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EVFAC's Annual Fall Fiber Fiesta - Call for Artists!
325 Paseo de Oñate
Española, NM 87532

Contact Email:
Call Type: Unspecified
Eligibility: Regional
State: New Mexico
Entry Deadline: 10/7/19
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Entry Fee (EVFAC's Annual Fall Fiber Fiesta - Call for Artists!): $20.00




1. Individual artists must be active members of EVFAC from October 1 through November 24.

2. Organizations do not need to be members of EVFAC, nor will they receive any benefits of EVFAC membership. Organizations can apply only for the organization option.

3. Participants must complete the application form and meet all deadlines and requirements. All items must be hand crafted by the artist.

4. All participants must be present for check-in and check-out.

5. Individual artists will be responsible for managing their own displays, inventory, and customer interactions. Individual artists will be expected to create sales slips (provided by EVFAC), which they will give to each customer who purchases an item. The customer will then take the sales slip to the main register and return to pick up the item with receipt of purchase. No inventory sheets are needed for individual artists.

6. EVFAC group members must include all inventory items on the inventory form, tagged with EVFAC barcodes, before an item can be sold. No items can be entered into inventory after the inventory sheet has been submitted.

7. Participants are responsible for their own insurance to cover breakages, loss, and theft of their merchandise.

8. Participants must submit a completed W-9 to EVFAC before the event. EVFAC does not issue Non-taxable Transaction Certificates (NTTCs). For more information contact


1. Application fee: A non-refundable application fee of $20 is due by September 27.

2. All participation fees are due by October 22. Fees are non-refundable.

• EVFAC group fee: $75. Items provided by members will be displayed as a group by product categories. That is, garments will be displayed with garments, yarns with yarn, etc.

• Individual artist fee: $130. This option is perfect for members who wish to have their own separate display and signage. Tables may not be shared. Display space includes one 2.5' x 8' table and floor space equaling a total space of 4' x 10'. If electricity is provided it will be cost-free. Battery powered lights are recommended to increase visibility throughout the day.

• Organization fee: $250. Display space includes one 2.5' x 8' table and floor space equaling a total space of 4' x 10'.

3. Sales and payments: EVFAC will manage all sales transactions at the show at a consignment rate of 85 percent for the artists and 15 percent for EVFAC. Approximately three weeks after the event, EVFAC will issue checks and sales reports to participants who have sold items. A single payment will be made to each organization. It will not be divided by artists.


Applicants fill out the CaFÉ form, including the information listed below. By submitting this form applicants agree that they have read and understand the Fall fiber Fiesta timeline and deadlines, requirements, sales, and fees. By submitting images, applicants agree that the images may be used for publicity.

1.   Contact: Name, business name, mailing address, email address, primary phone number.

2.   What display option is requested. Request for electricity should be included if needed (limited availability).

3.   A brief description of the work for the jurors.

4.   At least three digital images of work using the following requirements: Resolution must be 300 dpi, at least 1.5 MB, or higher, in jpeg or pdf format; images together shall provide a clear impression of the entire collection; and at least one image must be of an item being worn, hung, or used.

5.   A non-refundable application fee of $20, due by September 27, shall be made through CaFÉ.

Acceptance and Notification: All applicants will be notified of acceptance within two weeks of the application deadline. Further event information will be provided at the time applications are accepted.


Regional fiber artists will jury applications. Neither EVFAC staff nor board members will serve as jurors. Jurors will look for a well-rounded selection of items to reflect all aspects of the fiber arts, at a range of prices to meet a varied customer base. Applications will be selected based on diversity of techniques, price point, quality of work, and quality of photographs. 


Location                                                 Scottish Rite Masonic Temple
                                                               463 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Application and Fee Due                                 September 27
Membership and Participation Fee Due          October 22
EVFAC group Inventory Deadline                   November 1


Check In/Set Up                                  Friday, November 22            10 am–2 pm
Artist Reception & Silent Auction        Friday, November 22            4:30 pm–5 pm (Artists only)                                                                              
Artist Reception & Silent Auction        Friday, November 22            5 pm–8 pm (Public invited)

Show Date and Time                            Saturday, November 23         9 am–5 pm
                                                              Sunday, November 24           9 am–5 pm

Clean Up                                               Sunday, November 24           5 pm–7 pm

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