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ArtSS in the Open 2020
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Entry Deadline: 1/13/20
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Call Type: Public Art
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A Public Outdoor Sculpture Competition

Sponsored by:  City of Sandy Springs in partnership with Art Sandy Springs

For more information, contact:

Location:         Sandy Springs, Georgia (North Metro Atlanta area)

Honoraria:      $1,500 to each of nine selected artists 

Eligibility:        Open to local, regional and national artists

Application Deadline:   Monday, January 10, 2020 5PM EST

Sculpture Installation:   May 1 - 8, 2020

Public Unveiling Event:  May 15, 2020 

This public sculpture competition was created to bring fine art to the parks and public spaces throughout the city of Sandy Springs, including the $229 million, 14-acre City Springs complex, which opened in August 2018.  Nine sculptures will be prominently displayed around the four-acre City Green in April 2020. This is a temporary exhibit, with new installations placed each year.  As part of its growing public arts collection, the city will purchase one or more sculptures from each competition to be permanently placed in public locations around Sandy Springs.

To view the current year’s finalists on exhibit please go to



  • A $1,500 honorarium will be awarded for each sculpture selected for the exhibition. Should a sculpture be purchased, the honorarium will be applied to the purchase price.
  • Sculptures will be on display in the city’s four-acre City Green, the heart of the City Springs complex. 
  • Sandy Springs will purchase one or more sculptures for permanent installation within the city.
  • All sculptures will be for sale and will be promoted as such.
  • A grand opening will be held on April 24, 2020, which will include a gala artist reception.


A City of the Arts – and a great place for artists to showcase their work


Incorporated in 2005, Sandy Springs is Georgia’s seventh largest city. It is home to more than 110,000 residents, twenty-one Fortune 500 and seven Fortune 1000 corporations.  In 2017, rated Sandy Springs as one of the country’s “10 Best Cities for Millennials” and an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll named it the “Best Suburb in Atlanta.” 


The City Springs complex reinforces our community’s dedication to the arts.  Designed as a gathering place for residents and visitors, the 14-acre site features the 1,100-seat Byers Performing Arts Theatre; an additional versatile studio theatre; the Conference Center at City Springs; city administration offices; a rooftop terrace event space; the four-acre City Green; a variety of retail and dining establishments; residential flats and townhomes; and underground parking. The Byers Theatre, a best-in-class performing arts venue, hosts an estimated 300 events annually, which include musical and cultural events attracting local and regional audiences. At various times of the year, the City Green and its surrounding areas feature concerts, festivals, and a farmers’ market.


Sandy Springs has been building its brand as a city of the arts since its inception in 2005. Soon thereafter, Art Sandy Springs (ArtSS), a non-profit volunteer organization, was founded and launched its Arts in the Open program of public art. The organization’s first outdoor sculpture competition was held in 2008 and attracted over 100 national and international submissions. Four permanent works were purchased with private funds to launch the city’s public art collection.  In 2014, through the efforts of ArtSS, the city’s Playable Art Park opened to national praise with six mega sculptures built by artists for kids to play on. The park has become a popular regional destination for children of every age.


Sandy Springs has established an annual arts procurement program, which consists of a yearly competition and year-long exhibition as the platform for selecting and acquiring permanent art pieces. Working in partnership with the city of Sandy Springs, Art Sandy Springs manages the competition, including the Call for Entries (CFE), evaluation and jurying of submissions, and the installation of selected sculptures. 


Sculptures will be installed on the City Green, the site of popular city activities, such as the Sandy Springs Festival, City Springs Live concert series, Movies By Moonlight series, and the Food That Rocks festival. Audiences at the 1,100-seat Byers Theatre and 350-seat Studio Theatre are steps away from the showcased sculptures.  


Artists will be featured on three separate websites:

                        City of Sandy Springs –

                        Sandy Springs Hospitality and Tourism –

                        Art Sandy Springs –


  • Sculptures will be showcased through the social media sites of the Sandy Springs organizations listed above.
  • Sculpture and artist information will be shared with editorial media for additional exposure.
  • Artists and sculptures will be featured in the city of Sandy Springs e-newsletter.
  • A full-color brochure highlighting the sculptures and artists will be developed by the city and distributed at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, city hall and other City Springs locations.  Additional promotional pieces will be placed in the state’s twelve visitor information centers that welcome over 12 million guests each year.
  • Visit Sandy Springs (formerly Sandy Springs Hospitality & Tourism) will promote the sculptures in their own marketing materials as well as in the marketing materials of other key programs such as the Atlanta Metro Travel Association co-op marketing program, which is comprised of fifteen municipalities in and around Atlanta, and the Georgia 400 Hospitality Highway, which includes seven communities from Atlanta to the North Georgia Mountains. 
  • The city of Sandy Springs and Art Sandy Springs will promote and host a public unveiling celebration to showcase the selected sculptures in April 2020.
  • Each sculpture pedestal will feature a plaque with the name of the artist and the title of the work.  
  • Daily foot traffic among the sculptures will include individuals visiting Sandy Springs City Hall for business and civic purposes as well as thousands of patrons of the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, community events, restaurants, and retail establishments.


Artists whose work is selected for exhibit acknowledge that the city of Sandy Springs, Visit Sandy Springs, Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, and Art Sandy Springs may use photographs and videos of the artwork to promote the City’s public arts program as well as encourage visitations to Sandy Springs.  Arts Sandy Springs will invite the artists to be interviewed and videotaped for possible use on community websites, apps, and in marketing materials that may include but are not limited to:


2019 – 2020 Exhibition Guidelines


{C}§  {C}There is no fee for entry.


{C}§  {C}Artists may submit up to three individual sculptures for consideration.


{C}§  {C}All submissions must be made electronically through and should include a full description of the artwork with a minimum of three (3) photo images (front, side, and back views), up to two videos, an artist’s statement and artist bio. There is no fee to register as an artist through


{C}§  {C}All artwork shall be the property of the artist submitting the entry.


{C}§  {C}Artists will receive a $1,500 honorarium for each piece selected for exhibition. If piece is purchased, the honorarium will be applied toward the purchase price. 


{C}§  {C}All entries shall be existing works, completed prior to submission. No incomplete artwork will be considered.


{C}§  {C}Artwork shall be suitable for outdoor public display and be of high artistic quality as well as safe for an active pedestrian environment and appropriate for viewers of all ages.


{C}§  {C}Artwork must require only minimal maintenance, if any, and be able to withstand the effects of weather, be as resistant as possible to vandalism, and be able to withstand pedestrian contact,. 


{C}§  {C}Artwork shall be undamaged and unblemished. Artwork must be fabricated and finished with non-hazardous materials.


{C}§  {C}Artists are encouraged to visit the exhibition site during the application period and before the final jury decision. 


{C}§  {C}Artwork will be on loan to the city of Sandy Springs during the exhibition period and may be available for sale to the public. If a sculpture sells, the artwork cannot be removed before the end of the exhibition period. There will be a 20% commission paid to Art Sandy Springs for pieces purchased by entities other than the city of Sandy Springs.


{C}§  {C}It is the artist’s responsibility to deliver and oversee installation of their sculpture in April 2020 and to be present for the sculpture’s removal at the end of the exhibition in March 2021. Artwork cannot be shipped as there is no available storage space or staff available for this purpose.


{C}§  {C}The city of Sandy Springs and Art Sandy Springs reserve the right to reject work that is not the same artwork as was selected in response to this CFE. Artwork may also be rejected if it does not meet call requirements.


{C}§  {C}All artwork shall be structurally able to be secured to a concrete pad with anchor bolts. Concrete pads are provided for the display of each sculpture. The anchoring method will be approved by the city engineer.  For selected artwork, each artist will be required to submit detailed information relating to the proposed anchoring method and provide any and all mounting bolts and hardware. Attachment B provides diagrams with location, dimensions, and weight capacity.


{C}§  {C}No artwork shall be exhibited without the artist and the city executing a document acknowledging that the artwork has been installed properly and satisfactorily and that the city accepts responsibility for the artwork from the time it is properly installed to the time it is de-installed.


{C}§  {C}No artwork shall be exhibited without the city of Sandy Springs first having obtained an Artist Agreement executed by each artist selected for exhibition in the competition. 


{C}§  {C}During the exhibition period, the city of Sandy Springs will maintain liability insurance to cover possible damages incurred.


{C}§  {C}Artists must be 18 years of age or older.





1/10/20                5:00 PM EST – Artist deadline for electronic submissions

1/10 - 2/08/20      Screening of submissions for compliance and quality 

2/22/20                Jurying of submissions 

3/17/20                City Council selection of piece(s) to be exhibited

3/18/20                Notification to artists of selections for exhibit

4/03/20                Agreements/contracts signed with artists

5/1 – 8/20            Sculpture delivery & installation

5/8/20                  Deadline for all sculptures to be installed at their specified sites

04/2                              5/15/20                Official opening reception. Artists are invited but not required to attend.

Artists will be invited to be interviewed about their work. Recordings will be made available on the city of Sandy Springs website.


04/2021                De‐installation of the non-purchased sculptures by the artist


Selection Process 

Each artist may submit up to three (3) sculptures for review using Each sculpture must be submitted by separate application. 


Submissions will be initially screened by representatives from Art Sandy Springs and the city of Sandy Springs for overall compliance with the CFE, safety, and technical feasibility.  


A jury of recognized art experts will make recommendations for artwork to be considered for the annual exhibition.  Art Sandy Springs and the City of Sandy Springs will determine the selection of nine pieces of artwork for exhibition and the site placement of each sculpture.


During the exhibition Art Sandy Springs will make the final recommendations to the Sandy Springs City Council for one or more of the exhibited pieces to be purchased by the city for its permanent collection.   



Submission Requirements

Artist’s Resume

Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Contact Information

Artist’s Website, if available

Description of Sculpture

Purchase Valuation

Three Images, front, side and back, with Annotated Image List: ( max 2,000 words)

Acknowledgement of Review of Contractual Arrangement (see Attachment B, Contractual Agreement)

The city of Sandy Springs and Art Sandy Springs have licensed CaFE ( to facilitate the application process of this CFE. Artists must submit the following through the CaFE web site:

(1) Up to three (3) images per entry with a minimum of two (2) images per entry.  The images must be numbered and set in the standard format specified by (for information, visit Artist may also upload up to two videos per entry. Art Sandy Springs may request additional photos during the screening and selection process.

(2) An image inventory document. This document must be uploaded to as instructed on The following information must be given for each image:

Artist’s Name; three (3) images of the sculpture: front, side, and back views; medium/media used; 
title, year, size, selling price, and location (for previous works). 

(3) One to two page (maximum) current resume that outlines your professional accomplishments as an artist. This document must be uploaded to as instructed on

Submissions must be completed and received by Friday, January 10, 2020 5PM EST.



Submitting an entry form to this exhibition through Call for Entries ( constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist with all conditions set forth in this call. No work accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn before the close of the exhibition. After acceptance, the artist cannot substitute another work for the accepted one or change the selling price.

The City of Sandy Springs and Art Sandy Springs reserve the right to refuse to install any work that, upon arrival, differs markedly from the images submitted or that does not, for any reason, meet the exhibitions standards of excellence.


By submitting work, the artist acknowledges that the City of Sandy Springs, Sandy Springs Hospitality & Tourism, and Art Sandy Springs may use photographs or videos of the artwork to promote the sculpture competition. The artist is encouraged to be interviewed and videotaped and to allow the interview to appear on community websites that may include but are not limited to:


City of Sandy Springs –

Sandy Springs Hospitality and Tourism –

Art Sandy Springs –

Artist Contract/Agreement

The artist will be entering into an agreement with the City of Sandy Springs. An artist contract/agreement is attached as Exhibit B. The artist should review to ensure he/she can comply with the stated terms and conditions.


Art Sales

Art Sandy Springs encourages the selling of your work.  Art Sandy Springs will collect a 20% commission on all artwork sold to a private buyer as a result of this exhibition.  Private selling prices should include the 20% commission for Art Sandy Springs and 7% Georgia sales tax. Artist shall be responsible for all sales tax on the purchase price.




Exhibit  A:        Description of Sculpture Locations and Technical Requirements

Exhibit A1:       City Green Sculpture Base Locations

Exhibit A2:       City Green Sculpture Base Footing Design

Exhibit  B:        Artist Contract/Agreement














The nine (9) individual sculptures selected will be displayed on each of nine pre-prepared concrete bases located within landscape beds on the periphery of City Green.  

{C}1.  {C}Exhibit A-1:  Refer to the included drawing L1.4, Art Base Plan, indicating the nine numbered locations within the City Green.  

{C}2.  {C}Exhibit A-2:  Refer to individual sculpture base detailed plans indicated on the included drawing   L1.4.1, Art Base Detail.

{C}3.  {C}The foundation bases are two (2) sizes, as determined by their support conditions.  Maximum sculpture weight is the same for both base sizes.


Submitting artists are encouraged to visit the City Green park.  Appropriate times for tours of the exhibition site and base locations will be scheduled and indicated on the site (Call For Entries site portal). Tours will be conducted by Art Sandy Springs or the City of Sandy Springs.  




Structural design considerations established for the concrete base require that all sculptures fit within a 4’0” x 4’0” footprint. Bases have been designed for a maximum weight of 2,000 pounds.

Limited consideration will be given to any sculpture that has a portion of it extending beyond the overall envelope, including the size, weight, material, and nature of the extension.  Artists are encouraged to provide sculpture within this envelope.  Any extensions or deviations from this envelope should have the majority of its weight and size within the overall envelope.  Art Sandy Springs may request and require additional sculpture information from the artist in order to be accepted as a submission.   



Exhibit A-3:  Refer to the attached engineering drawing SK-1 for specific information regarding the structural design assumptions.  Should the artist have any reason to believe that the sculpture they plan to submit would vary dramatically from these assumptions, artist shall provide supporting information with respect to the deviation(s).  Art Sandy Springs reserves the right to request that an engineering analysis be performed for any sculpture deviating from the overall size and weight limitations described above.





Delivery and Installation - Artist will be responsible for timely transportation of sculpture to the City Greeninstallation site on a schedule to be determined in conjunction with Art Sandy Springs and the city within the two weeks prior to the exhibition unveiling.  The artist is expected to be present during the installation, and once installation is complete, will signify appropriate installation jointly with the city in writing on a form to be provided.

The city is responsible for providing equipment and personnel required to lift sculpture from artist’s transportation and place it on the designated base with guidance from the artist.  Artist is required to provide and execute appropriate anchoring of sculpture using the corner bolts provided in base or provide and install bolts appropriate to the sculpture base and attachment.  Artist shall provide his/her equipment necessary to make installation.  Power for tools will be made available by the city.


Removal if Not Purchased - Should sculpture not be selected for purchase by the city, artist is responsible for transportation from the installation location.  Per the schedule of removal, the city will provide equipment and personnel required to lift sculpture from base and place on artist’s transportation with the artist present during the removal.  Once removal is complete, the artist and the city will signify appropriate removal in writing on a form to be provided.


Removal & Installation if Purchased - Should sculpture be selected for purchase by the city, the city will provide equipment, personnel, and transportation required to lift sculpture from base, transport the sculpture to its permanent location, and install on a new base.  The artist shall be present and provide guidance during the removal and installation at the permanent location.  Once the permanent installation is complete, the artist and the city will signify approval of the installation in writing on a form to be provided.


Inability to Remove - Should the artist be unable to remove the sculpture at the conclusion of the exhibition or not take control of the sculpture upon removal, the city may place the sculpture in storage at the expense of the artist.  If the sculpture is not reclaimed within 60 days after completion of the exhibition, the sculpture shall become the property of the City of Sandy Springs, and the city shall have the right to determine its final disposition.