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New Jersey Transit Lyndhurst Station Murals

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State: New Jersey
Entry Deadline: 7/20/18
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Information for Art Inclusion for the

NJ TRANSIT Lyndhurst Rail Station

City of Lyndhurst, New Jersey

This call is specifically for Artwork for the MURALS of the station.

NJ TRANSIT is soliciting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from prospective artists to design, fabricate and install artwork for the Lyndhurst Rail Station. The proposed artwork for the new station is part of the New Jersey Arts Inclusion Program and is coordinated by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and NJ TRANSIT. 

Since the passage of the New Jersey Arts Inclusion Act of 1978, the program has led to the commissioning and installation of hundreds of public artworks in state financed construction projects throughout New Jersey.  The Federal Transit Administration allows up to 5% of the total cost of FTA-funded transit projects for artwork.

Project Description

Recognizing that public art can have a significant beneficial impact upon the transportation system and the communities that it serves, NJ TRANSIT (NJT) initiated a Transit Arts Program in June 1994. The Transit Arts Program identifies opportunities for public art to be integrated into the system and establishes a process for artist selection and art fabrication. The NJT Transit Arts Program has created an Elizabeth Transit Arts Committee (TAC) that creates opportunities for art that inform, influence and enhance all aspects of the Rail Station.

During the design process, in anticipation of the inclusion of public art, discussions in the TAC including members of the NJT Project Team, NJ State Council on the Arts (NJSCA), and representatives from the community took place.  Potential locations and thematic material was discussed that would integrate the art within the context of the station reconstruction.

The Lyndhurst Rail Station Construction Project will include the design and construction of new High Level Platforms with a Station Enclosure along the Eastbound tracks as well as a new High Level Platform along the Westbound Tracks. The project will create adequate Accessible parking and an ADA compliant path to and from the new High Level platforms. All improvements will take place near the intersection of the Delafield Avenue. The existing station near Stuyvesant and Court Avenues will not be affected by this project.

Potential Calls and Locations for Arts Inclusion

The location for the art is identified below:

·       Fencing Inserts. Potential locations include inserts within the railing on the platforms and / or ramps.

·       Glazing. Art application to the expansive glass panels located at the station building and / or wind screens along the platforms.

·       Mural. The brick insets, located at the front of the station building.

Please refer to the attached rendering illustrating the potential locations for the inclusion of these art installations.

The materials selected shall be sustainable and should require minimal maintenance and upkeep.  They should also be appropriate for a public setting.

Arts Inclusion Project Budget

The total estimated proposed budget for the art inclusion is $200,000.00. Each individual proposed budget is the following:

·       Fencing Inserts / $65,000.00

·       Glazing / $55,000.00

·       Mural / $80,000.00

The budget shall cover all costs incurred by the artist relating to the design, fabrication and installation of the art work.  Covered expenses include but shall not be limited to compensation for design and engineering services, materials, transportation of artwork, fabrication, installation, etc.

Anticipated Process

Potential artists will be selected from those who submit expressions of interest. Shortlisted artists will receive a request for proposal (RFP) to respond to their ability to approach the project in the art medium specified.  Each area of interest will be approached and procured separately.

The committee will rate each artists and their proposal based on the following criteria.

·       Artistic quality of proposed artwork.

·       Appropriateness of proposed artwork to the site and objective of the project.

·       Permanence, durability, maintainability and use of high-quality materials.

·       Absence of hazards to the public.

·       Recommended measures to protect against vandalism.

·       Innovation in use of materials and techniques.

·       Willingness of the artist to carry out the project in coordination with the project team or any ongoing/pending construction by NJ TRANSIT.

·        Ability of the artist to create and install the artwork within the established timeframe.

·       Fabrication price within budget constraints

Artists interested in participating in the project shall submit letters summarizing their interest and experience in the creation of public artworks.  The letter shall include a list of at least 3 references (name, contact information – phone number and e-mail address) for similar projects.  In addition to the letter the artists should include other pertinent information including their resume, photographs/images (minimum: 4, maximum: 6) of examples of installations of public art, website links, etc. 

Three (3) artists, for each medium, shall be selected to prepare project specific, in person, presentations to the Transit Arts Committee.  The presentations shall take place at the NJ TRANSIT Headquarters in Newark, NJ.  Each of the three (3) finalists shall receive a stipend in the amount of $1,000.00 to cover costs associated with the preparation of the presentation and travel expenses.

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