Call Detail

Public Installation for Health Care Environment
1670 Lobdell Avenue, Suite 100
Baton Rouge, LA

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Louisiana
Entry Deadline: 8/7/18
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10

Artwork Program Mission Statement
"Following the dedication of the Healthcare Facility, Ann Connelly Fine Art aims to engage patients, staff and visitors on a meaningful level through art that serves to inspire, promote positivity and create an environment of healing. The artwork selected will be diverse in scale and voice with a dynamic use of media intended to resonate with individuals from every walk of life."

Artwork Submission Guidelines:
All artist submissions should be of original artwork where the artist is the sole creator of the content. Following the art program mission statement, artwork imagery should be appropriate for a public environment, being sensative to perspectives from individuals from all walks of life. The artwork can incorporate traditional mediums along with contemporary aspects like collage, installation, scultpure and fiber arts. The artwork presented to the call to for entry must be readily available or able to be commissioned within a window of 6-8 weeks. 

What to Submit;
Applicable artists should submit quality images of artwork that are available or readily able to be commissioned in a 6-8 week period. Photographs should be an accurate depiction of the artwork, with attention given to color correction and presentation. For dimensional or mixed media artwork, it is preferred to have multiple images of the media from different angle to clearly acknowledge the process and dimensionality of the piece. Conceptual sketches, drawings and renderings will not be acceptable for the application process. 

In addition to photography, the artist should submit an up to date CV or artist resume. The call is open to all professional artists regardless of academic training. Artists who list representation through commercial fine art galleries must be able to work within the state of Louisiana without any prior exclusivity agreements with any other galleries or representing bodies. 

The project is currently active and the artwork selections will need to be readily available or commissioned within a 6-8 week period if selected. If the artwork is selected to present for the project, the consultants may ask for the artwork to be shipped to the location to be seen in person to validate the appropriatness of the piece for the project. Shipping costs for all samples or artwork shipped to the gallery is the responsibility of the artist. Should any artwork or samples need to be returned to the artist, the consultant will be responsible for the shipping costs associated with the return. 

Thematic Pillars: 
The conceptual story is built from themes of the natural world like the comfort associated with the tree canopy, the budding of flowers and the growth of new leaves. Additional themes of organic geometry, the idea of perfection in nature with inspiration taken from the honeycomb structure, the idea of the nautilus and the soft structure of a nest. Ideas surounding growth, birth, life, energy, light are all positive associations for the artwork. Artwork can be abstracted forms of these ideas, using flora and fauna as an inspiration without painting in a representational way.

Mindful Imagery:
For a public space, the artwork should not have any religious iconography or any clear relationship to after-life, heavenly bodies or ascension. Artist should be mindful of coloration, taking into consideration the various perspectives in a healthcare environment; ranging from visitors, caregivers, patients and physicians. Special attention should be given to the "voice" of the artwork and how it affects persons from all walks of life. Artwork should be complient for a healthcare facility, for example, no sharp edges, no excessively fagile elements, no removeable peices and archival under daylight or interior lighting. 

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