Call Detail
37th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts
Entry Deadline: 7/31/19
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts): $30.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Oregon

September 10-15, 2019
Josephy Center for Arts and Culture; Joseph, OR
Entry Through:
Deadline for Entry: July 31, 2019 - No Late Entries Accepted
Entry Fee: $30.00 - Non Refundable

Prospectus Overview:
The Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts is dedicated to promoting the arts and supporting artists.  We are the largest juried fine art exhibition in Eastern Oregon, located in the beautiful town of Joseph - known for its breathtaking scenery, myriad outdoor recreation opportunities, world-renowned bronze foundries, exquisite galleries and Main Street art installations.
The festival features representational/traditional realism, as well as contemporary art, from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. A central aim of the annual festival is to reflect the beauty, culture, heritage, and traditions of our region through its arts and artists.  Consistent with that intent, any subject, style or medium within the following categories will be considered by our jury:  
Sculpture:         Any 3-Dimensional work in Wood, Clay, Stone, Bronze, or other Metal
Painting:           Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Drawing:          Pastel, Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Ink, or any combination thereof
Printmaking:     Wood block, Engraving, Etching, Monoprint, Aquatint, Linotype, 
                        Lithography, Silkscreen, or Digital Art Prints
Photography:   Any Photograph that begins with the capture of the image through a 
                        lens, including Digitally Altered Photography
Other:              Glass, Jewelry, Fiber Arts, Ceramics, or Mixed Media
    (Copies, kits, reproductions, or work done under the supervision of instructors are not eligible)
  • Exhibition space is limited, so jurors will select the most appropriate art for the venue and diverse audience 
  • Sept. 10-12: Optional En Plein Air Competition, hosted by the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture…for more information, refer to Section 10 (En Plein Air Competition), of this Prospectus
  • Sept. 13-15: Fine Art Show, with an opening night reception on Friday, Sept. 13th (7-10pm), and closing on Sunday, Sept. 15th (2pm)
  • The festival is open to all artists, and ALL accepted work MUST be made available for sale
  • Each piece of art entered must be the same one accepted in the jury process 
  • Work must be original and must not have been displayed in a previous Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts show
1)  2019 Deadlines & Other Important Dates:
  • July 31st (11:59pm MDT / 10:59pm PDT):  Deadline for submitting entry forms and images to CaFE for the jury process (
  • August 7th - 11th:  Acceptance emails sent to artists. For more information, refer to Section 3 (Acceptance), of this Prospectus
  • Sept. 10th (5pm):  Check-in begins and kick-off to En Plein Air Competition, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 403 N. Main St., Joseph, OR.  For more information, refer to Section 10 (En Plein Air Competition), of this Prospectus
  • Sept. 11th (11am - 2pm):  Check-in of hand-delivered juried art to Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 403 N. Main St., Joseph, OR
  • Sept. 12th (3-8pm):  En Plein Air Competition Quick Finish, Judging, and Reception; Josephy Center for Arts and Culture. For more information, refer to Section 10 (En Plein Air Competition), of this Prospectus
  • Sept. 13th (7-10pm):  Fine Art Show Opening Reception, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture (this is a ticket event)
  • Sept. 14th (10am - 8pm) & Sept. 15th (10am - 2pm):  All Art Exhibits Open to the Public (including En Plein Air Artwork)…featuring live music (see program guide for specific scheduled events), Josephy Center for Arts and Culture and Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center
  • Sept. 14th (1-4:30pm):  Afternoon of the Quick Draw, with Live Music; Mt. Joseph Lodge Gardens/Grounds (directly across Main Street from Josephy Center). For more information, refer to Section 11 (Afternoon of the Quick Draw), of this Prospectus
  • Sept. 15th:  Silent Auction bids close at 1:30pm.  Art buyers may pick up their purchases at 2pm.  Unsold art must be picked up by the artist, or a designated representative, between 2:30-4pm, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.
  • Sept. 15th (7pm):  Closing Celebration Concert, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture 
2)  Eligibility and Entry Process:
  • Open to all artists
  • A $30.00 non-refundable entry fee will be charged for up to 3 pieces entered for consideration (DUE TO VENUE CONSTRAINTS, AND TO ACCOMMODATE MORE ARTISTS, A MAXIMUM OF 2 PIECES PER ARTIST WILL BE JURIED INTO THE SHOW)
  • Size Constraints: 3-Dimensional Pieces measuring more than 72" in total (L+W+H), or 2-Dimensional pieces measuring more than 30" on any one side (before framing), will not be accepted
  • All entries are submitted online via CaFE, “Call for Artist Entry”
  • Please upload 1 image of each piece submitted for entry 
  • CaFE has a detailed description of how to upload images of your work and the necessary file requirements.  You can also contact the Josephy Center staff and volunteers for help with image file preparation (541-432-0505).
  • Each artist must provide a brief biography (150 words or less), highlighting your career or past achievements, information regarding your process as an artist (if appropriate), or a simple artist statement communicating something you would like the viewer to know.  This information will be reviewed by the festival committee, reprinted and posted adjacent to the artist’s work, when the show is hung.  
3)  Acceptance:
At the conclusion of the jury process, artists will be sent an email indicating the status of each piece submitted.  Acceptance emails will be sent out, between August 7th - 11th, 2019.
Example…Image Names:  Palouse Waves – Invited / Quail Covey – Not Invited 
  • Please check your email to ensure messages from WVFA and CaFE are received, and not intercepted by your SPAM folder.
  • The email will contain detailed instructions for delivery and pick-up of artwork; options to enter the Silent Auction, Afternoon of the Quick Draw, and En Plein Air Competition; as well as directions for purchasing additional Friday Evening Reception tickets.  If you do not hear from the Festival by August 11th, it is your responsibility to contact the Festival Director.
  • WE DO NOT MAIL OUT ARTIST PACKETS.  A packet will be provided to each artist during check in, on Wednesday, September 11th.  Any artist who ships her/his work, or delivers it early, will have a packet held for them at the Festival desk. For more information, refer to Section 4 (Check-In and Artist Packet) and Sections 14-15 (regarding Delivery, Shipping, and Pick-up of artwork), of this Prospectus.
4)  Check-In and Artist Packet:
For artists delivering their work on Wednesday, during the formal check in process, our trained festival volunteers will guide you, step-by-step, through the process. Your Artist Packet will include:
  • Triplicate copies for each piece of artwork accepted into the show
  • 1 (One) artist ticket for entry to the Friday night opening reception
  • Name tag and lanyard
  • Event Program – listing time and details of other events occurring during the Festival 
  • Additional tickets to the Friday night Opening Reception (ONLY if you purchased them in advance)
Each art piece will be confirmed as the piece accepted and checked for appropriate framing requirements.  A pre-printed identification tag (one of the triplicate copies in your packet) with the artist’s name, title of the piece and price will be attached to the piece and a second copy given to the artist.  You must keep this receipt copy, as it will be required, in order to pick up your unsold work at the conclusion of the show.  If you plan to have someone else pick up your work, make sure they have this receipt.  Unsold work will not be released without this receipt.
5)  Framing and Presentation Requirements:
  • All work that is intended to be “hung” for display MUST be fitted with a secure wire for hanging.  We strongly suggest framing two-dimensional works for optimal presentation.  If you’re producing works on canvas or other surfaces and do not plan to use framing around the work, you must appropriately finish the sides of your piece.  Work that is unfinished (such as exposed staples, untrimmed canvas, dirty sides, or lacking appropriate treatments) will not be displayed in the show.  Bracket frames, Uni-frames, rings, zigger and sawtooth type mountings are not acceptable.
  • When attaching wire to your piece, we suggest placing your attachment in the upper 1/3 of the piece. This will insure that the piece does not tilt outward at the top, when hung.
  •  Glass and Plexiglass must be properly secured. 
  •  Work that does not meet the standards of quality identified in this  Prospectus, or, upon arrival, is not consistent with the intent of the show, will not be displayed.

6)  Sale of Art:
  • All exhibited art will be available for sale and all sales of artwork will be handled through the Festival sales desk.
  • The price you assign to your artwork in the online entry process is the price we will use.  We CANNOT make any price changes, once your piece has been accepted by our jurors.
  • The Festival will retain a 25% commission on all sales resulting from the exhibition.  Due to the all-volunteer nature of the Festival, it may take up to 6 weeks for all payment checks (for both art sale proceeds, as well as award/prize payouts) to be generated and sent out.  We will make every effort to get those checks out to artists sooner, but please anticipate this possible timeline.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.
7)  Awards:
  • Cash awards and ribbons, totaling more than $4,100, will be given to the juried entries, at the discretion of the judge.
  • Monetary prizes will be awarded for Best of Show ($500), People’s Choice - Overall ($300), People’s Choice - Photography ($300), Best Three-Dimensional Art ($300), Northwest Cultural Heritage Award ($300), Director’s Choice ($200), Northwest Region Landscape Award ($200), Jon M. Skovlin Memorial For Best Wildlife Representation ($200), Best Eclectic Piece ($200), Best Silent Auction Piece ($100), Best Oil-Based Medium ($250), Best Water-Based Medium ($250), Best Drawing Medium ($250), Best Mixed Media ($250), Best Print Medium ($250), and Best Photography ($250)
Art that receives an award will be photographed for use in promoting the Art Festival.  Please see the Art Festival websites ( or (, for the full privacy statement and "opt-out" procedure.

8)  Judge, 2019:
Each year, a new judge is selected to assist in the judging of the show.  Awards and ribbons are given at the discretion of the judge (excluding People's Choice - overall, People’s Choice Photography and Director’s Choice).  This year, we are pleased to announce the distinguished Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson as our 2019 judge.  For more information on this year's judge, visit our Festival websites ( or (
9)  Silent Auction:
  • Accepted artists are invited to enter one small piece of artwork in our silent auction.  An auction piece is not required as a condition to exhibit in the Festival
  • Participating artists will receive 50% of the final bid; the remaining 50% will be retained by the festival to support future shows
  • With respect to framing and display, all silent auction pieces must meet the same criteria as juried work(s)
  • Artists will assign the market value of the piece and the minimum bid will be established at 25% of the established market value (for example: if the piece is valued at $100, the starting bid for that piece will be $25) 
  • If the minimum bid is not met, then the piece is returned to the artist
  • Please note, the market value of the piece will not be revealed on the bid sheet, nor will viewers be informed of the 25% starting bid ratio
  • We recommend auction pieces have an assigned market value of no more than $200.  If an artist does not assign a market value, the Festival Committee will estimate one
  • All silent auction pieces will be prominently displayed and a cash award given for “Best Silent Auction Piece"
  • Silent Auction entries need not be submitted for jurying as part of the online application. However, the silent auction piece preferably should be brought to check-in; or may be mailed in, along with juried art.

10)  En Plein Air Competition:
                 2019 Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts En Plein Air Competition
            *at the Gallery of the Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center*

Dates:   En Plein Air painting time: Sept. 11th (dawn)  - Sept. 12th, 3pm
             En Plein Air Show: Sept. 12th, 6pm - Sept. 15th, 2pm

Awards:   Total En Plein Air Award Payouts: $1,100, as follows...
Best of Show ($300), Artists’ Choice ($200), Best Agrarian Landscape ($150), Best Landscape with Water ($150), Best Landscape with building(s), ($150), Best Landscape of Mountains and/or Canyons ($150)

Entry Fee:       $20

Eligibility:   Open to artists who have been juried into the WVFA show. You must complete a minimum of two, and no more than four, paintings on stamped, blank surfaces, in order to participate in the WVFA's En Plein Air Competition. The size limit on any painting to be displayed is 200 square inches or less. All paintings must be suitably framed, ready to hang, and available for sale.

Check-In:   Check-in and registration begins Sept. 10th, 2-6pm, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture. At this time you will fill out your entry form and get your blank painting surfaces stamped. Please note: Check-in for your WVFA-juried artwork is at this time, also. You will receive your WVFA Artist Packet, at this time, as well.

Please note:  Your juried artwork will be displayed with the other juried WVFA pieces, in the main exhibit hall of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.  The WVFA En Plein Air show will take place in the main gallery of the Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center (across the street and one block north), along with their permanent natural history displays.  The artwork and natural history displays will complement each other beautifully.  We will, once again, be using our medium-gray Pro Panels to display your paintings, and the lighting in that gallery is excellent.

Quick Finish and Hanging of En Plein Air Paintings:   Sept. 12th, at 3pm, is the Plein Air “Quick Finish”. You will bring your Plein Air paintings to the Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center (508 N. Main Street, Joseph, OR  97846). Tables will be provided for you to finish any last-minute touches to your paintings and to install them in frames. You will, then, hang your paintings and label them by 4:30pm for judging, which takes place from 4:30-5:30pm. The “Quick Finish” will be open to the public, during this time frame.

Opening Reception:   Sept. 12th, from 6-8pm, is the Opening Reception for the En Plein Air Competition, in the Wallowology Main Gallery. Wine and light hors d'oeuvres will be served, and awards will be announced during the reception.

Show Ends:   The show ends Sept. 15th, at 2pm. Artists may pick up unsold works at that time, unless choosing to display them until September 27th, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture (in which case, pick up will need to take place by Monday, September 30th). A 25% commission on any sold work will be retained by the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts.

Other Info:   We reserve the right to reject any artwork not deemed to be suitable for the En Plein Air show.

Contact:   For information or questions, contact Leslie LeViner (541-426-5883).

11)  Afternoon of the Quick Draw (Sat., Sept. 14th, 1-4:30pm):
A special experience unfolds Saturday, Sept. 14th, at the Mt. Joseph Lodge Gardens & Grounds (directly across Main Street from the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture), when selected artists participate in the Quick Draw Event.  The atmosphere is thrilling and fast-paced, as artists feverishly attempt to create a finished work in 1 ½ hours time.  The finished pieces are sold by silent auction during the course of the afternoon. The event will include live music, by our very own Homemade Jam. If your work is accepted and you have indicated an interest in participating, the Quick Draw Coordinator will contact you with specific information for the event.  Space is limited, in order to preserve the quality of the experience for both artists and festival-goers.  The Festival will retain a 25% commission on art work created and sold during the Quick Draw event.
12)  Opening Night Reception:
An “Opening Night Reception” to honor participating artists will be held Friday, September 13th, 7-10pm, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.  Major award winning artists will be announced, and this year’s judge will be introduced.  Hors d’oeuvres, wine and other beverages will be served, and each attendee will receive a beautiful hand-painted wine glass.  Each artist receives their reception ticket in their Artist Packet.  Additional tickets can be purchased online at and (see tickets).  This event often sells out in advance, so artists desiring additional tickets should plan accordingly.

13)  Physical Delivery or Shipping of Artwork:
  • Preferred Delivery: Drop off directly at the show venue; Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 403 N. Main St., Joseph, OR  97846, on Wednesday, Sept 11th, from 11am - 2pm.
  • If you plan to ship your work, or arrange for early delivery, PLEASE READ the following Prospectus bullets carefully, for complete details…including all shipping addresses (These have changed from prior years).
  • If Sept. 11th In-Person Delivery is Not Possible: Optional early delivery/drop-off to the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 403 North Main Street, Joseph, OR  97846 (Sept. 3rd - 10th, 12-4pm...please note that the Josephy Center is closed on Sunday, Sept. 8th)
  • Sept. 3rd - 10th: All shipped artwork due (NOTE the Labor Day Holiday on September 2nd).  See below for detailed shipping instructions
  • At time of delivery, accepted artwork must be identified by the artist name, title of the artwork, and sale price.
  • If you are using a shipping service that requires a physical address (such as UPS or FedEx) please ship to:  WVFA 2019, c/o Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, 403 North Main St., Joseph, OR 97846.
  • If you are using the US Postal Service please ship to: WVFA, PO Box 526, Joseph, OR 97846. Important: The US Postal Service will only accept packages that are addressed to the Festival’s PO Box 526. Do not use a street address, if you are shipping via US Postal Service.
  • “Art-Pooling” for delivery and pickup is acceptable and encouraged.  Please note that any individual picking up unsold art, on behalf of another artist, at the Festival’s conclusion, MUST have the artwork receipt, in order to claim that artist’s unsold art.

14)  Art Pick-Up and Return Shipping:
  • Art Pick Up - Please ensure that the receipts included in your artist packet for accepted artwork are safeguarded; they are required to pick up any unsold artwork. If someone else is picking up your unsold work, make sure they have the appropriate receipts.
  • All shipped artwork must be either picked up on Sunday, Sept 15th, between 2:30-4pm, or shipped in reusable containers with PRE-PAID return shipping.  Shipping options include UPS, or FedEx, all with insurance and shipping pre-paid. Please note that buyers cannot pick up purchased artwork until 2pm, on Sunday. If you’re unsure whether a piece has sold, check the title card displayed with the art. Sold pieces will be indicated by a round/dot sticker on the title card.  If you see a round/dot, PLEASE DO NOT remove the artwork.  A festival volunteer will facilitate making sure that the correct person receives the sold piece.
  • Liability - All reasonable care will be given to objects in the custody of the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts; however, it is the artist’s responsibility to provide adequate insurance for their artwork.

For general Festival of Arts information, please visit, or
If you still have questions, please contact the Festival Director, below:
Jeff Costello: (510) 390-2121,

We look forward to another fun-filled successful event, and seeing your beautiful work on display, in September, at our 37th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria