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Tom McCall Roundabout Art Design

Entry Deadline: 3/5/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 4
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 1
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Unspecified
Eligibility: Regional
State: Oregon

Request for Proposals




The city of Prineville, Oregon is conducting a search for an original, large scale, interpretive public artwork. The artwork is to be a permanent installation, situated in a roundabout at the intersection of OR Highway 126 and Tom McCall Drive in Prineville, Oregon. The project is fully funded by local sources at approximately $125,000.

The Tom McCall Roundabout Project is the second largest single-lane design to accommodate highway caliber traffic in the state of Oregon. It is situated at the west entrance to the city of Prineville, in Crook County, and is geographically located at the center of the state and serving as a gateway to the Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland and thousands of acres of Public Lands.

This is a new transportation feature that not only facilitates a combination of vehicular, freight, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic, but will provide a visual gateway to the city of Prineville and surrounding National Forest, National Grassland, and Public Lands. The center of this roundabout is designed to feature an interpretive artwork that celebrates the history and character of the community. This installation will serve as a “Welcome” feature to visitors of the region as well as the community of Prineville, Oregon.

The city of Prineville embodies the historical and cultural heritage of central Oregon, being one of the first incorporated cities in the state. It is perfectly situated in a unique, high desert environment full of natural beauty, recreational abundance, four-season access, and destination excellence.  All of the partners recognize that artwork, well-integrated with the landscape architecture for the roundabout center island, will provide a safer intersection with a visual focal point that results in lower traffic speeds in addition to an aesthetic enhancement for the community.


This project is fully funded to at approximately $125,000. This is to include all project costs such as artist’s fees, permitting fees, stamped engineering drawings, as well as the transportation and installation of art. The artist will be responsible for all costs associated with the design, engineering and fabrication of the foundation required for installation of the art. Travel and accommodations for the artist must be included in this budget.


 Resident American or legal resident artists / artist teams living in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho are eligible for this commission. Art Selection Committee members, City of Prineville employees and Oregon Department of Transportation staff are not eligible for this project.


Interested artists must submit materials online via CaFÉ. Register at and follow the directions for registration and submitting material for this Request for Qualifications. Please do not include supplemental materials beyond the requirements listed below.

Minimum Requirements

Artists must be familiar with materials suitable for large-scale, all-season, public outdoor settings and site-specific design. Experience in collaboration with artists, landscape architects, engineers, fabricators and government agency representatives is essential for this project.

Submission Requirements

Artists, and/or Artist Teams, must submit in accordance with the following detail no later than March 5, 2019. Please read the following information carefully as incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.

1 Site specific concept drawing or rendering for the Tom McCall Roundabout Project that celebrates the history and character of the community. Artists should reference the community survey (included in Artist Resources) for additional community preferences. The concept drawing should include anticipated dimensions, materials, installation, lifespan, content and physical impact and comply with public safety/highway operations requirements listed below.

2  Letter of Intent for the Tom McCall Roundabout Project that addresses the needs of this project, the artist’s interest and motivation in preparing an artwork for this project and the artist’s specific professional qualifications. The letter should include a formal proposal for the project. Please limit letter of intent to no more than two pages.

3 Three (3) to six (6) digital images of previously completed works. Please review and adhere to the CaFÉ website instructions and requirements (see this link: Make sure your images have the following : An annotated image list containing the title, media, dimensions, year of completion, project description, budget and commissioning agency.

5 Current CV(s), Artist(s)’ Statement(s) or Resume(s) demonstrating relevant work experience, particularly public art or privately funded commission projects. Resume is limited to three pages maximum. Please note that a biography or an autobiography will not fulfill the requirements of a current resume. Team credentials must include written and visual examples of successful collaboration.

All materials must be submitted in digital format according to the specifications outline on CaFÉ. The Art Selection Committee will not review supplemental information beyond what is requested, including proposals specific to this project. Failure to provide any of the published requirements will result in disqualification from the competition.


The Art Selection Committee is made of representatives from the city of Prineville, Crook County and Oregon Department of
Transportation. The Art Selection Committee is responsible for Request for Qualifications development, submission review, finalist
selection and ultimately making a recommendation to city of Prineville City Council for selecting the artist or artist team to be awarded the commission project.

The selection criteria shall include: 

  • Professional qualifications of the artist(s) as demonstrated by the supporting materials;

  • Proven ability to undertake the project of the described scope;

  • Attractiveness and potential of artwork to enhance the roundabout;

  • Artistic merit and superior craftsmanship as shown by images;

  • Uniqueness and presentation of artwork as shown by images;

  • The degree to which the artist’s work fits within the context of Prineville, OR; and

  • Incorporation of the themes found in the community survey (included in Artist’s Resources) with emphasis for public preferences including Prineville’s history, character, ranching, forest products/timber, western art and natural elements.

Applications meeting the submission requirements outlined above will be evaluated by the Art Selection Committee. Up to three finalists will be notified in writing.

Finalist submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the Art Selection Committee using the selection criteria. Consideration will be taken for their suitability for use on a state highway system and structural integrity. The Art Selection Committee holds the right to reject any submission if it is determined not to comply with public safety/highway operations requirements.

Public Safety/Highway Operations Requirements

Proposed art must comply with public safety/highway operations requirements and be constructed with durable materials to withstand weather and vandalism.

Artwork must not interfere with the operation, maintenance, or use of the highway. The safety of the highway system and travelers is of utmost concern for ODOT. It must also use long lasting materials and construction techniques that require minimal care and resist vandalism.  A desired benefit of the Artwork is to make the central island more conspicuous (thus improving safety). At the same time, it must not create an unsafe distraction for motorists and other travelers, and its size and scale must fit within the allowable area that matches the aesthetic design of the roundabout (See Exhibit A).  Artwork must not:

1 Imitate a traffic control device;

2 Have moving elements or water, nor have simulation of movement;

3 Have elements that would cause the proposed Artwork to obscure the form of the roundabout, nor cause distraction to motorists and other travelers (e.g., cause glare or impede vision for safety);

4 Attract pedestrians and cyclists to the center island area;

5 Contain text, interpretation of the Artwork, information on the artist, advertising or other form of a commercial message (business, product, or brand name, logo, phone number, web page, etc.); nor representation or paying tribute to a specific individual.

Finalist Selection

Up to three finalists will be notified in writing and required to create a scale model (maquette) of the proposed artwork in a ratio of 1-inch to 1-foot.  Model types, for example, can include fabrications, castings, 3D prints, foam-core construction or other durable media suitable for evaluation and showcasing.

Finalists will be required to include with the model a written narrative describing the proposed materials, the proposed location within the roundabout center island, how the proposal meets the above general requirements and specific parameters and a schedule for commencing and completing the proposed Artwork for delivery and installation. Artists should also include a detailed budget detailing anticipated fees, foundation engineering, materials, travel, etc.

Each of the finalists will be paid $1,000.00 to help cover travel expenses to Prineville, Oregon, to present their project concepts and models to the Art Selection Committee.  Each model will also be put on display for public viewing and input.  Public input will guide the Art Selection Committee in their evaluation of the proposed artwork designs.

The Art Selection Committee, with input from the public viewing, will select a finalist using the selection criteria. The Art Selection Committee will then make a recommendation of the selected artist(s) to city of Prineville City Council.  The Prineville City Council will make the final selection of the artist(s) and artwork design concept, approved through a majority vote.


For this project, the artist will be engaged as an independent contractor. A current and enforceable $1,000,000.00 general liability insurance policy will need to be in effect for this project in additional to an automobile policy of $500,000.00. Once the city of Prineville has accepted the project as complete, and in accordance with the contract, the art installation will be fully insured by the city.

The artist(s) must coordinate design work closely with the city for the other aesthetics elements of the roundabout (for compatibility and to match the aesthetic design of the roundabout), provide a site plan, and provide design plans stamped (by a professional engineer registered in the State of Oregon) demonstrating structural stability, the ability to withstand the necessary wind loads, and the means or method of installation (e.g., foundation and footing drawings complete with structural calculations and details of the interface and connection between the art and the foundation and/or footing).

The artist will be responsible for overseeing/supervising the installation of the art. The artist will work with city of Prineville staff on installation of the artwork within the roundabout. The artist(s) must provide a one-year warranty of the art structure, foundation/footing and workmanship from the date of final approval of the installation of the project.

The selected artist(s) and the city of Prineville will contract to a specific timeline and payment schedule as follows:

Compensation to Artist(s)

  • 25% due upon signing of the contract between the city of Prineville and the artist(s).

  • 30% due upon approval of art fabrication drawings, stamped engineering and construction drawings, and all project specifications.

  • 25% due upon proof of 60% completion of art fabrication in accordance with performance timeline.

  • 20% due upon completion of installation and acceptance of the project by the city of Prineville

Project Timeline

Qualifications Submissions Due:         March 5, 2019

Notification to Finalists:                      May 15, 2019

Artist(s) Presentations:                        August 1, 2019

Public Review Complete:                    September, 2019

Final Selection:                                    October 1, 2019

Fabrication Complete:                        May 1, 2020

Installation Complete:                        June 1, 2020*

*Weather dependent


The selected finalist must be able to engage in a contractual agreement with the city of Prineville. The model prepared by the selected artist(s) will become the property of the city. Project plans, diagrams, specifications, fabrication drawings and all documents required to complete the project will remain the property of the artist(s).

The selected artist(s) will retain copyright to the art. Perpetual and irrevocable worldwide exclusive and royalty-free license will be granted to the city of Prineville and ODOT. This would be for the purpose of public information and includes creating and distributing print and media reproductions and/or collateral materials. This agreement would include non-commercial uses initiated by the city of Prineville and ODOT. In the event that any of these organizations wish to use the art for commercial purposes, separate agreements will be negotiated with the artist(s).


Steve Forrester, City of Prineville
Teresa Rodriguez – City of Prineville

Eric Klann – City of Prineville
Casey Kaiser, City of Prineville
Scott Smith – City of Prineville
Jerry Brummer – Crook County
Lisa Morgan, City of Prineville
ShanRae Hawkins, City of Prineville
Josh Smith, City of Prineville
Ristine Williams, Facebook
Steve Holiday, Prineville Disposal
Abbey Driscoll, Oregon Department of Transportation


Artists needing assistance using the CaFÉ system can call Westaf at 1-303-629-1166 during normal business hours and/or via email at CaFÉ

Questions regarding the Call to Artists may be directed to Abbey Driscoll via e-mail at A State of Oregon W-9 is required with submission; please contact Abbey Driscoll for a W-9 form. Finalists selected for this project and the artist ultimately selected for the commission will be required to enter into a professional services agreement with the city of Prineville.

It is unlawful for artists to solicit opinions or viewings from individual members of the Art Selection Committee prior to set committee reviews and will result in disqualification from the competition. We reserve the right to refuse submissions, to refuse any finalist, to waive formal procedures, or to withhold the award of a purchase or commission should it be determined that submissions are not acceptable. Application to this project constitutes agreement to abide by all applicable program guidelines.


Reference Drawings & Maps Included:

Prineville, Central Oregon,  (PLEASE e-mail lontko@cityofprineville for survey results.) too large to load into cafe site.

Artist(s) Resources:

1 City of Prineville Community Survey (dated July 10, 2018)

2 City of Prineville website -

3 Bowman Museum website -

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria