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Call for Sculpture
Entry Deadline: 11/30/18
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Minnesota


Silverwood Park is seeking proposals for outdoor sculpture to be installed in June 2020. One proposal will be selected and awarded a $10,000 honorarium to support its creation. Deadline is November 30, 2018. Juror: Kenneth Steinbach

Silverwood Park, a Three Rivers Park District facility located in St Anthony, MN, is devoted to the integration of artistic creation and nature-based experiences. Each year, over 275,000 guests visit the park. We are a unique 120 acre park in the Twin Cities area, offering spectacular views of Silver Lake, restored prairie, and mature oak forests. The main visitor’s center includes a gallery, café/coffee shop, gift shop, and large event hall. Other amenities at the park include education facilities, picnic sites, fishing opportunities, and paved trails. Nature-inspired artwork is exhibited in the gallery, performances are scheduled in a multi-use amphitheater, and art classes are offered throughout the year. More information about the park is available at

Artists 18 years of age or older who primarily live or work in the Midwest are invited to submit proposals individually or collaboratively.

Proposals will be judged on artistic merit, capability, budget, and impact as evidenced by past work and supporting materials. A panel including Kenneth Steinbach and Park District staff members will review proposals and select one project. Ideal proposals will support the mission of Silverwood Park and be site-specific.

Working within a variety of media and visual traditions, Kenneth Steinbach’s artwork speaks into personal and cultural histories that are continually updated, altered and discarded.  About his work he states:  "I am curious about the stories that are etched into our environment, the objects, materials and spaces that are invested with meanings that reveal who we are in complicated ways.  The conflicting and incongruent narratives they evoke are a revealing map of human experience, in many ways richer in their naked complexity, contradiction, and temporality than any formal history". Recent investigations have focused on works that explore the history of failed and discarded fiat currencies, turning imagery extrapolated from these currencies into large field drawings, installations, and prints.

A graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in Sculpture, Kenneth is the recipient of several grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and grants in direct support of his work and research from Bethel University. Recent exhibits include The Voice of the People at Trykkeriet Center for Printmaking in Bergen, Norway, Transmissions at Blue Star Museum in San Antonio, Mappa Mundi at the Silverwood Park Gallery in Minneapolis, Kenneth Steinbach at Circa Gallery in Minneapolis, and Theories of Forgetting at St. John’s University. His work was also included in Americana at the Soap Factory, (curated by Ben Heywood), and Walker on the Green at the Walker Art Center (with David Denninger). He is the recipient of the 2014 Arlin G. Meyer award in visual art from the Lily Foundation, a Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching, and Edgren Scholars Grant from Bethel University. Kenneth Steinbach ’83 has been named University Professor of Art, becoming the seventh Bethel faculty member to earn University Professor recognition. The distinction honors full-time faculty members for sustained excellence in scholarship, teaching, research, or creative activity in their field. Kenneth resides in Minneapolis with his wife Kari.  He is Professor of Art at Bethel University, where he teaches classes in Three Dimensional Visual Thinking, Sculpture, Senior Seminar in Art, and Creative Practices.

Proposals are accepted for individual and collaborative works. Artwork may include but is not limited to freestanding sculpture and site-specific installations. Preference given to site specific projects. Due to the 2 year duration of installation, seasonal or ephemeral work will not be given priority. Materials used in construction should be appropriate to an outdoor environment and should not negatively impact natural habitat, wildlife, or park guests. Certain work might require the submission of additional information or materials for consideration. In your proposal, you may suggest a specific location or site in park that is ideal for your sculpture. However, the final site will be determined once work is accepted. The park and artist will work together to determine this.

Artist is responsible for all associated expenses related to design, fabrication, transportation, installation, de-installation, and removal. Artists should factor these costs into their $10,000 budget. Please include a specific budget in your proposal.

Work is to be installed by June 2020.  Costs related to transport and installation of the work will be the responsibility of the artist unless otherwise stipulated. Limited assistance from Silverwood’s maintenance department is available on a case-by-case basis at park’s discretion. Silverwood will provide signage, a mobile stop associated with the work, and basic maintenance of site. Upon installation, Silverwood will assume limited liability for any gross damage (unrepairable by the artist) or theft of the artwork, excluding ceramic, glass, and other fragile sculpture materials or damage resulting from faulty construction or materials.  

Duration of installation is a minimum of 2 years. Work is to be continuously displayed during this time. Silverwood Park reserves the right to request that the artist remove or repair a work at any time during this period if circumstances require. The artist retains ownership of the work. If agreed by both parties, the duration of display can be extended.

Silverwood Park retains responsibility for advertisement of work through listing in a quarterly events calendar and onsite fliers as well as through the Three Rivers Park District website and social media sites. Silverwood may include sculptures in educational programs at the park. Any additional desired advertisement will be the responsibility of the artist. 

Join us on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 6-7 pm to ask questions and learn more about the park and how to prepare your proposal. 

Deadline:  November 30, 2018

You must set up an account with CaFÉ in order to submit your entry. CaFÉ will guide you through application process. Submission must include the following items listed below. Please put first and last name on each document.

1.       Resume. 2 page max.

2.       Artist Statement. 1 page max.

3.       Proposal. 1 page max. Proposal should be clear and specific, outlining a plan. Consideration should be given to location or site, materials, mission of park, connection to natural world, etc.

4.       Budget. 1 page max. Budget should support activities, purchases, costs, etc., related to proposal.

5.       10 images. Video (3 max) and audio (3 max) are accepted. You are encouraged to include a rendering of proposed project as one of your images or videos. Image files should be labeled with last name, first name, and number, indicating your preferred viewing order. For example, John Doe would save as doejoe1.jpg for first image.

6.       Title, materials, size, year completed, dimensions, and optional description for each image.

You will be notified by email of application status by January 15, 2019. No phone calls, please.

For further information about the park or prospectus, please contact Eileen Cohen at or 763-694-2091.

Silverwood Park
Three Rivers Park District
2500 County Road E
St. Anthony, MN 55421

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