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CHF 2019 Art-Business Accelerator Fellowship

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Call Type: Fellowships
Eligibility: National
State: New Mexico
Entry Deadline: 10/2/18
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 10
Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) is a national nonprofit organization that promotes the financial independence of professional working artists by providing them with targeted business training, entrepreneurial learning, community building, and one-on-one support. CHF achieves this mission through: a virtual Art-Business Accelerator program (a business education that’s specifically designed for visual artists); a self-directed digital learning portal; live, in-person educational events in local communities; and a federation of artist-formed and artist-led networks of opportunity.

A total of 20 Fellows will be awarded admission to CHF’s 2019 virtual Art-Business Accelerator, an intensive online program that offers artists customized business training, network-building opportunities, publicity, and one-on-one support to boost their careers and make their art practices self-sustaining. At the end of year one, each Fellow will have established a viable business objective and developed an investment-grade business plan for an entrepreneurial project that furthers their objective. A select group of 2019 Fellows may be chosen to continue on to a second year of the program, during which time they will work directly with the Accelerator team to hone their skills, ensure accountability, and capitalize the proposed projects they develop in year one.

Artwork submitted by Fellowship applicants may be featured in CHF’s 2019 online Accelerator art catalogue.


With this groundbreaking program, currently in its fifth year, CHF is filling a vacuum that exists in the art industry. Art schools rarely teach business skills, but these are essential if visual artists are to seize lucrative opportunities in a timely manner, and navigate an industry rife with predatory middlemen.

Visual artists are fully capable of achieving these goals, but they just need access to the right resources and skills. CHF’s comprehensive virtual Art-Business Accelerator provides all this and more. Through the program’s monthly workshops, interactive labs, and required assignments (all of which are done remotely), participants obtain practical training that’s actionable in the real world.

They learn how to develop a business strategy, hone their brand narrative, be proactive about marketing, find buyers for their art, negotiate contracts, handle copyrights, communicate more effectively, and manage their finances and taxes. Every session is led by a subject-matter expert, and labs include extensive time for Q&A, allowing the Fellows to get feedback on their specific business questions and hear each other’s perspectives.

Fellows also receive free all-inclusive access to CHF’s comprehensive digital learning portal, which delivers business education to artists in formats they already consume—learning videos and tools, expert columns, Q&As with leading figures in the art world, and podcasts that are distributed through iTunes and other syndicated networks.

Although the educational components form the core of the Art-Business Accelerator, participants also gain publicity and sales support for their work—through CHF’s Thriving Artist™ podcast, social-media accounts, press outreach, online art catalogue and group shows, and other channels.

Even more importantly, they build a powerful network of allies via their peers in the program. Being a visual artist is often a solitary pursuit, but CHF Accelerator Fellows communicate with each other directly on an ongoing basis through workshop and labs, a closed Facebook group for current and past Fellows, and other one-on-one and small-group interactions.

Fellowship Benefits

CHF’s 2019 Art-Business Accelerator Fellows receive:

  • Admission to CHF’s virtual yearlong Art-Business Accelerator course, consisting of monthly strategic workshops and labs focused on key issues (e.g., contracts, negotiations, sales, marketing, relationship management, etc.), facilitated by subject-matter experts
  • The customized support of CHF’s Accelerator team and powerful individual consultations with other experts in the business of art, business growth, and strategy
  • Free, all-inclusive access to CHF’s comprehensive digital learning portal
  • PR exposure via CHF’s digital media, social/PR channels, and events calendar
  • Sales support through CHF’s online Accelerator art catalogue and group exhibitions
  • Introductions to industry leaders (e.g., successful artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, etc.), invitations to regional/local events (as available), and referrals to CHF’s stable of vetted professional partners
  • Multiple opportunities to collaborate with the other Fellows to advance their careers and shape CHF’s Accelerator for future participants
  • Automatic inclusion in The Artist Federation, a self-organized network for professional visual artists


CHF will accept applications for its Art-Business Accelerator Fellowships from September 1st through September 30th, 2018. The 20 selected Fellows will be named in November 2018, and the program will begin in January 2019.

Who Should Apply

To be considered for a CHF Art-Business Accelerator Fellowship, applicants must be professional painters, artists working on paper, and/or sculptors who:

  • ​Have had their art exhibited and/or published professionally
  • ​Are pursuing specific opportunities or projects for which business support from CHF would make a substantive difference
  • ​Are United States citizens or permanent residents
  • ​Have not previously been awarded a Fellowship or grant from CHF
Applicants who use photography, film, and/or video will also be considered, but these may not be the sole media with which an applicant works.

CHF does not give preference to any particular movement, style, or art-world trend; all painters, sculptors, and artists working on paper are eligible.

[The program is delivered via remote technology, so Fellows must have either a laptop or desktop computer.]

How to Qualify

CHF will choose 20 Art-Business Accelerator Fellows based on:

  • The content of each artist’s complete application
  • ​A demonstrable commitment to actively managing his/her busines

Submission Requirements

CHF partners with (CaFÉ) to manage the application process. Artists must register with CaFÉ to view and complete our application.

  • Register yourself on CaFÉ (
  • Complete the online application. (All questions are mandatory unless otherwise indicated).
  • Pay the application fee by credit card through CaFÉ.
  • Provide:
    • Resume/CV
    • Up to ten images of your work
    • (OPTIONAL) Supporting materials, if relevant—e.g., letter of intent from a gallery, commission statement, referrals, references, etc.
  • Submit your application by 11:59pm MDT on September 30, 2018. Applications that are incomplete, late, or submitted without work samples will not be reviewed.
  • Enroll in CHF's Digital Learning Portal (instructions will be given to you at the end of the application).

IMPORTANT: SAVE YOUR WORK! After 20 minutes of web page inactivity, a timed countdown will prompt you to continue the session. If you do not click OK to continue, you will lose your data. Consider composing your answers in a word-processing program and then copy/pasting your responses into the application form on CaFÉ to save time and safeguard your data.

TIP: If you are going to step away from your computer or work on the application for any length of time, please remember to save your application at regular intervals. We suggest saving your data at least every 10 minutes. Until you click on the “Save Application” button on the page, your work in not saved to the server. Once you click on "Save Application,” it is saved.

Participation & Reporting Requirements

Fellows will receive an agreement letter explaining the terms and conditions of the program, which include:

  • Attending and actively participating in the virtual yearlong course
  • Offering feedback on the course via online surveys
  • Participating in CHF’s interview program (which is done by phone/web)
  • Providing CHF with a high-resolution headshot
  • Sending the CHF team regular updates on their work and upcoming exhibitions/events

This agreement must be signed, and all participation and reporting requirements must be completed, before a participant is considered to have successfully completed CHF’s Art-Business Accelerator.

Contact Information

Please direct questions to us at

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