Call Detail
U.S. Cellular Center Light Sculpture
Entry Deadline: 9/5/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Iowa

​Budget: $100,000
Deadline: September 5, 2019

Project Overview

The City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is requesting artist qualifications for a public art installation to be located in the City of Cedar Rapids Convention Center and U.S. Cellular Center Complex. An enclosed glass room that protrudes over 1st Avenue NE, commonly referred to as “the Lantern,” has been selected by the VAC as the future location of a high-profile work of public art that will further the mission of the VAC by enhancing the vitality and identity of the community, thereby improving the quality of life of those who live in or visit Cedar Rapids. The Lantern serves as the downtown view terminus to our community’s “main street,” 3rd Street SE, and thus is one of the most visible sites in Cedar Rapids.

See the site in Google Maps at the link below:,-91.6674887,72a,35y,337.27h,38.18t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

The selection committee will show preference for artists that utilize programmable, kinetic, and colorful eco-friendly lighting. The eventual artwork must be site-specific, taking into account the site’s various elements. The artwork must not exceed the allotted budget of $100,000, including creation, transportation, and installation.

Find more photos of the project site in the Google Drive folder linked below:

The Process

The RFQ is an opportunity for the artist to complete the application and demonstrate their desire and commitment to the project. While the artist will be required to work with the selection committee, the artist should state their desired approach to the project including suggested materials and lighting in the submission.

Finalists will be chosen and asked to create a physical or digital model for review by the selection committee. After review, the selection committee will choose one artist to work with to complete the project.

The selected artist will meet with the selection committee via conference call, video call, or in person depending on the artist’s location, at least three times between being selected and the summer of 2020. During the meeting times the selection team will work with the artist to review and refine the artwork. The artist will provide progress updates of the design each week to review at the meeting.


Qualifications Submission Deadline                 September 5, 2019

Selection of Finalist(s)                                      October 3, 2019

Proposal Deadline                                            November 4, 2019

Final Selection of Artist                                    November 14, 2019

Artist Meetings 1-3                                          TBD

Completion and Installation                             Summer 2020

The above schedule may be modified by mutual consent of the Artist and the VAC.

Artist requirements:

1.      The artist must commit to the outlined time schedule associated with the project.

2.      The artist must agree to complete the project within the budget of $100,000. This will include fabrication/creation of the art, installation, lighting, transportation, performance bond, etc.

3.      The artist proposal must be 100% on CaFÉ. All incomplete proposals will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Any additional information submitted via email or mail will not be accepted.

4.      The artist must be willing to sign an artist agreement with the City of Cedar Rapids at the time of being chosen as the artist.

5.      Artist must be able to provide proof of professional liability insurance.

6.      The artist must be willing to travel or submit additional information.

7.      The artist must be willing to engage with the selection committee to refine and design the final art piece.

8.      The artist must agree to payment within 30 day of delivery or secure a performance bond for the completion of the piece. The artist will negotiate a contract with the City of Cedar Rapids which identifies a payment schedule based upon agreed upon deliverables.

Art requirements:

1.      The artwork should have an aesthetic interest in daylight and at night.

2.      There is a strong preference for artwork which utilizes programmable, kinetic, and colorful eco-friendly lighting.

3.      The design shall be suitable and acceptable for public viewing of all ages.

4.      The artwork should be an original piece of work and unique to the Convention Center Complex and the City of Cedar Rapids.

5.      The artwork should be sensitive to and complement the site.

6.      The artwork must not exceed the allotted budget of $100,000 and must include installation, creation, lighting, transportation, etc. All additional costs will not be reimbursed by the City of Cedar Rapids.

7.      Artwork should be durable and low maintenance.

Proposal on CaFÉ must include:

1.      A statement of interest in the project outlining the artist’s vision for the space and the preliminary concept for the art piece. (500 words or less)  

2.      A resume or CV demonstrating your relevant work experience, particularly public art or privately funded commission projects.

3.      Two Letters of Recommendation from previous clients.

4.      A portfolio of work showing at least 6 different original works by the artist. The portfolio may include conceptual works or proposals but should also include installed pieces.  The portfolio should demonstrate the artist’s ability to complete the project and should help the selection committee understand the style, material, and colors that the artist would work with.

Artwork and Digital Images
Images must conform to CaFÉ guidelines. Artists must represent 6 different pieces of artwork they have created. Different angles of the same art pieces will impact the ranking of the proposal. The images should demonstrate similar pieces of art based on size and scale comparable to the size of the Convention Center Complex. Additional images will not be accepted via email. If problems persist on CaFÉ with uploading you responses please contact Sylvia Brueckert at or by phone at 319-286-5428.

Artwork Installation
Artists are responsible for the installation of the art piece within the timeframe. The artist is responsible for assuring that the costs of installation including shipping, materials, lighting, lifts etc. are within the allotted $100,000 budget.

Please email questions about this call to Sylvia Brueckert at or by phone at 319-286-5428.

Submitting a proposal does not guarantee the applicant to be awarded the project. All calls are subject to change in details including timeline, budget, and project teams prior to the final selection of an artist and a formal contract agreement. All incomplete applications will be disqualified. No additional materials may be submitted nor will they be accepted by mail, fax, or email. The City of Cedar Rapids is not responsible for applications not received through the CaFÉ website.

-Why are mulitple sections calling for "6 images"?
The CaFE system is asking for 6 images of previous work multiple times. Please submit the same 6 images of previous work for the different sections asking for image uploads.

-Is this a permanant installation?

-Can videos be submitted? 
A link to a website can be submitted in your artist statement or portfolio.

-What is the timeline?
The timeline is outlined above under "Schedule."

-Is there any crawl space above the ceiling?

-What is the weight capacity of the ceiling structure?


Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria