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Artist as Creative Strategist AIR - LA County Library
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Call Type: Public Art
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State: California
Entry Deadline: 3/30/18
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Connect, Explore, Create.

Los Angeles County Arts Commissin and the Los Angeles County Library (LA County Library) seeks ARTISTS AS CREATIVE STRATEGIST ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE


Date issued: March 1, 2018       Submittal date: March 30, 2018  10:59 p.m. PST

Creative Strategist Artist-in-Residence (AIR): Embedding artists to solve real life problems

An artist as creative strategist will develop and implement a system-wide artist-in-residence (AIR) masterplan for the Los Angeles County Library (LA County Library).

Project Overview

In June 2017 the LA County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to fund the placement of artists, arts administrators or other creative workers who are representative of diverse constituencies in paid positions as creative strategists in County departments “to develop innovative solutions to social challenges.” The LA County Arts Commission (LACAC) manages implementation of the artist residency.  

This project is part of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative, a County initiative designed to ensure that everyone has access to arts and culture, and to improve inclusion in the wider arts ecology for all residents in every community

This year-long AIR embeds an artist as a creative strategist and art maker into the Los Angeles County Library (LA County Library). The selected artist will work alongside library staff, project partners, community stakeholders and artists in a collaborative process to develop, strategize, promote and implement the LA County Library’s AIR.

About the Los Angeles County Library

The Los Angeles County Library was established in 1912 under authority of the County Free Library Act. The Library is a special fund department operating under the authority of the County Board of Supervisors. Today it is the second largest library system in the nation, providing library services to over 3.5 million residents living in unincorporated areas and to residents of 49 of the 88 incorporated cities of Los Angeles County. The service area extends over 3,000 square miles. Supplementing the 7.5 million volume book collection, the Library also offers magazines, newspapers, government publications and many specialized materials including online databases.

One of the Los Angeles County Library (LA County Library) strategic initiatives is affirming the Library as a center for learning and transform the role of Library as place while supporting and cultivating the community’s creativity.  A system-wide LA County Library AIR helps to further this initiative.

 Program Information: Public Library Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program

The goal of the LA County Library AIR Program is to increase levels of patron interaction and expression using performing and visual arts as the conduit. Based upon the success of initial pilots, LA County Library seeks to broaden the existing AIR program system-wide and seek opportunities for staff and artists to share their experiences with the larger library community.

As it currently exists, the LA County Library has successfully debuted programs and services that stir the mind to explore and create. The highly successful Turns the Tables workshops at Compton and South Whittier libraries helped teens and “new adults” develop STEAM related skills. Participants learned business skills, digital literacy and musical literacy through a DJ lab and classes which culminated in live performances in front of an audience. A few of these participants have also been highlighted in Countywide functions, including a special performance at the Ford Theater and participation in the New Year’s Eve Los Angeles celebration at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition, the County Library Maker Mobile (MākMō) vehicles, makes STEM and STEAM activities accessible for all ages. Activities such as hands-on exposure to Ozobots, Makey Makey, Snap Circuits and 3D printing are provided at MākMō events.

The project’s genesis is a result of the 2017 Public Library Association’s Leadership Academy (Academy). The Academy included a follow-up project, with a proposed idea of an AIR project made to the Library Executive staff. This initial idea was to focus on the visual arts, but was expanded to include a music component that would bridge the many communities served by LA County Library and serves as the overarching AIR framework or master plan that will allow for a broad representation of artistic forms as it engages a highly diverse and geographically broad population. The first pilot phase of the system-wide AIR will use music as a medium for expression.

Creative Strategist AIR

The Creative Strategist will be embedded in the LA County Library and have an important role in the establishment of a system-wide LA County Library AIR program. Working alongside the Assistant Regional Administrator (East Region), the Creative Strategist will  interpret or bridge  communication between the County library staff and strategize how to connect existing and newly created programs under an umbrella of a LA County Library AIR Program. To clarify, the LA County Library AIR program is envisioned as an overarching framework that will encompass a myriad of sub-programs and projects with art, in its many forms, as a nexus. The plan is to host programs at LA County Library facilities that will expand community exposure to the arts and promote creative expression and exchange of ideas. Through an iterative process, the Creative Strategist will research and develop a comprehensive masterplan for the LA County Library AIR program including strategies for communications, implementation and evaluation through artist-initiated projects, interventions, approaches and engagement that outline strategic planning, visioning and programmatic activities.

The Creative Strategist will develop and produce experiences or artworks that further the goals of the LA County Library AIR Program. These activities will address LA County Library objectives by using creative methods to engage library patrons of all ages.  The Creative Strategist will work with LACAC and LA County Library to develop an evaluation plan. The Creative Strategist will document the process, approach and lessons learned to help transform County practices and responsiveness.

The Creative Strategist may work with at-risk populations, such as Foster Youth; Probation; Homeless; LGBTQ and others.


This residency is open to professional artists who live or work in Los Angeles County.. The Creative Strategist must be available to participate onsite for a part-time flexible schedule in the LA County Library office in West Covina and community locations in LA County for the duration of the AIR program.


The Creative Strategist will be given an all-inclusive budget of $50,000 per year: artist fees and travel/mileage/parking ($40,000); all costs associated with the development and execution of community-specific engagement, activities and art making ($10,000).

Criteria for Selection

An artist as Creative Strategist is someone who can bring artistic methods to help County departments achieve clearly articulated goals.

This project requires a deep commitment. Artists must be driven by collaborative work and a commitment to community engagement. They must have a portfolio which demonstrates their ability to align creative practice with social and public need. To assure that the goals of the project are met, artists will be required to participate in a competitive selection process. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of stakeholders and evaluated on the following criteria:

  •  Artistic merit and professional qualifications demonstrated in a dynamic portfolio of past work;
  • Experience working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders; 
  • Ability to communicate effectively and synthesize complex concepts related to master plan and program development;
  • A broad range of creative skills that are applicable to the development and execution of the residency program, including but not limited to: social practice, happenings, permanent and temporary artworks, convenings, pop-ups, etc.;
  • Basic knowledge of the diverse services provided by the LA County Library and eagerness to learn more and a sincere desire to work on the goals and directives of LA County Library.

Selection Process

Up to five artists will be selected for interviews based on their qualifications and the criteria listed above. The selected artists will be required to develop a short presentation for a committee of County staff, project partners, community stakeholders and local residents. The committee will evaluate artist’s applications and presentations to select the artist-in-residence.


Applications must be uploaded to Call for Entries (CaFE) no later than

March 30, 2018, 10:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (or 11:59pm Mountain Time).  Any application materials received after the date and time specified above will be rejected and considered non-responsive.

 1. A letter of interest addressing the following, including, where possible, examples of where you have done the kind of work you are describing:

    Only letters that specifically address these points will be considered.


  1. Why this Creative Strategist AIR interests you;
  2. Your experience in strategic planning and/or arts programming. Please share examples;
  3. Your experience with engaging community members in creative and collaborative processes;
  4. How can art help bridge conversations between generations and cultural backgrounds; and
  5. Describe how you intend to approach the scope of work and goals of this Creative Strategist AIR.

2. Resume including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email and web page (if applicable). Resume should not exceed three (3) pages.

 3. Up to ten (10) images or video clips of your work – total of ten (10) work  examples:

  • Submit digital images in JPEG format, PC compatible no larger than 1920 X 1920 pixel resolution (do not zip or stuff your files).  Title each image with artist’s name and a number which corresponds to the annotated image list – for example 01JaneJones, 02JaneJones.
  • Do not insert multiple photos into one image.
  • Optional: Artists may submit up to two (2) videos of relevant past work up to two (2) minutes, however, only up ten (10) examples of your work are allowed, anything that exceeds this amount will not be reviewed.

 4. An accompanying annotated image list including:

  • Thumbnail image of artwork;
  • Title, date and location of artwork;
  •  Very brief project description;
  •  Medium and dimensions; 
  • Budget; and 
  • Commissioning agency or client, and project manager, if applicable.

 5. Two letters of recommendations specifically addressing the strengths and outcomes of your work as creative contributor.

 Tentative Schedule

RFQ issued                                                     March 1, 2018

Deadline to reply                                             March 30, 2018          

Finalist interview                                             April 2018

AIR                                                                  May 2018 -2019

For questions, please contact Pauline Kanako Kamiyama, Deputy Director of Civic Art,

at 213-202-5920 or For additional information about the Civic Art Program, please visit the Civic Art Program online at


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