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North Shore Drive Pedestrian Bridge
401 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Entry Deadline: 10/29/18
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 10
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 16


The new pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge will provide safe access to the City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County’s broader transportation network.  It will provide connections for residents and visitors to schools, parks, transit facilities and commercial centers, as well as provide a safe route for students who walk to school.  The bridge will also serve bicyclists.  The project aims to improve existing pedestrian facilities and provide relief from school traffic. The project will encourage active and safe transportation options such as walking and cycling. 

The new bridge and its access points will provide accessibility and safety, and serve as a key landmark to three neighborhoods: North Shore, Echo Lakes and Westfield. Therefore, it is desired that the artistic elements reflect the history, culture and uniqueness of these communities.  The final design should be integrated into the design elements of the bridge and/or the entry (access) points leading to the bridge, and should be welcoming, original and reflective of these communities.


The City of West Palm Beach is seeking a public artist and/or artist team to work with project contractors, designers, staff and communities on either the integration of art elements into the railing of the bridge, artistic lighting, and/or the access points (pathways) to the bridge.  The pathways will serve to visually enhance the pedestrian experience. The design will reflect the character of adjacent neighborhoods and the themes of movement, neighborhood history and cultural heritage with a timeless and contemporary aesthetic. 

This project has federal funding, requiring the selected artist and/or artist team to demonstrate the ability to work with a structural engineer retained by the City of West Palm Beach to assure Florida Department of Transportation approval.  The proposed design concept will need to meet the structural intent of the pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge.  The artwork/art elements will be assessed by a structural engineer to ensure that the design, materials and/or installation of these components will not impact the structural integrity of the pre-fabricated bridge.  Furthermore, safety loading for the bridge will also be considered.

The artist/artist team will create new artwork designs that will be integrated into the overall structure of the bridge and/or create enhanced pedestrian experiences towards both entry points of the bridge. The artwork design will be unique and reflect the character of the City of West Palm Beach and the three adjacent neighborhoods.  The artist/artist team will be required to work closely with various City departments throughout the project process and other contractors and companies hired by the City for this project.

The artist/artist team will be required to conduct three (3) community meetings (activities) within a 15 day time frame.  These “meetings” will inform the artwork/art elements.  Artwork shall be appropriate for public display and be low maintenance.


1. Develop and refine artistic concepts and designs with community, staff and contractors working on this project.

2. Design a railing and/or other art elements that will work within the engineering, loading and design parameters of the project and/or creating new entry point features towards that bridge that enhance the pedestrian experience.

3. Develop designs that comply with all codes, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Designing all functional requirements to be constructed of durable materials, energy efficient, and low maintenance.

4. Develop designs with elements that are secure and tamperproof.

5. Develop final drawings, models, presentation materials, and other visual and written items.

6. Present concepts and designs to committees, boards, community groups, and others.

7. Conduct three (3) community meetings (activities) within a 15 day time frame. 

8. Provide documents for the purpose of obtaining approvals from all of the appropriate entities involved in the project.

9. Participate in an ongoing design review and modification process with input from the City staff, designers, contractors and appropriate City committees.

10. Provide bi-monthly (every 2 weeks) email updates to City staff.

11. Develop a maintenance plan (manual) for the artwork and/or art elements.

12. Design a plaque or informational sign that provides background and goals of the project.


Total Project Budget for Artist-Designed elements(s): $95,000. 

Conceptual Proposal: $1,500 each for two short-listed finalists

Proposed Project Budget: $92,000

$92,000 of the project budget is designated for design development, community outreach, and fabrication of artworks and/or art elements.  The $92,000 is all inclusive of design, artist fee, travel, community engagement and fabrication of art elements, etc. A contract between the artist and the City of West Palm Beach will define stages of completion, exact fee, and a payment schedule.


*The City reserves the right to change these dates as deemed necessary.  

Submittal Deadline:                            October 29, 2018       

Final selection:                                    November 2018

Contract:                                             November/December 2018

Community Meetings:                         January/February 2019

Design Phase                                     March- June 2019

City Commission:                                June- August 2019

Final Design to construction phase    TBD

Projected completion of project          End of 2020    


Open to all professional artists over 18 who are USA residents with experience in public art projects.

Organizations, architectural and engineering firms, design (non-public art) firms, galleries and public art consultants are not eligible.


Qualification Review.  City staff will preview submissions for completeness and compliance with qualification requirements. Staff may reject incomplete applications or non-qualified or non-responsive submissions.

Short-List.  The City of West Palm Beach’s Art in Public Places Committee will review the applications and select up to two (2) artists/artist teams for development of a concept.

 Concept Development.  The short-listed artist(s)/artist team(s) shall be granted a site visit and shall participate in one community meeting to obtain input from the public.  The short-listed artist(s)/artist team(s) shall then develop a concept plan within the time allotted by the City.  The short-listed artist(s)/artist team(s) shall each be granted a stipend of $1,500 (per artist/team) for development of a concept.  The concept proposal shall contain each of the following elements:

Conceptual drawings to fully express the proposed design, elements, materials and colors.

Specifications of the materials to be used.

Proposed budget.

Timeline for completion.

Selection.  The City of West Palm Beach’s Art in Public Places Committee will review, at a public meeting, the concepts developed by the short-listed artist(s)/artist team(s) and select one artist/artist team, based on the criteria contained in this document.  Each selected artist/artist team will be given an all-inclusive (travel, proposal development, presentation, etc.), of $1,500.00 to create a proposal for the project. Once submitted the artist/artist team will have an opportunity to present the project proposal concept to the AIPP Committee. The committee will select one artist/artist team for the project. The AiPP Committee reserves the right to make no selection from the submitted applications or final interviews.

City Commission Approval.  Award of a contract for creating and installing the artwork is contingent upon final approval of City Commission. 


Selection of the final concept proposal will be based on the project goals and the following criteria:

  • Historic significance. The proposed historic element is historically important, reflects the history of the city or the character of the surrounding neighborhood. OR Cultural significance. The proposed element is culturally significant and reflects the aesthetic and cultural traditions and diversity of the city or the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Visual accessibility. The proposed art/element will be readily visible to the public and meet the location requirements.

  • Quality. The proposed artist is professionally recognized in the medium and the proposed art/element is of quality and enduring value.

  • Appropriateness to site. The proposed art/element is of design, scale and material appropriate scale to the site, and will beautify and enhance the aesthetics of the bridge and/or the entry points to the bridge.

  • Compatibility. The proposed art/element is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Public Welfare. The proposed art/element is not detrimental to the public welfare and will not constitute a safety hazard.

  • Maintenance. The proposed art/element will not require extraordinary maintenance and the maintenance plan addresses vandalism, weathering, and the life of the artwork.

  • Artistic Merit in an artist body of work; demonstrated aesthetic excellence of past projects.

  • Innovative and Effective Approaches in creating public artworks, and demonstrated delivery of successful execution and completion of the projects. The artwork design will be a welcoming feature that is unique and original.









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