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Police Regional Training Institute- Cities of Loveland & Fort Collins, CO
Loveland Art in Public Places
c/o Loveland Museum
503 N. Lincoln Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Colorado
Entry Deadline: 12/2/18
Application Closed
Media Images:10

The cities of Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado seek submissions to select an artist/artist team to design art concepts for a Police Regional Training Institute.  This Request for Qualifications is a collaborative effort between both cities’ Art in Public Places programs.  The selected artist/artist team will work with the Project Design Team to develop concepts for site-specific artwork.  Artists/teams will be selected based on their qualifications and application materials.  The art project is $162,000.00  The deadline for submission is 11:59pm on Sunday, December 2, 2018. 

Scope and Project Description
The Police Regional Training Institute will be located along Boyd Lake Avenue, near the Loveland/Fort Collins Airport.  Construction for this facility is expected to begin in January 2019, with a completion date of March 2020.  This facility will have little/no general public accessibility; however, it will be visible from the road.  The Police Regional Training Institute envelops a 44.608 acre campus located within the Northern Colorado Regional Airport property, and shall include the construction of a 1.4 mile driving pursuit track, an indoor 50 yard shooting range, 400’x600’ skills/skid pad and auxiliary support infrastructure. 
The selected artist/artist team will be paid an hourly rate to develop and attend Project Design Team meetings. The selected artist/artist team will identify the most appropriate and visible locations for their public art and develop artwork that:
• is fabricated from durable outdoor material
• is visible along Boyd Lake Avenue 
• enhances the overall aesthetics of the Police Regional Training Institute 
The initial impressions shared by the Project Design Team are for artistic designs upon the security gates and/or the front building facade; however, the finalist(s) are encouraged to interpret the site as desired.
The artist/artist team will present a formal proposal of their design concepts to the Artworks Selection Panel in March 2019. The presentation must include a detailed budget for their design elements.  While it is our intention, there is no guarantee that the selected artist’s design concepts will be accepted for fabrication and installation.  The final design concept will need to go through an approval process.

The project is open to any professional artist/artist team with demonstrated experience in creating distinctive public artwork. The selected artist/artist team must be able to work effectively and collaboratively with the project’s design team selected by the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins.
This project is open to all professional artists/artist teams, legally residing in and authorized to work in the United States.   

A maximum of $162,000 has been allocated for this project.  This budget includes all design, structural engineering, fabrication, insurance, installation, travel, contingency and incidental costs.  The cities of Loveland and Fort Collins reserve the right to withdraw from the project.  Contract provisions will apply subsequent to the agreement to such by both parties.

Submission Requirements
All applications must be submitted through the CAFÉ website ( and must include:
• An artist statement for the project (limited to 3000 characters) 
• Images of public artwork completed within the past seven years highlighting previous accomplishment(s) with public art pieces of similar appropriate scale; Minimum: 10, Maximum :10 images
• Artist resume (limited to 5000 characters)
• 3 professional references who are able to speak directly to your involvement with past public art projects. Please include the name of reference, title, organization, project name, phone number and email.
• This RFQ is requesting only artist qualifications as demonstrated by professional samples of past works.  Please DO NOT send proposals as they will not be considered by the Artwork Jury.
Selection Criteria
The primary criteria for selection:
• Technical competence and suitability to the project as demonstrated in letter of intent, resume and past public art installations.
• Artistic excellence as demonstrated in digital images and references.
• Aesthetics: Does the artist’s past work experience meet the aesthetic preferences of the Project Design Team and AIPP Jury Panel? 
• Ability to execute public art installations on-time and on-budget.

Artwork Jury Process
An artist/artist team may be selected directly from the initial applications based upon the artist’s public art experience and artwork images.  Both cities reserve the right to reject all proposals and to waive irregularities or informalities.
• City staff will oversee operations and administer the decisions of the artwork jury panel.
• Both cities reserve the right to reject all proposals and to waive irregularities or informalities.  
• Artwork Selection Panel:  Members of the City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission and the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Board and four members of the Project Design Team will review and vote on the applicants and design concepts for this project.
• Project completion date will be determined jointly by the artist and the Project Design Team; however, project meetings will start shortly after this contract has been awarded in late March 2019.
• The selected artist/artist team will enter into a contract with the City of Loveland, will be required to carry general liability insurance of $1 million, execute and install the design as presented.
• The selected artist/artist team will work closely with City staff and the Project Design Team throughout the project to ensure fabrication and installation requirements are met.
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