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The Crow Show 2020
The Studio Door
3867 4th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103-3113

Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: California
Entry Deadline: 1/27/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Entry Fee (The Crow Show 2020): $35.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum):$5.00


THE CROW SHOW 2020 is the sixth annual exhibition of visual art running from March 6 - 28, 2020 produced by The Studio Door. 

Having taken on mythological importance, Crows appear in all parts of the world.  In folklore, they may foreshadow tragedy or usher in good news.  The reality is a highly intelligent bird capable of social interactions.  In recent years, the crow has become a muse to many artists.  This annual exhibition seeks to represent the many faces of the Crow in reality and fantasy.  Show us what the Crow means to you  [Creative interpretations of all black birds, ravens and other Corvus species are acceptable].

You can review past exhibition catalogs at:


Fine Art: Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, assemblage, collage, mixed media, fiber art, artist book, ceramics, stoneware, stain glass and sculpture.  Oversized jewelry that can be defined as fine art is acceptable for this show.

This exhibition does not accept jewelry or performance art. Video, film, installation and works requiring an external electrical source require gallery approval.  If you want to be considered, please contact The Studio Door at before submitting to this call for artists.

Submissions must be the artist’s original work.

All artwork must be available for sale.  


An entry consists of one to three submissions of images. Payment of $35 per initial entry and $5 for per additional media. [1 work of art = $35; 2 works = $40; or 3 works = $45]. Payments are processed through CAFÉ ™. 

Artists who have participated in previous Crow exhibitions at The Studio Door should contact us before applying to receive a courtesy discount. 


January 27, 2020  - 10:59 PM PST 

Complete information including images of artwork must be submitted online with CAFÉ ™ before 10:59 PM PST to be considered by juror (Check your watch, that’s 1:59 AM EST and 11:59 PM MST).


March 6 - 28, 2020

Artwork, including items sold, must remain on exhibit for the duration of the show.


Saturday, March 7, 2020  -  6 PM - 9 PM


Judy Gradwohl, President and CEO of the NAT • San Diego Natural History Museum

Past curators of The Studio Door exhibitions have included:

    •    Chris Redfern, San Diego Audubon Society Executive Director 

    •    Roxana Valásquez, The San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego)

    •    Kathy Kelsey Foley, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (Wisconsin)

    •    Jenna Simon Jacobs, Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego)

    •    Christina Knoke, Mingei International Museum (San Diego)


A Juror's Award certificate and a check for $100 will be presented to three artists for artworks that express the most imaginative interpretation of the theme.  Exhibition catalogs will be available online print-on-demand.


There are two opportunities to get into this show. The juror will select works that will be exhibited at The Studio Door gallery in San Diego. Additionally, the juror will select works that will be shown in the on-line gallery only. This allows for more works to be seen beyond the limitations of the main gallery.  You have the option to declare “in gallery”, “on-line gallery” or both during the application process.  All accepted works regardless of “in gallery” or “online gallery” are eligible for Best in Show.


All artwork selected, both gallery and online, will be included in the national exhibition virtual catalog.


If your artwork is selected for either the gallery or online exhibition, Artist grants The Studio Door permission to photograph selected artwork.  The Studio Door reserves the right to use art images for marketing and publicity without compensation.


Visual Artists

Note: THE CROW SHOW is conceived as a national show (USA). Due to the costs of shipping and potential customs issues, International artists are welcome to participate exclusively in the online portion of the exhibition.  Sales will be handled through The Studio Door, who will work with artists to determine cost of shipping.  Those costs will be paid for by the patron.


2-Dimensional Work: Height 8 feet, Width 4 feet - including frame 

3-Dimensional Work: Sculptural and small installation work is encouraged.  Works must be able to fit through an average doorway and not exceed 8’ in height.  If you are unsure if your work is size acceptable, please contact The Studio Door at


2-D artwork must arrive 'gallery ready' and 'ready to hang' and be presented professionally. Preferably, framed artwork should be in black wood or natural wood frame. No color mats.  Exception is made if frame or mat is essential to the work of art. Due to problems with shipping 2-D artwork, no glass - plexi only. 


All submissions for this show are handled through CAFÉ ™ (  Artists are required to sign up and create a profile on CAFÉ ™.  There is no charge for using this service.


CAFÉ ™ provides 5 MB for the artist profile.  Image may be 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. Anything larger will be resized.  Image may be JPG or JPEG only. Artist will upload images and information directly to their profile and reference when filling out the official call for submission.  

If you have problems uploading images, contact CAFÉ ™ directly. FYI, the most common problem is that the system will not accept images that are too small.


The juror will select works that will be on display at The Studio Door gallery in San Diego. These works may also be on display in on-line gallery. Additionally, the juror will select additional works that will be shown only in the on-line gallery. This allows for more works to be seen beyond the physical limitation of the gallery. 


Artists will be notified by February 1, 2020. All artists who have submitted artwork will be notified by email. You may receive multiple notifications for acceptance into The Studio Door exhibition and on-line gallery. You will receive notification even if no artwork has been selected. If you do not receive notice by February 4, 2020, please check your email spam folder and contact the The Studio Door. 


All shipped artwork must be received no later than February 28, 2020. Shipped works will be shipped out of The Studio Door on April 1, 2020. 2-D work must be sent in reusable packaging with NO styrofoam packing peanuts. Glass or ceramic sculptures and other fragile works must be double-boxed and sufficiently padded to prevent damage in transit. The Studio Door is NOT responsible for damage caused in transit. Artists are responsible for the cost of shipping and arranging prepaid shipping labels with either UPS or FedEx. It is mandatory to include prepaid shipping labels with your artwork or to make the necessary arrangements with The Studio Door before the exhibition or your work will not be exhibited. 


During weekend gallery hours on Saturday, February 29 (Noon – 7 PM) or by appointment.  Large works or small installations should be scheduled as to not interfere with other exhibitions.

If your artwork is accepted for the on-line gallery ONLY, you do NOT need to deliver your artwork.


Artwork may be picked up Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (Noon – 7 PM) during gallery hours.

Artwork left behind may be subject to a late fee of $50 per day and/or discarded by The Studio Door.


60% of the sale will go to the artists and 40% of the sale will go to the Studio Door. Items sold must remain on exhibit for the duration of the show. The Studio Door will mail a check to the artist for any sold artwork within 30 days after the close of the show. 


Artists are encouraged to consider price points when they apply for The Studio Door exhibitions.  Based upon past experience, art sales in Southern California remain strongest under $2,500 with $500 being the average first time patron purchase.  


Recently relocated from North Park to Hillcrest neighborhood, The Studio Door is a unique art center located just minutes from Downtown and Balboa Park. Since 2014, The Studio Door has become known for its gallery of contemporary art, working artist studios, special events and museum store. Great destination for locals, tourists and other art lovers. For more details visit the website at


    •    11/27/19        Call for Artists – Start Date

    •    01/27/20        10:59 PST • Call for Artists – Closing of Call

    •    02/01/20        Artists Notification Date

    •    02/27/20        Final Receive Date for Shipping

    •    02/28/20        Drop Off Artwork (local):  Noon – 7 PM

    •    03/06/20        Show Opens to the Public

    •    03/07/20        Public Reception 6 PM – 9 PM

    •    03/28/20        Show Closes

    •    03/31/20        Artwork Pick Up Date

    •    04/01/20        Artwork Shipping Date

    •    04/30/20        Artist Commission Checks Deadline



If you would like to support this exhibition with a donation, or fund an award, please contact The Studio Door.  Please help get the word out about the show by encouraging your fellow artists to enter.


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