Call Detail
Liberty Park Veterans Promenade Sculpture
Entry Deadline: 9/6/19
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 15
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 1
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: North Carolina

Application Instructions for Artists:

Public Art for Liberty Park Veterans Promenade 

Call Summary 

The Town of Mooresville, North Carolina invites a professional artist or artist team to submit a proposal for a permanent display of exterior art - either existing or conceptual - to be placed on a new Veterans Promenade in Liberty Park in downtown Mooresville. 


Project Overview and Site Description 

Mooresville is a former mill town that is today a rapidly growing community of North Charlotte.  Lake Norman serves as a main attraction along with the town in providing an excellent quality of life for its residents.  Veterans are highly regarded and widely valued by citizens as is evidenced by the popular downtown Welcome Home Veterans Living Home Military Museum at Richard’s Coffee Shop. The busy shop is dedicated to honoring America’s veterans and active duty personnel.  The veterans who visit the shop help find, procure and institute the artifacts and memorabilia displayed at the museum.    

The site where the artwork will be installed is currently under construction as part of Phase I of Liberty Park renovations. The Veterans Promenade will be constructed of bricks; however, the artwork may be installed on concrete if desired by the artist 

Dimensions of the area for the artwork are 25 feet x 7.5 feet with a short side of 16 feet.  The construction contractor will provide water, power and drainage for the artwork, if needed.   


Artwork Goals and Criteria 

The goal for the artwork is to help the Town honor those who have served our country to protect our freedoms, and to enhance the visual and experiential appeal of Liberty Park and downtown.  Criteria for the project is identified as follows: 
  1. Large-scale, innovative artwork that honors veterans of war past, present and future  
  2. Original artwork(s) by the submitting artist (or team) 
  3. Quality artwork(s) in design and execution
  4. Highly durable, non-toxic materials suitable to outdoor elements and resistant to normal weathering and vandalism 
  5. Minimal, easy maintenance requirements  
  6. Compatible with site in scale and aesthetics 
  7.  Aesthetic excellence of past projects 
  8.  Artist (or team) with a proven track record of using the materials and methods appropriate for this project  

       9.   Artwork that encourages engagement and interactivity is preferred 

     10.   Artwork that reflects the history of Mooresville veterans is preferred 



Artist or artist team, 18 years and older, who are legal residents of and reside in the United States.  It is preferable that the artist (or team) has experience working with public art projects and community governments.  Candidates are eligible regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identification, military status, sexual  orientation, marital status or physical ability. The invitation is open to all residents of the United States; however, priority will first be given to North Carolina residents. Qualifications by Town employees, members of the artist selection committee, Board of Commissioners or their relatives will not be considered.



The total budget for this project is $75,000. This amount includes all fees and expenses associated with this project; including but not limited to design, materials, fabrication, insurance, travel, installation and artist(s’) fees.   


Timeline is contingent with the construction schedule and may need to be adjusted but is current as of this call. 

July 24, 2019: 

Artist call released 

September 6, 2019: 

Submittal deadline  

September 20, 2019: 

Selection of finalists by Artist Selection Committee 


September/October 2019: 

Community Input meetings 


October 21, 2019: 

Board of Commissioners vote on recommended proposal  


October 22, 2019: 

Selected artist notification 

October 28, 2019: 

Anticipated contract execution 

November – December 2019:  

Concept and design development approval (If concept piece and not existing sculpture) 

January – February 2020: 

Fabrication and Installation 

March 2020: 

Project Unveiling 


Proposal Submissions 

All proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on September 6, 2019 and must be submitted via CaFÉ ( Artists are asked to submit the following required documents and images to demonstrate their interest and expertise.  

  • Artist(s) contact information including name(s), mailing address, telephone number and email.   

  • A title and description of the artwork/concept.   

  • A materials list, any needs for special equipment or the like, and a timeline for producing and installing the artwork.  Provide enough detail to support the images and budget.   

  • Up to five (5) images of the proposed design, annotated with image descriptions such as perspective, scale, etc.  May include additional detail images, if needed.  The media chosen to convey the design(s) is up to the submitter’s discretion, whether hand-drawn, computer generated, digital media, or photograph examples including previous work.  Images of finished work or of conceptual drawings are acceptable.  If the proposed project is not a finished work, artists need to provide information to assure the Artist Selection Committee of what the art will look like when complete.  

  • A budget that details all costs to execute the artwork including, but not limited to, design, materials, fabrication, installation including foundation/supports, insurance, travel and artists’ fees.   

  • Work samples: Visual representations of past artwork that demonstrates qualifications for this project. Applicants must upload a total of ten (10) images that represent up to five (5) previously completed projects. Each sample should have an accompanying summary of the title, location, cost, materials/media, and timeline associated with the piece. Videos will count as one of the ten (10) images, which should be submitted as a .PDF link. Artist teams’ work sample submissions should include examples from each team member and their collective works. 

  • Resumés: Resumés for each artist/artist team member should include any public or private commissioning experience, and community engagement experience, if applicable.  

  • References: Each artist should provide three (3) professional references or recommendation letters with contact information for each reference. Artist teams may submit a total of three (3) references collectively. 

Pam Reidy, Director 

Mooresville Parks & Recreation 

(704) 663-7026 

This application represents ONE artwork, with 5 to 15 images of the work. If you wish to enter additional artworks, checkout and submit the first application, then return to "Apply to Calls" and choose APPLY AGAIN TO THIS CALL. Repeat the process for up to two applications."

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria