limited to: income realized through the sole commission of artwork; frequent or consistent art exhibitions; placement of artwork in and/or upon the exterior or grounds of public institutions or museums; receipt of honors and awards, and; training in the arts.

V. Estimated Schedule for Submissions

The estimated schedule for the project proposals is as follows, however, the City reserves the right to alter these dates as may be deemed necessary.

September 22, 2017 – deadline for RFQ submissions
October 25, 2017 – finalists selected and notified
January 15, 2018 – deadline for finalists’ proposal submissions
late January 2018 – finalists’ presentations
February 2018 – selection of winning artist

VI. Submission and Selection Process

A. General Submission Instructions

All required submittal materials must be submitted via CaFE at the link provided at the beginning of the RFQ. Artists will need to sign up for a free CaFE account to submit.

Questions about applying on CaFE may be addressed to CaFE representative Kat Stephenson at or by calling her direct line at 303.697.5687.

B. Submittal Materials
1. Artwork Images

A total of six (6) images of at least three (3) different completed artworks or projects is required, along with the following information for each: title, medium, category, dimensions, price/value, year completed, and additional description including location and name of commissioning agency. Only submit images of projects that have been realized to final completion. Images of proposals, models, computer-generated images and/or incomplete projects will not be reviewed and may disqualify the Artist from this RFQ. Slides, videos, prints or any physical submissions of artwork will not be accepted.

For each image, you will be prompted to specify the title of the artwork, medium, dimensions, price/value, year completed, category, and additional information. These images will serve as an overview of your work relevant to this RFQ. Images must be JPEGs with a minimum of 1920px on longest side and a maximum file size of 5MB.

2. Letter of Interest (including Statement of Thematic Concept and Planned Medium)

Express your interest in this project and address how you/your team’s past work demonstrates that you can meet the project’s goals. Please include name, address, email, phone and website (if applicable) on this document.

Include a brief statement on your concept for the artwork, including any particular theme or themes that it might include. Additionally, include which mediums you plan to use in the artwork and a description if warranted.

3. Resume, including List of Professional References

Emphasize professional public art experience (2-page maximum per team member resume, not including the list of professional references). If submitting as a team, compile all resumes into a single document. Please include Artist(s)’s name, address, email, phone and website (if applicable) on this document.

Include at the end of each resume a list of a minimum of three (3) art and/or design professionals who have detailed knowledge of the Artist(s)’s work and working methods, including fulfilling deadlines, working with the community, etc. Include contact name, organization, address, telephone, and email for each reference.

C. Selection Criteria for Finalists

The Selection Committee will select up to three (3) Artists finalists to create and present a proposal on the project. Those finalists will be selected based upon the following:

  • Quality and strength of past work as demonstrated in the submitted application materials.
  • Statement of thematic concept and planned medium.
  • Demonstrated ability to design, construct and install art of a similar scale. 
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