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$60,000 West Central Community Center Sculpture Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Arkansas
Entry Deadline: 2/13/20
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3

Media Images:6

Entry Fee ($60,000 West Central Community Center Sculpture Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas): $5.00

Public Art Installation - 2020

Commission Budget:  up to $60,000

Media: Mixed Media, 3-D, Free Standing, Appropriate for Outdoor Space

Sculpture at the River Market (“Company”) announces a public art commission. 

The site is approximately 26’ x 36’ and is adjacent to the West Central Community Center. The buildings walls are made of glass and the sculpture can be appreciated both from the inside and as people approach the building. The site is flat and presently has minimal landscaping that will either stay, be enhanced, or removed depending on the piece of sculpture that is selected. There is a magnolia tree in front of the site that will be removed. There are also bollards that will be removed. Electricity is available at the side.

The $6.4 million West Central Community Center is less than five years old and is used for a variety of reasons. There is a college size basketball court, a radio station, exercise rooms, and banquet facilities. These in other opportunities are used by a diverse group of citizens. Obviously young people are there to play basketball, but the facility is also used by senior citizens on a daily basis. The Center sits on the 25-acre West Central Sports Complex, which includes softball and baseball fields.

 The sculpture can be anything that conveys a welcoming message. Abstract, contemporary or traditional sculptures can work equally well at this site. Again, there’s only one simple message that we want to convey; we are glad that you’re here. 

If you have any questions, please call me 501-607-2253.

 Dean Kumpuris, MD

 Site Address:   4521 John Barrow Road, Little Rock, AR   72209

 Learn more about the site and the commission here.

Sculpture at the River Market (“Company”) announces a public art commission. This project will be placed at the West Central Community Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Funds for the project have been raised and escrowed for this purpose. 

Public Art Component

Artists interested are asked to propose a visually interesting, safe, three-dimensional public art piece as a newly designed or existing sculpture. Sculpture at the River Market (“Company”) with the City’s approval has determined the exact placement of the art piece. See site photograph and description. 

The piece should be three-dimensional, durable, easily maintained and free standing. Artists must address engineering, construction, installation, and maintenance standards as well. The winning Artist will be required to submit a stamped structural engineer's drawing of the sculpture itself, the sculpture's footing and base including the attachment of the sculpture. The structural engineer must hold an Arkansas license; many structural engineers hold multi-state licenses. This shall be submitted before the payment of the second installment. The art piece must be fabricated with bolting or attachment to a concrete surface or a suitably designed footing. The Artist shall be responsible for the design of the required footings (engineering) for the sculpture and give the plans to the Sculpture at the River Market, (“Company”); the City of Little Rock will prepare the site for installation, and the Artist will assist the City with the installation.  

Selection Process

After proposals are received by the February 13, 2020 deadline, “Company” will select three proposals as semifinalists.  On February 25, 2020, a notification will be sent to all artists who submitted a proposal announcing the 3 finalists. The 3 finalists will be required to travel to Little Rock, Arkansas to present their proposals to the Sculpture at the River Market patrons on April 17, 2020 at the “A Night in the Garden” Party in Little Rock. The party is a private ticketed event and is held in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden in Riverfront Park in Little Rock. Patrons will view and discuss the semifinalists’ proposals. Last year, over 300 sculpture enthusiasts enjoyed libations, dinner, and entertainment while viewing the artists’ work. A $350 travel stipend will be awarded to each semifinalist. The 3 finalists will be notified of the winner of the commission at the event.


Open to all fine art sculptors who are residents of and/or working in the United States. The sculpture should be created primarily as an aesthetic expression, no craft. Work must be produced by the sculptor or under their personal supervision. Work should be made by hand or with appropriate tools and casting techniques. 


Tuesday, February 25                        Notify three (3) finalists 

Thursday, February 27                      Deadline to accept invitation

Friday, April 17                                    Finalists attend and present their proposals at the “A Night           in the Garden” party in Little Rock, Arkansas

Friday, April 17                                      Competition winner announced at “A Night in the Garden Party”. 

April 2021                                                 Installation


The project budget is up to $60,000. The budget must include all costs related to the design, engineering, materials, fabrication, travel expenses (artists shall be present for installation) required insurance and shipping and installation of the artwork, excluding the cost of a crane if needed. “Company’s” committee will review all budgets with a keen eye for value. If deemed necessary by the “Company”, a committee representative will call Artist to better understand the submitted expenses. The “Company” retains the right to reject any submission for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion.

The commission payment schedule will be as follows: 

Installment 1:  One half of the project budget (50%) will be presented to the Artist when the Artist and Company sign the contract.

Installment 2: The second installment is 25% of the budget. Prior to this installment being paid to the Artist, the Artist shall submit a stamped structural engineer's drawing on the sculpture itself, the sculpture's footing and base including the attachment of the sculpture to them. Once the Artist has provided this documentation, the installment will be made when the piece goes to the Foundry or Fabricator for completion. Artist must present a current photograph of the piece to “Company” for review.

Installment 3: The final installment is 25% of the budget, which will be presented to the Artist upon installation of the piece; such installation must be completed on or before the deadline of April 1, 2021.

 Materials to be submitted by Artist

The Artist is asked to submit 6 images.  They are to be divided as below:
    3 images of the proposed sculpture (the first three file uploads)
    3 images of the artist's recent works. (the last three file uploads)

An Artist’s submission may be eliminated from the voting process if the application is incomplete.

Selection Scoring:

 a) The overall strength of the design concept – 55%

• Appropriateness of the artwork to site in terms of scale, form, content, and materials.

•  The ability of Artist to complete artwork based on past experience.

•  Feasibility and ease of installation.

b) The durability of the design – 30%

•  Dependability of artwork relative to theft, vandalism, and the environment.

•  Ease of maintenance and safety.

 c) Clarity and completeness of proposal – 15%

•  Illustrations/designs should be at least 80% complete and include actual media, colors & dimensions of the proposed artwork.


All publicity for sculpture and installation will be led and coordinated by the “Company” in conjunction with the City of Little Rock and Artist. 


The “Company” reserves the right to terminate this project at any time, without notice.  Selection as a finalist does not constitute a contract between the selected Artist and the “Company” and is not a guarantee or a right to enter into a contract. Artists not complying with these contest rules may be subject to disqualification, without notice. 

Please direct any questions to: Dena Daniel

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