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2019 Bonnaroo Call for Artists at Nashville International Airport
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Entry Deadline: 10/30/18
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 12
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Tennessee

The Bonnaroo Works Fund in partnership with Arts at the Airport, are seeking proposals for 4 temporary public art work Bonnaroo-themed displays at the Nashville International Airport, in Nashville, Tennessee.. The display, which will be suspended from the ceiling from March 11, 2019– January 19, 2020, encompasses 4 skylights located in the airport concourses on the secure side of the terminal. Each selected artist will receive an honorarium of $4,500 and 2 general admission tickets to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.  The ideal project will be of highest artistic quality (any media) and should be inspired by the principles of the Bonnaroovian Code. The public art work could communicate the Bonnaroo brand to new and familiar audiences through incorporation of the following project elements:

  • Creative incorporation of iconic Bonnaroo festival elements.  Other examples of iconic elements include the Bonnaroo Arch, Fountain, Fire Tower with Cuckoo Clock, fan atmosphere and the Bonnaroo infinity symbol.  Please note the full Bonnaroo brand logo may not be included
  • Display of 2018 location (Manchester, Tennessee)
  • Bonnaroovian Code: Prepare Thy Self, Play as a Team, Radiate Positivity, Respect The Farm, Don’t be that Guy/Gal, and Stay True Roo (see website for more info

About the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival®

Imagine a magical, peaceful city of 80,000 happy people that pops up out of a 700-acre Tennessee farm for a long weekend every June. Fill it with multiple stages jumping with 150+ acts playing music almost 24 hours a day for four straight days; including some of the greatest music legends there are and strong up-and-comers. In addition to music, Bonnaroo boasts a robust Comedy Theatre and The Cinema Tent with 24 hours a day of films that also features live appearances by very special guest filmmakers, actors, and more. There are visual arts, the Silent Disco, The Silent Auction, Planet Roo, the Fountain, the Arch and more. This is all just one part of what makes Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo.

The other part—the most important part—is the unique “Bonnaroo vibe.” Bonnaroovians form a true community, filled with discovery, generosity, spontaneity, social consciousness and genuine kindness. It changes people in a way that changes the world. Ziggy Marley put it best, “Bonnaroo is not an entertainment thing,” he said. “It’s a people thing.”

About Bonnaroo Works Fund

The Bonnaroo Works Fund, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, supports regional and national organizations with a mission of making communities healthy in areas of the arts, education, and environmental sustainability; with the goal of local reinvestment and asset building for the communities in which we live, work and play. BWF is administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


Project Description

Each artist will be applying to create a site-specific sculpture/kinetic mobile for one skylight that will be located on two different concourses throughout the Nashville International Airport. There are 4 skylights, 1 on B and 3 on C. Each application will be for one skylight. Artists will be assigned to a specific skylight after being selected to exhibit in the competition. The skylights have glass panels and are open to the exposed sky, UV protective glass is not installed and exposure to extreme sunlight and high temperatures are possible. There is a weight limit of 300 lbs. per sculpture, per skylight. See Exhibit A for specific dimensions of each of the skylights and locations of anchoring devices within the skylights. Toggle bolts secured in drywall can be added for additional anchoring materials. Artist is responsible for selecting materials that can withstand exposure to sunlight, high temperatures and being suspended in the skylight for 11 months.


Selection Criteria

·         All required application materials included in submission and received by submission deadline

·         Work selected on artistic merit as evidenced by submitted visual materials

·         Incorporation of project elements:

  •  Creative incorporation of iconic Bonnaroo festival elements. Other examples of iconic elements include the Bonnaroo Arch, Fountain, Fire Tower with Cuckoo Clock, fan atmosphere and the Bonnaroo infinity symbol. Please note the full Bonnaroo brand logo may not be included.
  • Display of 2018 location (Manchester, Tennessee)
  •  Bonnaroovian Code: Prepare Thy Self, Play as a Team, Radiate Positivity, Respect The Farm, Don’t be that Guy/Gal, and Stay True Roo

·         Artist or organization has proven track record of completing work on time

·         Maintainability: exhibit must be structurally sound and durable, and require no maintenance    after installed

·         Public safety accounted for in all aspects of proposal (public will be walking underneath the exhibit)

·         Must include Written Installation Plan with application proposal. This same plan must be updated and submitted to Arts at the Airport one month prior to installation. To include:

  •          Weight of sculpture (estimate for proposal).
  •           Verify material composition of sculpture.
  •           Determine points of support required for sculpture to hang in skylight.
  •           In final installation plan, one month prior to installation:

§     Verify weight of sculpture

§     Number of supports required to hang sculpture in skylight and where they connect to support beam in skylight.

§   How were points of support determined and assess the tension capacity at each point.

§     Artist is required to suspend sculpture at their studio for a two week period to verify its performance. Photo documentation will be required of suspended sculpture.

§     If adjustments need to be made, they will need to be corrected in the artist’s studio before installation at the Nashville Airport.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of members from the Bonnaroo Team, Arts at the Airport Board of Directors, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority’s Community Affairs division, Tennessee Arts Commission and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation.


Each selected artist will receive 2 free tickets to Bonnaroo 2019. Artists or organizations will be recognized on the Bonnaroo website (, social media, and in an email promoting the installation. Artist and installation will also be promoted through the Arts at the Airport social media channels and the Nashville International Airport website (



October 30, 2018 ……………………..…..…....       Application Deadline

December 3, 2018 ………………………….….        Selected Artist or Company Notified

March 1, - March 9, 2019 …………….……             Delivery and Installation

March 11, 2019 ……………………………….…     Exhibit Opens

January 19, 2020 …….………………......………     De-installation of Exhibit


Application Guidelines

Completed proposal submissions must include:

1.      Résumé of the artist or organization, not to exceed 2 pages

2.      One or two paragraph biography on artist or organization

3.      Photo or video examples of previous work (minimum 6, maximum 12)

4.     Visual representation of what the proposed skylight exhibit would look like:  A minimum of 6 images is required, maximum of 10 (photo, CAD, drawings, etc.). Video or other media may also be included, (minimum 0, maximum 2).

5.      Written site-specific proposal description (maximum 3 pages)

  •  Brief artist statement about project – must describe how project elements would be incorporated and how the piece is connected to Bonnaroo.
  • Must include: Dimensions of each piece, weight (not to exceed 300 lbs. per sculpture) and Written Installation Plan (see Selection Criteria for Written Installation Plan outline). All media used must include explanation of exhibit resistance to UV light (treatment to fabrics, etc.), resistance to high temperatures and the ability to maintain being suspended in the skylight for 11 months. . The skylights do NOT have protection from UV rays. Neither the Bonnaroo Works Fund nor Arts at the Airport will be responsible for UV or other damage to the exhibit. Artist is responsible and liable for the integrity of the materials selected for sculpture.
  • Project may NOT include: elements requiring electricity or maintenance after installation.

6.      Applications must be submitted electronically via Hard copies of submissions will not be accepted. Selection of artists will be done by juried selection through (CaFÉ). No artist interviews or presentations will be allowed beyond the materials submitted through

7.     Each artist or organization may submit no more than two applications.

8.     Artists who have previously been selected must wait one year to be eligible to apply again.

For Further Research and Information

Applicants can find more information about Nashville International Airport’s facilities and culture by visiting . For information about the Arts at the Airport program, visit: For questions specific to The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival®, see the Bonnaroo website:, or contact  For information on Bonnaroo Works Fund visit   Please review all the RFP guidelines carefully. Applicants who have a question after reviewing these instructions may contact the Arts at the Airport Curator at (615) 275-1614.