Call Detail
The Artist as Quiltmaker XIX
make checks payable to FAVA:
mail to:
39 S. Main St.
Oberlin OH 44074

Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Ohio
Entry Deadline: 12/5/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3

Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Entry Fee (The Artist as Quiltmaker XIX Entry fee ): $40.00
o Artists living in the U.S. or Canada may submit up to three pieces for consideration.​ Artists must submit ONE artwork should use ONE application. Anyone submitting more than one artwork should submit separate applications for each, so you can upload a detail image for each piece. Entry fee: $40.00 
o 3D Artists may also submit one additional view image within each of their THREE separate applications. 3D artists are required to submit at least 2 views of each artwork. Your first application with ONE artwork and multiple views will apply to the $40.00 entry fee. To submit additional artwork, please complete separate applications. Coupon information for  ARTISTS SUBMITTING ADDITIONAL APPLICATIONS FOR MULTIPLE ARTWORKS SHOULD USE COUPON CODE Entry2 and Entry3 to have no additional charges for the additional entries..
o Innovative two- and three-dimensional quilts are eligible.
o Work must be completed in 2018 or 2019.
 Collaborative works are eligible. Artists submitting both collaborative and individual works must apply separately with different email addresses.
o Artwork must be an original design/concept and not created in a class or workshop. Student work is acceptable if created outside the classroom and without an instructor’s guidance.
o Maximum height or width is 108”.
Online entry 
o $40.00 payable during online entry to
o A total of three separate works may be entered.
Coupon code: Entry2 for the second artwork takes off the $40.00 fentry ee.
Coupon code:  Entry3 for the third artwork takes off the $40.00 entry fee.
Email if you have questions.
o Entry deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2019, midnight (MST)
• Images

 Jurying will be from digital images only. Image quality is critical. The full image should be on a neutral background with all outside edges of the work visible. Color must represent the work accurately. 
o Two-dimensional entries should have two images: one overall image and one detail, clearly labeled as overall and detail.
o Three-dimensional entries should have three images: one overall image, one detail and one additional full-image view.
o (Not required for CaFE) For image file names include your initials only, not your full name.  Example: for an entry by Jane Doe called Seeds of Hope, the image file name would be JD_Seeds.jpg
 Image size
o File format: JPEG or JPG only
o File dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. Anything larger than 1200 px will be resized to fit the limitations.
o  File size: under 5 MB. Larger files will not upload to the online website.
o Jurying will be from digital images.
o Work differing significantly from that represented in the digital image will be disqualified and returned to the artist.
o Artists will be notified of jury results by email or phone by January 15, 2020.
• Catalog
o A full-color exhibition catalog will be published. 
o Exhibitors will receive a complimentary copy of the catalog.
• Delivery of accepted work  
o Round-trip transit insurance and shipping costs to Oberlin are the responsibility of the artist. A prepaid FedEx or UPS shipping label or account number is required for return shipping. Free FedEx and UPS accounts can be created through the shippers’ websites. 
o All packing materials, including a sturdy container and packing instructions, must be provided for return shipping. 
 Accepted work must arrive at FAVA between April 21 and April 24, 2020. 
o Delivery address: FAVA, 39 S. Main St., Oberlin, Ohio 44074. 440.774.7158.
• Sales
o FAVA will retain a 30 percent commission on all sales.
o Payment for quilts sold will be sent to the artists by September 30, 2020.
o FAVA will insure the work for 70 percent of its fair market value while the work is under its care and reserves the right to limit the amount of insurance coverage on a particular work.   o Documentation of value will be required in the event of damage or loss.
• When ready to submit your entry or entries, have the following information at hand and register with or log in to an existing account:
o Last name, First name 
o Address, City, Zip code
o Day phone, Evening phone, Email
• Before you start entering this call, Create a portfolio of images in
o Upload JPGS for your entry or entries.You are required to submit 2 images if entering only one piece and you can submit up to 9 images if you are entering three 3-d pieces. 
o Do not include your name in the JPG file names; use only your initials and brief title.
o Upload one overall image first and then one detail image for each 2D work.
o Upload one overall image first, then a different view of the overall image and one detail image for each 3D work.
• Submit your entry or entries in one artist application to the call “The Artist as Quiltmaker XIX”.  Email if you have questions.  Entry fee is $40. You may submit a total of three works in your application.
o Artwork Title: please title your work Title, view 1 and Title, view 2 and Title, detail (for 3-d) and Title, overall and Title, detail (for 2-d)  to help the juror organize  
o Medium: (60 character limit)
o Size (in inches): Height Width Depth  (enter Depth as zero for 2D work) 
o Price/Value
o Year completed: (must be either 2018 or 2019) 
o Primary discipline:  
o Description (300 character limit). Use for techniques.
o First time AQM entrant: Yes or No
o Previous AQM exhibitor: Yes  or No
o Materials: Use this field if the 60 character limit in the Medium field did not give enough space to include all materials.
o Techniques: List specific techniques used here if the 300 character limit in the Description field was not adequate. Include quilter’s name here if not the artist.
o Statement: A 50-100 word statement about this specific piece, written in the first person. Do not write in the third person, as if for a press release, i.e. do not include your name in the statement. If you enter more than one piece, you should have separate, individual statements specific to each entry.
 Photo credit: Photographer’s name if entries not photographed by the artist.
June 1, 2019              Online entry opens
December 1, 2019     Entry deadline, midnight (MST)
January 15, 2020       Notification of jury results
April 21-24, 2020       Artwork due at FAVA
May 16, 2020            Opening reception
July 26, 2020             Exhibition closes at 5:00 pm
August 15, 2020        Return of unsold artwork
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