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Charlotte Street Foundation 2020 Generative Performing Artist Award
PO Box 10263
Kansas City, MO 64171

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Call Type: Award
Eligibility: Local
State: Missouri
Entry Deadline: 11/13/19
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10
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Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10

The Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Awards seek to recognize, encourage, and significantly support Kansas City City-based artists creating original, exceptional, new work in all genres of performance. Providing artists with financial support, critical recognition and public exposure, these Awards aim to reward artistic accomplishment to date and to support the continued development of artists’ work and careers. 

Note: Artists must be generative artists—that is, the creators of original new work. 

Awarded artists will be those who:

  • Create new, contemporary work
  • Produce work that is innovative/experimental in terms of form, content, process, and/or presentation
  • Demonstrate sustained commitment to deepening/expanding their work and generative practices
  • Through recognizing and supporting exceptional artists living and working in Kansas City, Charlotte Street seeks to empower and propel individual artists, enhance the artistic culture of our region, and increase Kansas City’s desirability as a place for artists to live and work

Each 2020 Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Fellow receives:

  • An unrestricted cash grant of $10,000
  • Recognition by Charlotte Street at the time of Award announcement and through-out the year of 2020, including through announcements to media, web-based marketing and promotion, special events, etc.


  • Strength of artistic work-to-date
  • Promise for future artistic achievement
  • Commitment and demonstration of innovation/experimentation in terms of form, content, process, and/or presentation 
  • Potential impact of Award on continued artistic development


  • Applicants must currently live and have lived for at least one year prior to application deadline in the five-county Greater Kansas City metro area (Clay, Jackson, Johnson, Platte, Wyandotte).
  • Artists must be at least 21 years of age by application deadline. 
  • Applicants may not be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program. If the artist has earned an undergraduate degree, the completion date must be at least 12 months earlier than the application deadline.
    (Note: Applicants do not need to have attended undergraduate or graduate school to be considered for this award.)

Note on collaborative groups:

The Generative Performing Awards are intended to recognize and support outstanding generative performing artists as individuals. Collaborative groups are eligible to apply if:

  • The group is well-established and creating generative performing work in an ongoing, deeply collaborative, committed manner as a group.
  • The primary work of each individual member of the group is as a member of the collaborative group rather than as an individual.
  • Each member of the group is playing a generative role in the creation of the group’s work.
  • The group is not incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
    Note: Artists applying as a collaborative group should submit individual resumes as well as a group resume, and should detail the nature of their collaboration in the narrative portion of the application. 

Additional eligibility requirements:

  • Awarded artists will be expected to be residents of Kansas City (or one of the eligible five counties) for the Award year. (Artists will still be able to, and are encouraged, to participate in residencies, travel, etc., during the course of the year)
  • Awarded artists will be expected to keep Charlotte Street informed of all scheduled exhibitions and public engagement throughout the period of the Award year.
  • Awarded artists will, in collaboration with Charlotte Street, identify at least one scheduled performance or plan one pubic event (open rehearsal, artist talk, etc.) during the term of the Award year to be promoted or hosted in affiliation with the Award.
    Note: Previous Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Award recipients are NOT eligible to apply.

Statement on opportunity equity:
Charlotte Street Foundation values an equitable, diverse, and inclusive art community, which we interpret as all artist having fair access to the tools and resources they need to realize their artistic endeavors. We acknowledge structural inequalities that have excluded individuals and communities from opportunity based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, age, geography, and strive to counter those inequalities in our work. We encourage panelists and selection committies to actively consider and seek to recommend a diverse pool of applicants as finalists and recipients of these awards and all Charlotte Street Foundation programs.


The 2020 Generative Performing Artist Fellows will be selected through an open call for applicants followed by a competitive selection process. A selection panel of regional and national performing arts professionals with expertise in a range of performing arts fields will be solely responsible for selecting the 2020 Awards Fellows. Neither staff nor Charlotte Street board members have any input in the final decisions. Jurors featured on the panel will be announced along with award winners when the judgement process is finalized.


Application deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday, November 10, 2019 (Mountain Time Zone)
NOVEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020: Panel review of applications; selection of 10 semi-finalists for in-person meetings.
FEBRUARY 7, 2020: In-person visits & final selection by panel
FEBRUARY 11, 2020: Award recipients publicly announced


• All applications must be completed online at:

  • Deadline for applications is Sunday, November 10, 2019, at 11:59 PM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE- (DENVER/CO). No late applications will be considered.
  • The title of the call is, “Charlotte Street Foundation 2020 Generative Performing Artist Awards.”
  • Note: Artists requiring technical assistance may contact Charlotte Street Foundation at 816.221.5115 or 


1. ARTIST’S STATEMENT (500 words or less):

Your artist’s statement should describe your work as a generative performing artist working in the field of dance, theatre, performance art, music, sound art, opera, multimedia performance, puppetry, spoken word and hybrid/ interdisciplinary versions of all above.

Please make sure that your statement clearly and specifically describes 1) the generative, performance-based work that you create; 2) the intentions that drive your work; 3) the ideas and influences that inform your work; and 4) the processes involved in creating your work. Your narrative should make clear how your work is innovative/experimental in terms of form, content, process, and/or presentation.


If applying as a collaborative group, please describe the work of the group as a whole, your approach to collaboration, and the role and contributions of each individual.

If applying as an individual who frequently collaborates with other artists, please describe your specific generative work and specific role and contributions to these collaborative projects.

2. ARTIST INTENT/VALUE OF AWARD (350 words or less):

Please describe, as specifically as possible, why the Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Award would be of value to you now. Your response might address how the Award would assist you in advancing current or new projects, pursuing research, exploring new processes or contexts, pushing the scale or scope of your work, initiating or deepening collaborations, engaging new participants or communities, capitalizing on professional opportunities, or any manner of ways in which these funds, recognition, and exposure would make difference for you and your work as a generative artist at this time.

3. RESUME/ CV (including history of generative performance work, 5 page maximum)


Please submit DOCUMENTATION OF UP TO THREE ORIGINAL WORKS you have created within the past three years. If applying as an individual artist, these should be works of which you are the primary creator or, in the case of collaborative work, equal co-creator. Please do not submit works for which your role was exclusively as performer, or in which you had a minor creative/generative role.

Panelists will review no more than five minutes of work samples. The preferred form of work sample submission is ONE 5-minute compilation of work samples/edited excerpts, which makes for efficient review by panelists. Please note, edited compilations should not be “retrospective” or overview presentations, but rather should provide panelists with a substantial understanding of your current work and its content through carefully selected samples. In lieu of one compilation, artists may submit three separate work samples/excerpts, totaling no more than 5 minutes in length.

Please note, work samples are the most important component of your application, and should be carefully selected to most strongly represent the quality and substance of your work as a generative performing artist.

Also note: playwrights should submit audio or video samples to represent their work. We have discovered that applications with scripts as work samples do not prove competitive because evaluators cannot properly judge the work as a live experience.

Submit work samples either as a list of URL links (preferred) or as audio or video files uploaded through the café system. (See below for more information about audio and video files.)


Your WORK SAMPLE LIST should correspond to your work samples. This list should provide relevant details about your work samples, including title, date, media, venue if applicable, your role in its creation (i.e. composer, choreographer, etc), and a brief description of the intent and content of the work. If involving significant collaboration with others, please list collaborators and specifically explain their roles in its creation.

More about work samples:

The preferred method of submitting audio and video work samples for this application is to upload them elsewhere (suggested host sites: Vimeo for video, Soundcloud for audio) and to provide URL links rather than uploading files through the CaFE system. However, artists WILL NOT be penalized for uploading files through CaFE.

File Types accepted through the CaFE system include: 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, MPG, MP4, M2T, MKV, M2TS


Resolution: minimum 640x480, maximum 1920x1080 Frame Rate: minimum 12 fps File Size: maximum 100 MB

For further questions about the call, you can contact us at 816.2211.5115 or email us at

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