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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Event Dates: 7/16/18 - 9/1/19
Entry Deadline: 8/29/18
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6


The City of Lakewood and the Heritage, Culture and the Arts Division are pleased to announce a request for proposals (RFP) for a new permanent public art project, which incorporates community engagement or interactivity, as the landmark commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Lakewood, CO. The project, a large scale public artwork which integrates community engagement/interactivity and an existing historical landmark within Addenbrooke Park at the corner of Garrison and W Center Avenue in Lakewood, will stand as a permanent celebration of the citizens and history of Lakewood, Colorado. We are seeking an innovative artwork that will reflect the diverse citizens of our City, honor our history and inspire us to look toward the future.   

Incorporated in 1969, Lakewood has become a city of more than 44-square miles with a population of just over 150,000, the third largest city in the Denver metro area, and the fifth largest city in the state of Colorado. When the city was incorporated almost 50 years ago, it was a remarkable task of weaving a community together from neighborhoods with a strong sense of identity founded on decades of residents working together to build schools, lay pipelines or install other improvements for themselves. In June 1969, those who lived in the areas of Alameda, Green Mountain, Bear Creek, Applewood and what was informally known as Lakewood voted to create Lakewood. What started as ranchland, turkey farms and early subdivisions of homes has become one of the largest cities in Colorado.

For further information visit  and view Welcome to Lakewood or A New look at Lakewood and for Lakewood’s Comprehensive plan go to

The RFP is open on a national level to all professional artists, with a preference given to artists who live or work in Colorado or its neighboring states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. The City of Lakewood and the Public Art Committee will comply with all federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws. Interested artists will have demonstrated the capacity to create and install three-dimensional artworks that are innovative and incorporate interactivity and/or community participation.

This project will serve as a collective public celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Lakewood as well as catalyst for positive social engagement and enhanced quality of life through the future community activities that will center around this permanent public artwork component. 

  • The site identified for this public artwork, Addenbrooke Park, includes an existing structure (see visuals 1, 2) that will remain in place.  This stone fireplace stands in honor of the founding members of the Lakewood community.  The Addenbrooke family collected the stones, which are included in the fireplace, from locations around the world, bringing them home to live in Lakewood.  We ask that the new artwork be inspired by the sense of inclusion and place metaphorically exemplified by the Addenbrooke fireplace.  The new artwork should either incorporate the existing structure, pay homage to or honor it in some way. 
  • The 50th anniversary project should exemplify strong, imaginative design and content, should provide the community with a visually striking place to gather in celebration and encourage our citizens to see themselves as a part of an inclusive and dynamic city. (See visual 3 map for site location.) 
  • The view of the sculpture must be dynamic from 360 degrees, both up close and from a distance. Height restrictions contingent upon sound structural engineering and Colorado wind tolerances. Due to its high visibility and easy public access, the sculpture must be fabricated with no dangerous edges or protrusions, be inaccessible for climbing (though we STRONGLY encourage significant interactivity within the artwork) and have a coating or be made of a material that protects it from graffiti vandalism.  All media and materials will be considered and must be durable and suitable for Colorado’s variable climate (including intense sun, wind, hail and snow.) 
  • The artist will need to work closely with the Public Art Committee and City of Lakewood staff members to further conceptualize the project, including determining preparation of the site, i.e. structural, city codes, etc., permitted placement within the site, electrical, and the method in which the work will be installed.

The following words were used by the City of Lakewood and the Public Art Committee members to describe their vision for the sculpture:  Welcoming, heritage, inclusive, community, voices, home, place, natural beauty, innovative, celebration of history.

The total budget for the artwork is $80,000 USD.  The budget is all-inclusive of artist’s fees and materials including but not limited to design, engineering, basic concrete foundation, insurance, permits, fabrication, labor, shipping/storage; travel, and installation.  Electrical needs and landscaping will be addressed through the City of Lakewood Community Resources Department.


  • Issue Call for Artists RFP: July 16, 2018
  • Submittal Deadline: August 29, 2018, 11:59pm MST
  • Proposal Review: August 30, 2018
  • Finalists Selection and Notification: September 4, 2018
  • Finalists Formal Conceptual Proposals Due:  October 22, 2018, 11:59pm MST
  • Public Input on finalists:  November 1–November 30, 11:59pm MST
  • Public Art committee Final Art Approval: Week of December 3, 2018
  • Artist(s) Selection: Monday, December 10, 2018
  • Artist(s) Contracting Process: December 10, 2018 – January 4, 2019
  • Fabrication (off site and site prep):  January 4 – August, 2019
  • Project Completion, Installation and Unveiling: TBD - Estimated September 20, 2019

Each proposal that responds to this (Request for Proposals) RFP should include the following documents (all must be submitted in pdf format through CaFÉ):

  • Resume/CV of Artist
  • Visual documentation of similar/related completed large scale public artwork or interactive community arts projects, created, designed and installed by artist
  • Up to three (3) preliminary renderings of artwork
  • Artists’ statement based on preliminary renderings outlining how the proposal aligns with the City’s vision for this project.
  • Estimated budget (please provide proposed itemization for artist fee, materials, foundation, signage, etc.) and materials anticipated to be used in creation. 
  • Explanation of longevity/protective coatings of artwork and maintenance.

In addition to the Arts Programming Curator for the City of Lakewood and the Public Art Committee, members of 40W Arts District, Alameda Gateway BID and the City of Lakewood Planning and Parks Divisions will serve on the initial review committee to select no more than three finalists based on the proposals submitted. The selection of the finalists will be based on the following criteria:

  • Artist’s consideration of and experience in the creation of large scale Public Art as demonstrated by visual documentation and resume.
  • Ability to understand sense of place and community and design in a context sensitive manner as demonstrated by visual documentation and artist statement in the preliminary designs.
  • Proposed sculpture’s reflection of stated artwork criteria and City of Lakewood’s vision for the 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Willingness of the artist to consult and work with the City of Lakewood to integrate the work into the site (including the integration of the existing Addenbrooke Homestead fireplace structure) and meet any construction requirements, schedules and deadlines.
  • Ensure that the artwork is of a permanent nature, does not require excessive maintenance or repair costs.

No more than three (3) finalists will be invited to submit final renderings that will be shared with the City of Lakewood Staff, the Public Art Committee and the general public for feedback through an online platform.  A $1,000 honorarium will be paid to each of the finalists for the full conceptual proposals.

The artist will enter into a two-party agreement between the City of Lakewood and the artist to complete a transfer of ownership. The selected artist will be required to follow all outlined stipulations set forth in the contract.

Deadline: The application, images and other required materials must be submitted electronically to by August 29, 2018, 11:59pm MST.

Contact: Laine Godsey, Arts Programming Curator, City of Lakewood with any questions.

The City of Lakewood reserves the right to reject any or all applications, or to reissue the Call for Entries.

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