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Edmonds Arts Festival - Gallery Art 2018
Frances Anderson Center
700 Main Street
Edmonds, WA 98020
Make checks payable to Edmonds Arts Festival
c/o EAF Gallery Arts
P.O. Box 212
Edmonds, WA 98020

Event Dates: 6/15/18 - 6/17/18
Entry Deadline: 4/14/18
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 4
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 4

Entry Fee (Edmonds Arts Festival - Gallery Art 2018): $20.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum): $20.00

Artists can only apply to one category per CaFE Profile.  If you wish to apply to multiple categories you must create multiple CaFE Profiles.
$20.00 for each piece entered in paintings, prints, drawings, photography, computer art and three dimensional, up to 4 pieces per category.

Media Fee = fee for each additional submittal in paintings, prints, drawings, photography, computer art and three dimensional.
$18.00 for one to four pieces entered in miniatures and small paintings

The Festival is held at the Frances Anderson Center, 700 Main Street, Edmonds, WA 98020

PAINTINGS: Oil, acrylic, pastel, tempera, airbrush, gouache, encaustic, batik, fresco, watercolor, collage and mixed  media with painting dominant.

PRINTS: Relief, intaglio, mezzotint, litho- graph, serigraph, monoprint, and mixed media with printmaking dominant. This category does not include photographic  prints.

DRAWINGS: Graphite, colored pencil, silverpoint, chalk, crayon, pen & ink, conté and mixed media with drawing dominant.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Traditional: Characterized by your own image (or images if a multiple exposure) captured by film or digital camera with minimal alteration, except for limited exposure control, cropping, some degree of color management, and/or the elimination of a distracting element.  Digital:   Characterized  primarily  by your own image (or images if a multiple exposure) captured by digital camera. Software may be used for cloning or special  effects  and  to  alter  subjects and backgrounds, bring in other photos and art for composites, and to enhance one’s creative vision beyond traditional photography.

COMPUTER ART: Characterized by graphic art or digital imagery (without a camera) which is produced with the aid of the computer and may include computer graphics, generative art or computer illustration.

Presentation and Size Requirements for PAINTINGS, PRINTS, DRAWINGS, PHOTOGRAPHY and COMPUTER ART:
• Finished artwork must not exceed 44" H x 54" W. Framed pieces must fall within these specifications.
• Artwork must be wired for hanging. Sawtooth picture hangers are not accepted. Hanging wire may be visible ONLY if it is part of the overall design of the piece

THREE DIMENSIONAL ART: This category encompasses both fine artisan work based on functional concepts and non-functional three-dimensional art. Included, but not limited to are: clay, mosaic, metal, stone, wood, glass, fiber, quilts, and jewelry.

Presentation and Size Requirements for THREE DIMENSIONAL ART:
• Three-dimensional work may not exceed 80" x 30" x 30".
• No on-site assembly is  allowed.
• Textile entries must not exceed 2600 square inches.
• Hanging textiles, rugs or quilts must have a sleeve for mounting.
  A hanging rod must be provided. Nothing over 5 lbs. can be hung.
• Nothing can be hung from ceiling or overhead.

    April 14 –  application deadline  **EXTENDED**
    May 8-12 – notification of jury selection by email
    June 8-9 – drop off selected work at Frances Anderson Center (700 Main St., Edmonds, WA)
    June 15-17 – FESTIVAL
    June 17-18 – pick up of unsold pieces

MINIATURES AND SMALL PAINTINGS:  Entries in this category include all media under painting, prints and drawing categories. Photography is not accepted. This year, we are also accepting work which has less emphasis on fine detail and the 1/6 scale; however, the same size requirements apply. Miniatures follow DIGITAL IMAGE REQUIREMENTS (see below).

Even though the application process requires you to submit digital image(s) of your piece(s), the miniature and small paintings category is not juried from the online images, only from the original work of art.

Presentation & size requirements for MINIATURES AND SMALL PAINTINGSYour frame and artwork may be any proportion that meets the following criteria: Artwork can be any size up to 5” x 5” (25 sq. in.). This includes unframed gallery wrapped canvases with finished sides. Framed artwork must not exceed 8” x 6” (48 sq. in.), while maintaining the maximum surface size of the artwork as noted above. All artwork, framed and unframed, must be professional in appearance, wired and ready for hanging.

    April 14 –  online  application deadline.  **EXTENDED**
    April 15 – deadline to drop off original miniature or small painting at one of the two galleries listed below. If artwork is not at the gallery by this date, it will not be considered for jury selection.
    May 8-12notification of jury selection by email.
    June 15-17 – FESTIVAL
    June 17-18pick up of non-selected and unsold pieces.

Please include a copy of the printed entry form from your online application with your artwork, and be sure it is wrapped and protected for drop off.
408 Main Street 
Edmonds, WA 98020 
(425) 640-6408 
Mon. - Sat. 10 am - 6 pm,  Sun. 11 am - 4 pm

Tsuga Fine Art
10101  Main Street NE
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 483-7385
Closed  Sunday & Monday

• Digital images are required for online entry.
• Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Photography and Computer Art: one image per artwork
• Miniatures: one entry = up to 4 unique works of art (one image per artwork).
• Three Dimensional: up to three images per artwork
File format: JPEG only
File dimensions: minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side
File resolution: 72ppi/dpi (standard web resolution)
Maximum file size: 3 MB (Files exceeding this size will be rejected.)
Minimum file size: 100 KB

If you can not deliver artwork in-person, please contact:
17712 15th Ave NE
Shoreline WA 98155
Shipping Forms

There will be an awards ceremony and reception for Gallery artists on Sunday, June 10.  Everyone is welcome.  Please plan to attend.