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+LAB Artist Residency Program
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Entry Deadline: 1/22/19
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Little Tokyo Service Center + LAB Artist Residency Program): $15.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 10
Audio | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Residencies
Eligibility: Local
State: California

Little Tokyo Service Center

+LAB Artist Residency Program

231 E 3rd St # G106,

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Event Dates: 6/1/19-8/31/19

NEW Entry Deadline: 1/22/19


Work Sample Specs

Images- Minimum 1, Maximum 10, 5MB each, 50MB Total

Audio- Minimum 0, Maximum 3, 10MB each, 30MB Total

Video- Minimum 0, Maximum 3, 100MB each, 300 MB Total

Text- Minimum 1 page word doc, Maximum 10 pages word doc

Entry Fee: $15

The 2019 +LAB Artist Residency is a creative place-keeping residency that will focus on addressing the most recent cycle of displacement that is affecting Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo.  We are seeking community-engaged artists who will help LTSC successfully advocate for the responsible development of two highly contested parcels of land owned by the City of Los Angeles: First Street North (FSN) and the Mangrove block (Mangrove).  While Little Tokyo has been physically and culturally reshaped by several well-documented cycles of displacement, these blocks (which include 5+ acres of developable land) represent an opportunity for the neighborhood to counteract these cycles through the implementation of the community’s vision for this land.


This year’s cohort of four artists will work together with Little Tokyo stakeholders and residents in a three-month immersive residency to create a project or projects based on this theme.

The overarching question for artists to consider is:

How can creative strategies and artistic interventions positively impact the devastation caused by past and present development that threaten the sustainability of our community:

  • Displacement of multi-generational small businesses

  • Erasure of the neighborhood’s cultural (and multi-cultural) identity

  • Threats to development of affordable and homeless supportive housing

  • Displacement of the area’s houseless community

+LAB’s vision is that selected artists will create an achievable project outcome which meets one of the following two criteria:
  1. Projects should be designed to refine the community’s vision for these sites via interactive engagement and artistic collaboration with community members and stakeholders—particularly those who are traditionally left out of planning processes (low income residents, small business owners, people experiencing homelessness)


  1. Projects should be designed to encourage  the City of Los Angeles to implement the Little Tokyo’s vision for the subject sites and/or call attention to the legacy of displacement as a means to underscore the importance of the community vision.

These projects should also be designed in a way that they can be sustained by the community after the conclusion of the residency period.

Artists applying could look at various approaches to the residency to inspire and encourage the Little Tokyo community.  We are open to participants’ interpretation of the theme, however a few examples are:

  • Design a social media campaign asking the City to support affordable housing in Little Tokyo including permanent supportive housing for the homeless

  • Develop a billboard or media campaign publicizing the displacement crisis in Little Tokyo

  • Utilize the residency workshop space on First Street North to develop and execute creative community engagement strategies.

  • Establish a base level of awareness about people experiencing homelessness throughout the Little Tokyo community and begin developing a cohesive sense of empathy amongst community members --working to reduce the stigma and misconceptions within the community, and underscoring the importance of including them in the planning and visioning processes for these sites.

  • Work with historic small businesses located on First Street North—many of which are under threat of displacement—to develop a campaign to increase business and awareness of the legacy of small businesses in Little Tokyo.

Residency Information

The +LAB Artist Residency is a community based, engaged residency, with a generous stipend and project budget. The residency is fully immersive: selected artists will live for three months in the Daimaru Hotel on First Street in Little Tokyo and will be paired with a local arts organization: Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Sustainable Little Tokyo, Visual Communications, or the Japanese American National Museum.

Artists will work as a cohort and have a shared workshop.  Studio space or other work space may be procured based on the needs of the project. Artists are expected to work with the community and their non-profit host organizations as collaborators. The cohort of artists will work with guidance from local artists and specialists from the Little Tokyo community, and each residency artist will have great leeway to bring their ideas and talents to this residency program in our unique community, Little Tokyo.


Little Tokyo Service Center seeks artists whose creative practice reflects a desire to work collaboratively or within a community context; reflects an awareness of culture, socio-economic and political paradigms; have a demonstrated interest in subject matter addressing either the history of Japanese American communities or other communities of color; and have experience in other communities facing displacement.

Artists with experience in the ideas and practices of creative placemaking, social practice, public practice, or community-based arts will be the most successful candidates. Artists of all disciplines may apply, although the residency may be best suited for artists working with media (video, photography), social media, design, graphic design, architecture, landscape architecture, public practice, civic practice, social practice, writing, or performance art. We do not discriminate based on age, race, or gender.  

Details of the Residency

NEW Application deadline: January 22, 2019 , 10:59 PST

Residency Application Fee: $15

Residency Length: 3 months;  June 1-August 31, 2019

Number of artists in residence: 4

Number of Applicants: Last round- 115

We highly encourage you to submit your application early, last year we had to refuse many applicants due to last  minute technical issues with the website. We will not accept any applications submitted after January 22, 2019 10:59 PST


  • Application type: Open application

  • Must apply and be accepted individually

  • Geography: Open to California artists

  • Additional eligibility information: 

  •     At least 21 years of age by application deadline
        Not currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program
        Able to participate in the residency for the full three month period
        Must live and work in California (at least 1 year)
        Must agree to live at the Hotel Daimaru for the entire 3-month residency
        CV should demonstrate working professionally for at least five years

Facilities & Services


Artists will stay in a small private bedroom in the Daimaru Hotel in the heart of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles.  The Daimaru Hotel is an historic Single Room Occupancy Hotel owned by the Little Tokyo Service Center with deep roots in the Little Tokyo community. The Hotel has long-term residents from the Little Tokyo community, and some short-term rooms for visitors. It is clean and well maintained, with artwork in the halls and in the rooms. The rooms are basic, bathrooms and the kitchen are shared spaces and are down the hallway from the rooms.. The kitchen is heavily utilized by all residents and can be challenging to fully use depending on your personal cooking/eating habits. We advise being prepared to use some of the stipend to eat out occasionally, there are many great and affordable restaurants nearby as well as grocery stores.  The residency also provides a storefront space on the ground floor for the residents where there is a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. Residents can store and prepare some food there as well as in the kitchen. This is a historic building that is not ADA compliant. If an accepted applicant needs ADA compliant accommodations we will discuss on a case by case basis.

We highly recommend you review the hotel website when considering the residency.

There is Wireless Internet in the storefront space for the artists. Wireless in the hotel is spotty.

The co-host organizations (JACCC, VC, SLT, JANM) will provide technical support for the artists. Depending on discipline, project or need, they may provide work or office space but this will be determined closer to the residency date. LTSC and the partner organizations will aim to ensure artists have all they need in order to fully execute their work.

Stipends, project, and other support

$4000 monthly stipend

Up to $500 RT in-state travel

A project budget- up to $6500.

The residency offers a generous monthly stipend, designed to help cover costs of the residency.

There is a travel budget if needed, up to $500 for a one time RT travel to Los Angeles and back from the artists CA residence.

We provide a budget for projects and materials up to $6500. Project funds will first be submitted as a budget with a project proposal for approval to LTSC and check requests submitted, as funds are needed. Artists are encouraged to bring their own tools such as personal computers, printers, cameras,  or any specialty equipment that is part of their practice they expect they will need.

Artists should look in to having health coverage while here. If they do not have it, please look into purchasing temporary travelers health insurance. We will help you with this if selected.

There is no on-site parking at the hotel. We will try to help you find a local parking lot, or the local co-host organization might be able to help. Often artist have use their stipends to pay for monthly parking if they choose to bring a car which is about $140/month. There are zip cars in the area, rental scooters, and bus and metro lines nearby.

Selection Process:

Artists who are interested in this residency will submit an application to the +LAB Artist Residency in a competitive selection process. A panel of professionals from the Little Tokyo community and the program’s partner organizations will be responsible for the selection of artists. Decisions will be made on the work samples, as well as the applicant’s responses to the application questions, previous experience in community work, motivation to learn and participate in Little Tokyo, and clarity of the artist statement.

Finalists will have Skype interviews with the selection panel, providing an opportunity for them to share their work and ideas, and to ask questions of the panel. Following the interviews and final panel deliberations the selected artists will be notified by phone and written correspondence.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria