Call Detail
Dexter Art Garden 2019
Justin Breyer
Assistant to the City Manager/Clerk
City of Dexter
8123 Main St., 2nd Floor
Dexter, MI 48130

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Michigan
Event Dates: 6/1/19 - 5/15/20
Entry Deadline: 3/27/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3

Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10

Dexter Art Gardens 2019 - 2020
Dexter, MI

The “Dexter Art Gardens” is an annual outdoor artwork exhibition sponsored by the Dexter Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee and the City of Dexter. Three (3) temporary outdoor artworks will be juried and placed on temporary display with the City’s permanent collection for one (1) year: June 2019 – May 2020. The selected pieces will be installed on concrete pads in highly trafficked locations in historic Dexter, Michigan.

Community Description
The City of Dexter is located 7 miles west of Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan, along the banks of the Huron River and Mill Creek. Residents and visitors can enjoy a day on a river, walk along nature trails, or bike on the Washtenaw County Border-to-Border Trail, stopping in our historic downtown for lunch and some shopping. Cultural activities and attractions include an artwork display, local theater, historical museum, summer concerts, ice skating in the winter, community festivals and several City parks.

Artist Stipend

  • Each selected artist will receive an $800 stipend.​
Definition of Artwork in this Call for Art 
  • Three-dimensional (3D) artwork suitable in scale and materials for public outdoor display for 12 months in Michigan weather. 

Application and Project Timeline

  • March 27, 2019 - Deadline for submissions.
  • Week of April 22, 2019 - Artist notification of selection by email or phone.
  • June 1– June 15, 2019 - Artwork installation appointments to be made during this time.
  • May 15 – May 31, 2020 - Artwork removal appointments to be made during this time.
​​Benefits to the Exhibiting Artist
  • $800 stipend to be paid after successful installation.
  • Artwork exhibited at high visibility sites in the heart of Dexter, a cultural destination city in Southeast Michigan
  • A plaque with the artist’s name, artwork title and price posted near the artwork.
  • A yearlong promotional campaign.​
    • Print – brochures - The City of Dexter will publish and make available to the public online and print brochures throughout the year to inspire self-guided walking tours of the exhibition. These brochures are also distributed during the well-known and highly-attended annual Dexter Daze Festival and Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival (August 2019).
    • Electronic media – The City of Dexter will publish information about the artist/artworks on its website and Facebook page.​
Selection Criteria
  • Entries will be critiqued on artistic merit, originality, technical quality and durability.
  • Artwork must be original, created by the artist, available for sale and remain on exhibit for one year: June 2019 – May 2020
  • Only freestanding artwork - without electrical or special lighting requirements will be considered.
  • Artwork must be durable in design and material to withstand the Michigan climate and public display for one year.
  • The artwork will be installed in high traffic areas and must be safe for public display and interaction.
Shipping, Delivery and Installation of Artwork
  • Artist will be contacted to set an appointment date to install their artwork between June 1-15, 2019.
  • Artist is responsible for the cost of and arrangements for shipping and delivery of their artwork.
  • Artist is responsible for the cost and acquisition of the proper bolts to secure the artworks.
  • Free standing artwork must be adaptable for installation on a cement pad.
  • Artist or artist’s designee must be present for installation.
  • The City of Dexter will make available, upon request and prior arrangement, a bobcat and/or backhoe for unloading and placing of the artwork on the assigned concrete pads.
  • City personnel will assist the artist with the securing of artwork onto the concrete pad.
De-Installation of Artwork
  • Artist will be contacted to set an appointment date for de-installation of their artwork between May 15-31, 2020.
  • Artist is responsible for the cost of and arrangements for shipment and transportation of their e-Installation of Artworkartwork after the exhibition closes – including if said artwork is sold to a third party.
  • Artist or artist’s designee must be present for de-installation.
Artwork for Sale
  • Artwork must be for sale during the exhibition. If sold, the artwork must remain on exhibit until the exhibition closes.
  • The City of Dexter will manage the sales transaction in consultation with the artist.
  • Michigan sales tax of 6% will be assessed, collected and remitted to the State of Michigan by the City of Dexter
  • Sales Commission Split – After all expenses and taxes due are paid, the artist will receive 70% and the City of Dexter will receive 30% of the sales price.
  • The artist is responsible for negotiating the terms of delivery, including costs, with the purchaser, once the artwork is released from the exhibition.
Submission Procedure – CaFE™
  • “Dexter Art Gardens” is open to all artists 18 years of age and older.
  • Applications are accepted exclusively through CaFE™:
  • Artist may submit up to three (3) original artworks for consideration.
  • Complete Applications - Applications, and all requested information, must be complete in full. The City of Dexter may, at its discretion, disqualify any incomplete application.
Upon selection – Required Documents
Upon selection, the artist will be required to complete the following documents:
  • Contract – including images use rights etc.
  • W-9​
Project description is for information purposes only and is subject to change.

Dexter Art Gardens Application Information (see Application)

The information below will be included (as best as possible) in the CaFE™ application

  • Artist’s first and last names
  • Artist’s public name (if different from legal name)
  • Artist’s street address, city, ST and zip code
  • Artist’s cellphone
  • Artist’s email
  • Artist’s website
  • Artist’s Social Media page(s)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Other
  • Where did you learn about the “Dexter Art Gardens?”
  • Artist’s statement
  • Artist’s resume
  • Artist’s references and/or past project list
  • Submitted artwork specifics (up to 3 submissions per artist)​
    • Artwork entry number (up to 3 per artist)
    • Artwork title
    • Date created
    • Artwork media (include all)
    • Artwork dimensions (W x H x D)
    • Artwork weight
    • Special considerations
    • Retail price for each piece
Contact Information
For assistance with the Call for Art or information about Dexter Art Gardens

General information about Dexter Art Gardens
Justin Breyer
Assistant to the City Manager/Clerk
City of Dexter  - Dexter Art Gardens in the subject
8123 Main St. 2nd Floor
exter, MI 48130
D: 734-580-2234
O: 734-426-8303

Assistance with CaFE™ Application
Deb Polich
The Arts Alliance - Include Dexter Art Gardens in the subject
o. 734-213-2733
c: 734-395-9868
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