Call Detail
City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
200 Washington Street, 10th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Arizona
Entry Deadline: 1/18/19
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10

OFFICE OF ARTS AND CULTURE\200 W. Washington St., 10th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85003


Friday, January 18, 2019
11:59 p.m. MST

Burton Barr Library
Pulliam Auditorium
1221 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. (MST)
Assistive Hearing Technology Available

Procurement Officer:  Romeo Rabusa (602) 534-8334
Project Manager: Barry Sparkman (602) 495-0893


The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program is requesting qualifications from experienced professional artists to create a signature work for a new concourse in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal Four.  The site offers the opportunity for an artist to create a significant, large-scale work suspended or integrated into the ceiling. It will be viewed from multiple perspectives inside and outside the terminal. The concourse design highlights the airport’s unique location in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, providing unobstructed window views of the mountain ranges south of the city. The selected artist(s) will be expected to create works that take advantage of the terminal’s natural light.

The selected artist will be required to work closely with the design team to integrate the artwork into the terminal design and construction documents. This is a fast-track project. Design and engineering are anticipated to take place from April through August 2019. Concourse construction is expected to begin in 2019 and conclude in 2022.

City of Phoenix employees and Phoenix Arts and Culture Commissioners and their immediate family members, and selection panelists and the panelists’ immediate families are excluded from participating in this project.


Beginning on the date the Call to Artist (hereinafter referred to as “Call”) is issued and until the date a contract is awarded or the Call withdrawn, all persons or entities that respond to this Call for the services outlined below, including their employees, agents, representatives, proposed partner(s), subcontractor(s), joint venture(s), member(s), or any of their lobbyists or attorneys, (collectively, the “Respondent”) will refrain, from any direct or indirect contact with any person (other than the designated procurement officer) who may play a part in the selection process, including members of the evaluation panel, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Deputy City Managers, Department heads, the Mayor and other members of the Phoenix City Council.  As long as the solicitation is not discussed, Proposers may continue to conduct business with the City and discuss business that is unrelated to the solicitation with the City staff.

Respondents may discuss their proposal or this Call with the Mayor or one or more members of the Phoenix City Council, provided such meetings are scheduled through Romeo Rabusa procurement officer, conducted in person at 200 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85003, and are posted as open meetings with the City Clerk at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled meetings.  The City Clerk will be responsible for posting the meetings.  The posted notice shall identify the participants and the subject matter, and invite the public to participate.    Romeo Rabusa’s contact info is romeo.rabusa @

With respect to the selection of the successful Respondents, the City Manager and/or City Manager's Office will continue the past practice of exerting no undue influence on the process.  In all solicitations of bids and proposals, any direction on the selection from the City Manager and/or City Manager's Office and Department Head (or representative) to the proposal review panel or selecting authority must be provided in writing to all prospective Respondents.

This policy is intended to create a level playing field for all Respondents, assure that contracts are awarded in public, and protect the integrity of the selection process. RESPONDENTS THAT VIOLATE THIS POLICY SHALL BE DISQUALIFIED.


1.     Requirements and Deadlines for Submitting a Response to Call

a.      Deadline:  Friday, January 18th, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. MST
b.      Submissions will be accepted via CaFE at  No e-mailed, mailed, or hardcopy submissions will be accepted. 
c.       To be considered for this commission opportunity, artists must create an account on the CaFE website and follow the directions to submit the following via the online application form:

1.      Upload a one-page letter of interest, including a description of any past design team experience and how you have worked to develop past projects. 1000 characters max, .doc, .docx, or .pdf files only.

2.      Email and phone contacts for three professional references. If selected as a finalist, your references will be contacted before the final interview.

3.      A current resume that is no more than 3 pages and in no less than 10 point font.

4.      Upload up to ten digital images documenting previously completed artwork.

         Digital images must be JPEG or JPG only

         1200 pixels or greater on longest side. Anything larger than 1200 px will be resized to fit the limitations.
         File Size: under 5 MB

         Do not include more than one image in each JPEG

         Do not superimpose your name, logo, or any other identifying characteristic on the JPEGs.

         With each image please include: title, dimensions (H x W x D), date of completion, estimated budget and brief description of the artwork. List must identify artist’s role if the project involved a team effort.

      5. Questions about the project or submittal should be directed to Romeo Rabusa and Barry Sparkman via email ( / or phone at (602-534-8334 / 602-495-0893).

DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Applicants are strongly encouraged to retain a complete copy of their application for their records. Late applications will not be considered.

The City contact for this Call is Romeo Rabusa, Procurement Officer, (the “City Contact”) and Barry Sparkman, Project Manager. Any questions relating to this Call to Artist shall be directed, in writing, to:  Romeo Rabusa and Barry Sparkman via email ( / or phone (602-534-8334 / 602-495-0893). To be considered, such questions must be received by Monday, January 4th, 2019, 12:00 noon (MST).

If a Respondent believes that any portion of this Call is ambiguous, inconsistent or contains an error, the Respondent shall promptly notify the City Contact of the apparent discrepancy before January 4th, 2019.  If the Respondent fails to notify the City Contact of the discrepancy before that date, the Respondent’ shall be deemed to have waived any such claim of ambiguity, inconsistency or error in this Call.

2.     Scope of Work

The selected artist will be expected to create a significant artwork for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal Four New Concourse Diamond Head Atrium. The selected artist will be required to develop and review concepts with the City and the project design team to ensure that the artwork is seamlessly integrated into the building’s architectural and structural specifications. The work will be required to accommodate all accessibility, traffic flow, TSA and other site-specific needs and regulations.

Estimated Budget

The total estimated budget is $1,000,000. This includes all costs related to the project’s design, engineering, fabrication, installation, documentation and administration.

The amount available for design will depend on the scope of services required to fully develop artwork design and construction documents for the site. This could range from $80,000 to $120,000. This would cover all costs associated with the design process (design fee, engineering, lighting design, insurance, mileage, research, materials, etc.), including contingency. Estimated fabrication costs will be determined through the design development process.

Applicants to this project may be considered for additional public art project opportunities advertised by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture in the coming year.

3.     Estimated Timeline 

December 19, 2018             Pre-submission Meeting in Phoenix (optional, see cover sheet)

January 18, 2018                Application Deadline 11:59 p.m. MST

 January 30, 2019                Selection panel recommends finalists for the project

 February 5, 2019                Finalist online orientation (Finalists will receive a comprehensive packet of information about the project.)

March 7, 2019                     Finalist interview and proposal review

April 2019                              Contract awarded to selected artist

4.     Special Requirements

This project is open to professional artists with demonstrated experience in integrating large-scale sculptural works into complex architectural and public spaces. City of Phoenix employees and Phoenix Arts and Culture Commissioners and their immediate family members, and selection panelists and the panelists’ immediate families are excluded from participating in this project.


A selection panel will be convened by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture. Members of the panel will include artists, arts professionals, city staff, and community members.  Non-voting advisors to the panel may include additional city staff. The panel will review the work of all applicants before recommending finalists. The selection panel will have the authority to invite finalists to be interviewed or to develop concepts for the projects.

Responses to this Call should be concise and well-organized according to the requested information. Responses that are not written specifically in response to this request will not receive consideration.

Evaluation Criteria

Stage 1 - At the first selection panel meeting, finalists are selected from the pool of applicants using a 20-point system.  The scoring will be based upon the following distribution of possible points: 

1. Demonstrated quality of art and design in completed projects                                                                10 points

2. Potential to create a landmark work for the new concourse                                                                     5 points

3. Experience working on integrated design teams with architects, engineers and designers           5 points


After evaluating submissions, the City, at the request of the Evaluation Committee, may ask some or all of the Respondents to submit supplemental information and concepts, or to participate in interviews.

Stage 2 - If the Evaluation Committee recommends holding a second stage of the selection process, qualified applicants (hereinafter referred to as “Finalists”) will be evaluated on the basis of a 20-point system.  Finalists will be scored, and awards will be recommended, based upon the following distribution of possible points:

1. Demonstrated artistic quality and feasibility of the proposed concept                  10 points

2. Potential to fully develop the proposed concept into buildable plans                    5 points

3. Potential to work successfully with the overall project design team                       5 points

Finalists will be given approximately four weeks to produce a proposal, and will be given detailed information on selection criteria for each opportunity. They will be expected to present their proposal to the selection panel before the panel recommends artists for the commissions.

Finalists will receive an honorarium for their proposals, the amount and nature of which honorarium will be determined by the City in its sole and absolute discretion. The final recommendation(s) of the selection panel will be reviewed by the Public Art Committee; the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission; a subcommittee of the City Council; and the Mayor and City Council prior to the award of contract.

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