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Kansas City Campus for Animal Care
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Entry Deadline: 8/23/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 4
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 6
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 8
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Missouri

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is seeking one artist and/or one artist team to develop and create original, innovative new works of visual art for exterior or interior spaces of Kansas City Campus for Animal Care located at the northeast corner of Elmwood Avenue and E Gregory Blvd.

The Kansas City, Missouri Animal Shelter is the third largest open-admission no-kill shelter in the United States. 

The KC Parks Department staff has been working with representatives from HNTB, Grand Construction, Kansas City Campus for Animal Care (KCCAC) and Park Staff to design and construct a new animal shelter in Swope Park.  A larger upgraded facility is needed to provide better care of the animals entrusted to them and to provide better access by the community they serve.  The state-of-the art facility will be pivotal in accommodating the 57% increase in admissions since 2012 while providing a clean, accessible facility in the center of the city.   

The selected artist(s) will create one (1) work of art for Kansas City Campus for Animal Care. The selected artist will work collaboratively with City staff, KCCAC Board, and the design team to develop concepts that are site-specific and site-responsive.
Estimated Public Art budget: $175,000

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Why are there four different art locations to choose from and what is unique about each one?

Answer 1: The project team wants to provide for the artists various types of opportunities for their artwork. The four locations are as follows:

  • West Lawn
  • South Entry
  • Lobby (Suspended)
  • Community Education Pavilion

Question 2: Are there pictures of the specific sites?

Answer 2: Yes, if you click the "View Site Details" it provides perspectives for each of the art locations, keep in mind the lobby location is a suspended art piece.

Question 3: Can I choose more than one location for my application?

Answer 3: As an artist, you can choose one of the four sites and submit samples of your work for that site. If you are interested in more than one site, after applying for one site, you will be asked to apply again and then you can submit samples of your work for another site location (up to a total of 4 submissions) if desired.

Question 4: Will you choose different artists for each site?

Answer 4: The intent is that one artist or artist team would be selected for the project.

Question 5: Are there funds for travel/lodging/etc.?

Answer 5: The entire public art project budget is $175,000, this should cover all expenses for this project/installation. 

Question 6: What resources will be provided to selected artist or artist team to help guide this project?

Answer 6: The successful artist or artist team will work collaboratively with City staff, KCCAC board and the design team to develop concepts that are site specific and site responsive.

Question 7: What is the timeline for the completion of the new building? When will the art project might happen?

Answer 7: Construction is currently under way for the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care. The building will open in late 2019.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria