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Entry Deadline: 2/11/19
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Call Type: Public Art
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State: Colorado

40 West Arts and the City of Lakewood seek to hire an artist to create a mural on a retaining wall at 1300 Harlan Street along the 40 West ArtLine in 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, CO.


·         Open Call for Artist Qualifications Deadline: Monday, February 11, 2019 at 11:59pm

·         Finalists Notified of Award to Submit Concepts: Week of February 11, 2019

·         Finalists Mural Concepts Due: Week of March 11, 2019

·         Selected Muralist Notified of Award: Week of March 31, 2019

·         Installation Deadline: Before May 31, 2019

·         Artist Commission: $13,000 (to include $12,000 artist payment and $1,000 materials stipend)


The 40 West ArtLine is envisioned as a free outdoor art gallery, a creative space for all to enjoy, and a mechanism to support the creative, cultural, entrepreneurial, economic and physical vitality of the Lakewood, Colorado West Colfax corridor and surrounding area. The ArtLine is an intersection of art and the outdoors, an open space for patrons to explore, and is envisioned to eventually become the longest continuous arts experience in Colorado.

Community is essential to this endeavor, from the ground-level participants who envisioned this expansive project, to the artists who worked on individual pieces, to the thousands of patrons who travel the route each day by foot, wheels of all types, car and light rail. Phase 1 of the project was funded through a major grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and kicked off in June of 2018. This mural is the first art element for Phase 2 of the ArtLine. The long-term goal for the ArtLine is one of changing, expanding and rotating artwork that grows in subsequent years. Your mural proposal should fit into the overarching vision for the 40 West ArtLine. Visit for more info.


Think bold, graphic, large-scale and impactful. There’s a logistically important reason for this, the wall itself stands approximately 350 feet away from the closest walkable, bikeable path. This means your design will need to carry across an open field and continue to have an impact on passersby of a variety of travel modes. Small details and intricate designs will get lost in this mural, so we encourage you to think large, literally. Elements that will be looked upon favorably include interactivity, colorful, geometric, non-commercial in nature, and if any text, consideration will be given to bilingual (English/Spanish) and positive messages.


The mural will be painted on an abandoned retaining wall at 1300 Harlan Street, Lakewood, CO 80214. This highly visible site was historically a cement batch plant, and is bordered by Mountair Park, residential properties, Harlan Street, and the W Line light rail line and bike path. See site plan for details. The site is on private property and the owner has granted permission for the artwork.


The wall has two components. The first is the main wall, which faces West/Southwest toward the 40 West ArtLine and the W Line light rail and adjacent bike and pedestrian path. This wall has one long section that rotates slightly toward the West end of the wall (see images below). A second, much smaller section of wall faces directly South.

Mural artist will be responsible for design, fabrication, delivery and installation of the artwork within the given budget, including using appropriate paints for the surface and painting a sealant on top of the mural. 40 West Arts and the City of Lakewood will power wash the mural surface before the mural is installed. 40 West Arts will be responsible for maintaining the mural, which is expected to have a lifespan of at least 10 years.

 -       Mural Dimensions: Main, West facing wall 12’ x 96’ (approximate), South-facing wall 12’ x 24’ but sloping down to 6’ tall at the East end (approximate)

-       Wall Construction: Concrete

-       Please note, this mural is approximately 350 feet away from any sidewalks, streets or other walk, bike or foot traffic. This means that your design must be highly visible from long distances to be effective. Mural designs that include fine details and/or are not easily visible from these distances will be disqualified during the initial art selection process.



Applications will ONLY be accepted through CaFE. Artists must answer the required questions in CaFE, including uploading a cover sheet and PDF with statement and images.

This is a 3-step Call Process:

STEP 1: We are issuing a call for interested muralists to submit an overview of their qualifications. DEADLINE is Monday, February 11, 2019 at 11:59pm. All submissions must be received through CaFE.

STEP 2: The Art Selection Panel will choose 3-4 finalists who will be compensated $150 each to submit and present their mural concept(s) to the panel.

STEP 3: The panel will choose a winning concept and engage the selected artist for concept finalization, mural logistics, and schedule.

Questions: Liz Black, 40 West Arts Executive Director, or 303.819.3074


Your design should take into consideration other artistic elements along the 40 West ArtLine, in particular those elements that are proximal to your mural location, as described below. Your mural doesn’t need to have a direct, tangible tie to these artistic elements but all installations should work cohesively and aesthetically together.

Healing Visualization, Lauren Culbreth:  (located along the fence in front of your mural wall)

ArtLine Story Totem, Nestor Fedak: (located at the intersection of 13th and Harlan).

Kaleidoscope Crossing, Carlos Fresquez and Community Volunteers: (located at the intersection of 13th and Harlan)

Harvest Labyrinth, Katy Casper: (game ground mural along W Line bike path near mural site)

Dermal Plate Gateway, PUNCH: (located at Mountair Park, proximal to and visible from your mural wall)


The 40 West ArtLine is a walking and biking outdoor arts experience located in the heart of 40 West Arts Creative District along historic West Colfax Avenue and the W Line light rail in Lakewood, Colorado. This free outdoor gallery is marked by a green painted path on the ground and features over 70 art installations in the form of murals, ground art games, fence art, interactive sculptures and more.


40 West Arts is a certified creative district in Lakewood, Colorado. 40 West Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit with the vision of supporting and promoting the Lakewood West Colfax corridor as a creative, cultural and memorable destination. 40 West Arts builds and support community arts events, workshops, spaces, enterprises, activities and experiences. Learn more at


40 West Arts District and its associated organizations, the West Colfax Community Association (WCCA) and the Lakewood-West Colfax Business Improvement District seek to continue the economic and cultural momentum of the Lakewood West Colfax corridor through arts, economic development activities and new business investments.


The ArtLine project is a partnership between 40 West Arts and the City of Lakewood. The selected mural will be approved by the Lakewood Public Art Committee and permitted by the City.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria