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Transit Center Art
651 10th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Entry Deadline: 10/25/18
Application Closed
Media Images:6

Budget and Scope of Work

The budget for the artwork design, fabrication, delivery and installation including cost for all permits is $50,000. All medias that can be attached to the brick and withstand Colorado’s changing weather will be considered. Artwork may extend above, in front of, be flush with or be painted on the wall or may involve any combination of these methods.

Artwork will be in a wide open location that is subjected to weather conditions ranging from direct sun with 100+ degree temperatures to freezing temperatures with rain, snow and hail. Colorado is well known for fluctuating temperatures causing a common freeze-thaw condition over the course of a single day which will need to be take into consideration when choosing the appropriate medium. Artwork must be structurally sound and resistant to extreme weather changes. Special consideration will be given to applicants who state in the letter of intent one or more of the following:

-artwork will encompass Greeley, CO historical transportation themes

-artwork will have an educational component

Submit an Artist Application Packet to the Cultural Affairs office that must include the following information:

-Artist Resume - Resume must show 1) previous experience working with project teams that may include architects, engineers, and managers and 2) show experience with the manufacture and installation of past art designs/materials that will be appropriate for the Transit Center and 3) must include 3 references.
-A Letter of Intent to include
- A description of a suggested design approach and type of materials that might be used in the artist’s anticipated work product, and knowledge of the physical setting of the Transit Center.

This is Phase I of a potentially multi-year project; if further phases are funded an RFQ for Phase II & III will be posted in fall of 2019 and 2020 consecutively and will call for artwork to be attached to the north facing wall from the end of Phase I artwork to 14th Avenue.

submitting via Café online OR delivery on CD or Flash drive to the Cultural Affairs office by hand OR via postal service OR  via email to

Submission Requirements

Artists may submit applications online through Café at  OR
Up to 6 digital images of completed past work - Conceptual drawings will not be reviewed!   Images must be formatted to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be sent by:
Inventory sheet with description of past work images including title, medium, cost, dimensions, location and date produced. 

No project proposal is desired at this time. Incomplete or late entries will not be considered.

Qualifications Submission Deadline

Applications for this request must be submitted to the City of Greeley Cultural Affairs office on or before midnight on October 25th, 2018. Artist(s) selected to work with the selection committee team will be notified by November 21, 2018. 

Selection Process

One artist or artist team may be selected as a finalist OR up to 3 artists may be selected for a second round jury process based on past work that exhibits style and materials appropriate to the site, a strong letter of intent and past experience working with a team. If artists are shortlisted for a second round jury, they (each artist or team) will be awarded a $300 honorarium to begin developing a design concept and proposal for a site specific work of art.

Once the final artist has been selected and contracted, they will work with the project selection committee to create a final design for the installation. The selection committee will consist of at least two members of the Greeley Art Commission, one or more Transit & Culture staff members, outside stakeholders and may also include architects and engineers. This approach requires the artist to have good collaborative skills, creativity, flexibility as well as an open mind. The Artist must be willing to attend a minimum of two meetings in Greeley, CO with the selection committee to fully develop the design and will submit two progress reports during the evolution of the design. Final design must be original, must include all details necessary for the fabrication and installation of the actual artwork and must be wet stamped by a structural engineer.

Approval of the final design by the Greeley Art Commission will be based on aesthetic merit, originality and creativity or innovation and appropriateness to the Transit Center. The final design submitted by the artist shall be completed within 90 days after contract has been fully executed. Once the final design is accepted by the selection committee, the Greeley Art Commission and after payment is made for the design, the City will retain all rights of the final design. Fabrication, delivery and final installation shall be completed by the Artist in spring or early summer of 2019. 

Limitations to Liability

The City of Greeley will not assume any responsibility or liability for costs incurred by artists in responding to this RFQ or in responding for any further requests for interview, additional data, etc., prior to the agreement to create an original work of art.   

Rejection of Proposals

The Greeley Art Commission reserves the right to reject any or all applications or to award payment in whole or in part if it is in the best interest of the project. 

Procedure if no Artist is Selected

Final selection of an artist to complete the Transit Center Art project will follow successful negotiations which satisfy the City’s concern that the Selection Committee’s recommendations, and the interest of the public are best served.  Should no artist be accepted, a second advertisement and Request for Qualifications may be issued.

Contact Information

This Request for Qualifications is issued by the City of Greeley as the sole point of contact.

Please direct all questions related to the RFQ to:

Jason Evenson at 970-350-9482 or 


Kim Snyder at 970-350-9450 or

Artist Application packets may be submitted to the Cultural Affairs office to:

Kim Snyder

City of Greeley

651 10th Ave

Greeley, CO 80631

For more information about the City of Greeley’s public art program in general go to   
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