Call Detail
2019 Western Trappings on the Llano
Entry Deadline: 7/1/19
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee first piece- 2019 Western Trappings on the Llano): $20.00
Media Fee(Entry Fee each additional piece up to 2): $20.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Unspecified
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Texas
Event Dates: 10/19/19 - 11/2/19

October 18, 2019 – November 2, 2019
Western Trappings on The Llano is a juried, international exhibit and sale of the finest in custom western gear and original fine art.
This exhibit and sale, insider the Llano County Historical Museum, promotes western culture and heritage and is a celebration of the artists who have captured the grandeur of the West in the creations of their art.

All work displayed during this premier event will be for sale to the public for the duration of the exhibit.

A live, public auction of custom western gear and fine art, donated by participating artists, will be held Saturday, October 19, 2019, in Llano, Texas.


ONLINE APPLICATIONS are preferred at the CaFE website, , or directly to Western Trappings on The Llano,

Digital jpeg images are preferred but professional quality photographs will be accepted.



The Western Trappings on The Llano Committee (“Trappings”) is responsible for the interpretation of these guidelines.  Matters not covered are subject to final decision by the Committee.  For a complete understanding of the rules and regulations of this Exhibit and Sale, please refer to the Artist Application Form and Exhibit Agreement.  If you have concerns or questions that are not covered, please contact:

Guidelines and Artist Application Details

1.  Eligibility

    •    This juried art Exhibition and Sale is open to all artists

    •    Western Trappings on The Llano seeks to exhibit a broad and diverse array of the finest custom western gear and original fine art.

    •    All works must be original custom western gear or original fine art.

    •    Contemporary and traditional styles are welcomed.  Painting and other art works showing western life styles or landscapes of the Texas Hill County are encouraged.

    •    Submission of both three-dimensional and two-dimensional work, including artistic functional pieces, silver work, jewelry, leather- work, spurs, buckles, and etc. is encouraged.

    •    Two-dimensional work cannot exceed 44” in its largest dimension including the frame.

    •    All three-dimensional work must be submitted with a description or image of proper installation as well as dimensions including height, width, and depth to the nearest inch.

    •    All three-dimensional work must be no more than 84” tall with no more than a 20 square foot footprint with a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

    •    More than one artist can be credited with a completed work of art, but each of the artists contributing to the work must be juried in with an individual work in the exhibit.  No entry will be accepted as the work of a single artist when it is obvious more than one artist was involved in its creation.

    •    Artists may submit one application for up to three (3) “Works of Art”

    •    All work must be for sale.

    •    Artists whose “Work of Art” are selected into the Exhibit and Sale must: (1) donate one work of equal quality but of lesser retail value to Western Trappings on The Llano to be sold at the live auction, or (2) donate $200 to Western Trappings on The Llano.  Two-dimensional work can include signed numbered copies of an artist’s work.


II.  Artist Application

    •    The artist Application Fee is $20.00 for each entry, up to a total of three (3) pieces.

    •    Artist must submit professional quality color images of each “Work of Art” to be entered, or images of “Work of Art” similar to the planned entry.  Three (3) “Works of Art” may be submitted per application.

    •    The Artist Application, Images and Fee must be received by July 1, 2019


III.   Artist Application Submission

    •    Online applications and image submissions are preferred and will be accepted at:

        CALL FOR ENTRYS, CaFE website,

                      - OR -




III.  Image Quality

    •    Applications must include professional quality color images, either digital or actual photographs.

    •    Digital images submitted through CaFE must be formatted to their specifications.

    •    File Format:  Standard JPEG.

    •    File Size: JPEGs must be no larger than 3.0 MB.

    •    Images must be correctly oriented – vertical or horizontal.

    •    Digital enhancement is not allowed.

    •    Poor quality images may influence the jury outcome.


IV. Submission of Images

    •    Images may be submitted electronically online at the CaFE website, - PREFERRED

                              - OR -

    •    Images may be submitted electrically or via email attachment to Western Trappings            - via -  

    •    Images must be identified with the Artist Name and Title of Work

    •    Artists may submit an application for up to three (3) “Works of Art” for consideration by the jury.

VI.  Value of Art

    •    The estimated value (asking price) must be clearly marked on the Artist Application for each work submitted for consideration.

    •    Artwork will be insured for the value the art is “For Sale” for in the Exhibit and Sale.


VII.  The Exhibit

    •    The Western Trappings on The Llano Art Exhibit and Sale will take place inside the Llano County Historical Museum.

    •    Trappings is responsible for receiving and installing the selected pieces in a manner that exhibits works to their best advantage, and for providing protection from theft and damage.

    •    Trappings shall be solely responsible, at its discretion, for hanging the art, preparing promotional materials for the exhibit, and selling the art for the artists during the exhibit.  Artists having special display requirements to have the art at the correct height for best viewing need to provide stands with submission of the art or make prior arrangements with the committee about their display requirements.

    •    Information about “Special Openings”, viewing hours, and other associated events will be publicized by the Trappings Committee.


VIIIFees, Sales, and Artist Recognition

    •    All works must be for sale.

    •    The conduct and condition of the sale shall be determined solely by the Committee.

    •    Prices listed on the application form are binding and cannot be changed after the opening of the Exhibit and Sale.

    •    Sold works will be released to the buyer at the end of the Exhibit.

    •    Artists will receive proper recognition as provided by the artist biography in the Exhibit Contract.

    •    All works may be displayed on both the Museum and Trappings websites and through social media.

    •    Trappings reserves the right to use art images for the purpose of promotion for this and future exhibits.

    •    Artists grant Trappings permission to photograph selected artwork for publicity purposes.

    •    Trappings will charge a 15% commission on all Exhibit sales.

    •    Artists with artwork selected for inclusion in the Exhibit and Sale MUST agree to donate to Trappings another item of lesser value but equal quality or $200 as a donation to Western Trappings on The Llano Public Auction. However, items for the auction are preferred.  Auction pieces must be completed, framed or mounted for display, and delivered as indicated in the Acceptance Letter.  Artists will be paid a 30% commission on the amount an auction item sells over $200.  No commission will be paid on the first $200 of the sale price of the auction item.  Payment will be mailed as quickly as possible after the completion of the Public Auction and items are paid.

    •    The live auction will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2019.


IX.  Quality

    •    The submissions must be of the artist’s original work.


X.  Copyright

    •    Works that copy, reproduce, imitate or otherwise infringe on someone else’s copyrighted material will not be considered.


XI.  Notification of Acceptance

    •    A letter indicating acceptance status into the Exhibit and Sale will be sent to all applicants following the jury process.  Confirmation should be received after July 15, 2019 and before August 1, 2019.


XII.  Jury Process

    •    The purpose of the jury process is to ensure the highest quality of fine western art is exhibited.  Submitted original artwork that is considered to be of the highest overall quality and that meets the greatest number of the following criteria will be juried into the exhibit based upon:

        Quality, Presentation, Western Content, Artistic Merit,

        Technical Skills, Composition and Style (Innovative vs.


    •    Upon receipt of the actual artwork, Trappings reserved the right to withdraw the juried piece if it fails to meet the jury’s expectations.  Quality of framing and presentation may be considered.


XIII.  Art Delivery

    •    Works of art selected for inclusion in the Exhibit and Sale must be completed, framed or mounted for display.  This includes any special display requirement and delivery as indicated in the Exhibit/Contract Letter.


XIV.  Shipping and Brokerage

      Delivery of works to the Museum

    •    The artist shall be responsible for all shipping, brokerage, and insurance costs or fees incurred for transportation of the artist’s work to the Exhibit and Sale.

    •    Accepted entries may be shipped or hand delivered.

    •    All work must be adequately packed in secure, reusable containers.

    •    A complete label must be attached to each accepted work including: Artist Name, Title of Work, dimensions, medium, date, and the Artist Address.

    •    All work must come gallery ready (professionally framed or on gallery wrap canvas) with a wire, ready to be hung on hooks.  Installation instructions, if any, should be included with the work.

    •    Shipping insurance for full loss is recommended.    

     Return of works to the Artist

    •    Artists shall ensure that within ten (10) days following the final day of the Exhibit and Sale that their art is picked up by the artist or courier company.  An artist may notify Trappings in advance of their desire to have their work shipped.

    •    Artists who wish to have their art shipped back will make those shipping arrangements with assistance from the Committee.

    •    The return shipping and insurance cost shall be at the artist’s expense and responsibility.

    •    Artwork shall be returned in the original packing and boxes whenever possible.




THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE BETWEEN:  the Artist and the Western Trappings on The Llano Art Exhibit and Sale Committee (Trappings)

    •    The Committee will hold insurance for all the works of art included in the Exhibit and Sale from the time of receipt by the Committee until the end of the exhibit, or if not sold, until the piece is delivered by the Committee directly to the Artist or to a shipper for return to the Artist.  Each piece will be insured for the upper limit of the estimated value range.

    •    Except for the above mentioned insurance coverage to the held by the Committee, the piece shall be received from, stored for, and returned to the Artist as provided in this agreement at the sole risk of the Artist.  The Committee shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the piece from any cause whatsoever including, without limitation, any act or inaction, whether negligent or not, on the part of the Committee, and its affiliates, or their directors, officers, employees, representatives and volunteers.

    •    The Committee reserves the right to publish and exhibit pieces included in the Exhibit and Sale for publicity and promotion of the Western Trappings on The Llano Art Exhibit and Sale. The conduct and condition of the sale shall be determined solely by the Committee.

    •    Net proceeds of the sale of an artwork shall be paid by the Committee as soon as possible after the sale date.

    •    The Artist agrees to donate to Trappings one work of lesser value, but of equal quality, or $200.  These items shall be auctioned with Trappings retaining the proceeds.  A 30% commission on any amount over $200 shall be paid to the Artist if the piece sells for more than $200.

    •    The Artist warrants that the artwork submitted for consideration by the jury is the original work of the Artist.  Further, the Artist represents and warrants to the Committee that any piece submitted is not encumbered in any manner, and that ownership of the piece will pass to the purchaser thereof.

    •    The Committee, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to withdraw acceptance of any piece upon its delivery and/or before the moment of sale.

    •    Pieces selected for inclusion in the Public Auction must be completed, framed or mounted for display and delivered as indicated in the Acceptance Letter.

    •    This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Trappings and the Artist.


Personal and demographic information provided in this application will not be used for purposes other than those related to the Llano County Historical Museum operated programs or business purposes.  Your information will be handled with respect, and will not be sold, given away, or provided to parties outside the Llano County Historical Museum without your consent, unless the law requires that it be shared.