Call Detail

Main Beach Parking Lot Railing Replacement
City of Deerfield Beach CRA
1601 E Hillsboro Blvd
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33441

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Florida
Entry Deadline: 7/10/20
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

Images - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 10
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 2
Total Media - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 10


The Public Art Committee is looking for designs and plans that focus on Oceanic Awareness. The impact of humans on the Ocean and the lifeforms contained within and the effect that has on our daily lives. The Public art Committee is also looking for a secondary design and plans that each artist or artist team freestyles based on research of the City of Deerfield Beach and the local area where the replacement will take place.


 The Goal is to receive two distinct submissions per applicant, one in line with the theme and one artist choice. The materials, design and palette must stand up to the harsh salt air environment at this oceanfront location and be amenable to ongoing maintenance.

In addition to a total railing replacement, the artist or artist team must include kinetic features or components as part of the overall design.

Any submittal must also fully comply with City of Deerfield Beach Building Code for Railings outlined below:

The following Code standard is in effect for all construction: 2017 FBC (HVHZ); 170 mph wind speed; exposure "C" and must be designed per ASCE 10-7. Installation of decorative aluminum fencing must be designed and sealed by a licensed engineer. Wood fences on the other hand are not as well defined with the exception of the following: Pressure treated lumber, corrosion resistant fasteners, picket spacing to not allow the passage of a 4" sphere, 6' height requires support every 4', 5' every 5' and 4' every 6'. Contractor may draw the specs/fence/rail for us and a permit is required. The height should be discussed/approved by Planning and Zoning Department.

*Fees for Deerfield Beach Building Department permits will be waived.

Logos beyond the city logo may not be included. The selected artist or artist team must take vandalism precautions as well as pay careful attention to building code guidelines for railings.



The railing will be located on the eastern side of the Main Beach Parking Lot along Ocean Way located at 148 S Ocean Way. The current railing is about 230ft across with 20ft returns on the northern and southern ends. The Call is for a total replacement of the railing as well as an artistic treatment to the wall underneath. During the process, the City of Deerfield Beach CRA may opt to include amphitheater style seating at the center most portion of the railing. Any design submitted will need to have the potential to adjust to accommodate stair seating at the agency’s request.


Staff will review and inspect the design prior to first installation period once the artist/design is selected and approved. During these reviews, staff will make suggestions on the design and application of the railing that the artist or artist team will then follow.  

Selected artist or artist team will be required to make a time lapse video of the design, fabrication and installation as it develops as well as arrange for community participation events.



The selected artist or team will receive up to an amount not to exceed $150,000. The price will include all taxes, insurance and all other fees well as any equipment (machinery, lighting , etc.), materials or personnel the artist will need to design, fabricate or install the railing.  The fee also includes any travel expenses , dwelling, fees associated with hiring engineers or contractors that will be necessary for railing code compliance and permitting.

*Fees for Deerfield Beach Building Department permits will be waived.

A detailed budget and fee schedule will need to be included in the application packet including: cost of materials and approved alternates, cost of labor for all team members, cost of equipment, travel and lodging, community events and all other fees and costs associated with the project.

NOTE: The budget submitted can be more or less than the project budget amount; however, explanations are required for your fee request. 


The artist or team must also submit a maintenance budget projection for a year after installation.


This Call is open to all artists in the Tri County (Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade) who’s body of work and skills or combined skillset are proven for a project of this magnitude and type. The project requires an artist or artist team of varying skill sets. There needs to be a detailed visual design, there needs to be a knowledge of materials and fabrication as well as a skillset for installation.

Please be advised: if an artist creates a team with a design lead, a fabricator and kinetic specialist; another artist may also apply as a design lead using the same fabricator and specialist. The CRA is aware of the specialization areas needed for this project and that there may be a small pool of individuals to select from to complete the team.

Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family members or business partners of members of the Public Art Committee or CRA Staff.


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