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Cohen Neighborhood Water Park
400 W San Antonio Ave Ste A
El Paso, TX 79901

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Texas
Entry Deadline: 9/6/18
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 6
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6

City of El Paso Public Art Program

The City of El Paso’s Public Art Ordinance was adopted by City Council April 4, 2006 to promote and encourage private and public programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in, the fine arts and cultural properties, to increase employment opportunities in the arts, to encourage the integration of art into the architecture of municipal structures for the City of El Paso and to provide for the citizens of the City high quality, publicly accessible works of art, which contribute to the urban landscape and symbolize the City’s sense of place.

Project Description

The City of El Paso Public Art Program of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department seeks to commission a professional artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install site-specific artwork or artworks at the Cohen Neighborhood Water Park at 9700 Gateway North Blvd. in El Paso, TX.

Site Description:

The proposed Cohen Neighborhood Water Park is scheduled to be reconstructed in a modern water park format, making it a unique facility that will likely serve not only the surrounding neighborhoods but also people from throughout the city. The selected artist will work with the design team, once selected, so that the artist and the designers can jointly investigate the best approach for public art at the site. The new facility will include

An approximate 5,000 to 6,000 sq. ft. building that would include offices, restrooms/shower, a lifeguard break room and observation area, ticket booth, and concession area. A four-lane pool, 5 feet deep on one end, 3 feet on other end suitable for lap pool swimming, learn to swim programming.

  • Climbing wall located off pool
  • A lazy river configuration providing access to all major elements of the Facility.
  • Zero-depth water play area with interactive water playground
  • Tot splash area with at least three active element
  • Two water slides with deceleration chutes
  • Sunning decks and shade areas ( minimum four)
  • Parking spaces to service the entire Facility
  • Associated equipment, decking, fencing, gate(s), and landscaping.


Arroyo Cohen — With adventure around every corner, guests find a water park like no other. Guests find planes and motorcycles as well as extreme sports like rock climbing and bouldering incorporated in murals around the park. Embracing an adventurer’s spirit, guests enjoy a flow rider, a Ninja Warrior style obstacle course, and an exciting wave pool. With excitement at the forefront of every attraction, guests will relish this high octane, aquatic adventure.

Possible Elements and Attractions:

  • Flow Rider
  • Interactive Water Play
  • Non-water
  • Water’s edge as architecture to obscure the slide
  • Fort feeling
  • Climbing structure
  • Water Cannons
  • Dunking buckets

Public Art Opportunity

This public art project will commission an artist(s) to design and develop an interactive/functional public art piece within the Cohen Neighborhood Water Park.  The project will provide the opportunity for the artist to fully engage with the community in developing the concept and design of the artwork. 


Public Art in El Paso will:

o   Give voice to the City’s creative spirit

o   Shape the look and feel of the City

o   Define places that anchor the community

o   Contribute to El Paso’s evolution as a dynamic urban place

Project Goals

The Public Art Program Goals are to:

o   Enhance the quality of life of residents,

o   Support creative and professional growth of the arts community,

o   Support economic growth,

o   Enhance the experience visitors have of El Paso, and

o   Promote authentic images of El Paso as unique place, community and destination.


Total project budget is $140,000 to include design, fabrication, and installation. The budget is all-inclusive and must cover design fees, travel expenses, all materials and fabrication costs, insurance costs, engineering expenses, shipping and transportation to the site, and installation.


Additional Costs to the project may include:

o   Foundation, Infrastructure, Contracting Services, Engineering

o   Permitting, Engineering


Artist’s Scope of Work

o   Contract with City of El Paso to fulfill the artist’s services

o   Collaborate with City and stakeholders to generate artwork proposal(s)

o   Conduct research, which includes examining the site, reviewing pertinent documents and plans, meeting with City staff, members of community, and neighborhood associations.

o   Prepare verbal, written and visual presentations to show schematic and final artwork proposal(s) to stakeholders

o   Fabrication and installation of artwork

Artist Selection Method

  • Open competition
    • Applications to be submitted on the CAFÉ Website
  • All artists will be asked to provide:
    • Artist statement, previous work examples, resume and letter of interest.
  • Applications will be reviewed by an Artist Selection Panel (ASP).  The ASP will review all complete, eligible applications received by the deadline shown on the schedule.
  • The Artist Selection Panel (ASP) will select a finalist to proceed in the next phase of the project.
  • A finalist will then be selected and presented to the PAC for approval.
  • The approved finalist will be placed under contract to work closely with the master plan design consultant and to point out potential artwork integration possibilities.
  • The selected finalist will provide design proposals (concept design) for the project for review and approval prior to implementation.
  • Review of final design proposals performed by PAC, stakeholders, and MCAD, prior to final approval.

Art Proposal Selection Method

  • The selected artist will be placed under contract to collaborate with consultants on public art opportunities for review and approval prior to fabrication and installation.
  • Review of final design proposals performed by: PAC, prior to final approval.
  • Criteria for the review of design proposals include, but not limited to:
    • Meets the definition of Artwork.
    • Demonstrates artistic merit, including excellence in aesthetic quality, workmanship, innovation and creativity.
    • Demonstrates appropriateness in scale and form.
    • Meets the project’s goals as outlined in the Individual Project Plan.
    • Demonstrates feasibility of construction and installation.
    • Demonstrates feasibility in terms of budget, timeline, safety, security, durability, operation, maintenance, conservation, legal and ethical issues.
    • Builds the diversity of the City’s public art collection.
  • Artist will then proceed to construction documents, fabrication and installation of the artwork.

Anticipated Schedule

Anticipated Schedule

o   Artist Selection Panel Review: September 2018

o   Notification to Selected Artist: September 2018

o   Request for Proposal: TBD

o   Stakeholder Review: TBD

o   Public Art Committee Review: TBD

Coordination with other departments and stakeholders

o   The CID department would be requested to provide construction oversight, assist in contractor selection, permitting procedures, and project management.

o   Potential stakeholders for this project include:

o   Parks and Recreation

o   Community

o   Neighborhood Associations

o   Coordination efforts and review needs to occur with the following individuals:

o   Public Art Supervisor

o   Parks & Recreation

o   CID

Community outreach/Neighborhood input

o   Input from surrounding neighborhoods

o   Meetings could also be held during the design review process to receive additional information and direction from community

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