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Rowan University- Discovery Hall Stone Installation/Interpretive Space EOI
Entry Deadline: 8/11/20
Application Closed
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Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 6
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: New Jersey

Information For Proposed Art At Rowan University’s

Discovery Hall in Glassboro, New Jersey

About Rowan University

Rowan University has evolved from its beginning in 1923 as a school with a mission to train teachers for South Jersey classrooms, to a comprehensive public research university with a strong regional presence and reputation. At Rowan, what underlies and drives every decision are four guiding principles that reflect what we value and how we perceive our obligation to serve and lead as a state university. Educational priorities, enrollment, outreach initiatives, finances and collaboration with partners are just a few of the concerns that benefit from the filter of the four pillars:

Providing access to increase opportunities for students to benefit from higher education

Improving affordability to help relieve the burden of student debt and maintain the highest standards of fiscal accountability

Ensuring quality to deliver education, programs and services of superior quality

• Serving as an economic engine to lead the development of the region, collaborating with public and private partners to benefit all

Today, Rowan's 19,000+ students may select from 80 bachelors, 44 masters and 7 doctoral degree programs in colleges and schools across five campuses. View Rowan’s fast facts and figures here. The University is one of only 56 institutions in the country with accredited programs in business, education, engineering and medicine. From the modest normal school begun 90 years ago, Rowan University has become an extraordinary comprehensive institution that has improved the quality of life for the citizens of New Jersey and the surrounding states.

Situated along landscaped walkways, open green spaces, or within campus buildings, Rowan University’s public art beautifies our campus, enriches our community, and contributes to our cultural heritage while offering opportunities for fellowship and reflection. In addition to enhancing campus beauty and quality of life, public art encourages creative and critical thinking, expands appreciation for art, fosters a sense of place, affirms the University’s values and tradition, and extends the scholarly and creative culture beyond the classroom.

Discovery Hall and the School of Earth and Environment 

Located at Rowan University’s Main Campus in Glassboro New Jersey, Discovery Hall is an in-development academic building located on the North Campus, near the intersection of Route 322 and Rowan Boulevard. Discovery Hall is a testament to the success and the aspirations of Rowan University in its mission to become a new model for higher education by being inclusive, agile, and responsive, offering diverse scholarly and creative educational experiences, pathways, environments, and services to meet the needs of all students; and responding to emerging demands and opportunities regionally and nationally. The recent and projected growth of the University student body and accredited programs have resulted in the immediate need for additional academic and research space and a home for the new School of Earth and Environment. Rowan University’s School of Earth & Environment was created in 2015 to provide students with pathways into some of the most exciting and important careers in the modern workforce, to gather outstanding faculty who are globally recognized leaders in their fields, and to welcome non-academics into our community.

As an “Academic Accelerator in the Fertile Landscape”, Discovery Hall weaves together landscape and learning. To embody the mission of the School of Earth and Environment, and the sciences at large, this project connects the place of learning with the environment’s natural systems as an integral teaching tool to promote academic excellence as well as the health and wellbeing of the campus community at large. The design actively engages the academic community in its position as the front door of the University’s academic core and displays learning on every vista and path. 

Rowan School of Earth and Environment

Proposed Art

Rowan University is seeking to commission artwork(s) that will be integrated into the design for Discovery Hall. Artist Finalists will be invited to submit a proposal for a permanent, site specific artwork(s) on the exterior landscape of Discovery Hall that functions as an interpretive geological space for students, as well as an inspiring piece of art. Rowan desires this artwork to be a rock garden or other stone installation sculpture that aligns with the vision for Discovery Hall. Artists may submit their interest for creating the artwork, or partner with other artists as a team to propose artwork(s) that represents the programs within the School of Earth and Environment. Artists interested in exploring multi-disciplinary approaches of interactivity and/or science inspired artwork are encouraged to apply.

Interested parties are required to submit a portfolio of their past-completed work, as well as profile and contact information outlined below. The University will shortlist a group of artists to receive a formal request for proposals from a pool of applicants. The proposed budget for this project is approximately $250,000. The budget shall cover all costs incurred by the artist relating to the design, fabrication and installation of the art work.  Covered expenses include but shall not be limited to compensation for design and engineering services, materials, transportation of artwork, fabrication, installation, artist fees and travel, etc.

Application Instructions:

Potential artists will be selected from those who submit expressions of interest (EOI). Shortlisted artists will receive a request for proposal (RFP) to respond to their ability to approach and create the project.  A stipend of $1000 will be provided to shortlisted artists to offset costs related to proposal preparation. 

Artists interested in participating in the project shall submit letters summarizing their interest and experience in the creation of public artworks via this EOI call posted on Call For Entry.  The letter shall include a list of at least 3 references (name, contact information – phone number and e-mail address) for similar projects.  All applicants must upload up to 6 images of past works. The portfolio must include descriptions (i.e. location, materials, date of completion) of each work. In addition to uploaded portfolio, the applicant must include contact information: (Phone number, email, mailing address, and website), a brief bio and references from previous public projects.

Please note: The selected artists(s) will be responsible for all design, engineering, and installation of the artwork within an agreed upon timeline. The submission deadline for EOIs in CAFE is 8/11/20

Expressions of Interest are only accepted via (CAFE). 

No hard copy or email submissions will be accepted. 

If you have questions regarding this project, please email


Rowan University is located in the southern New Jersey town of Glassboro, 18 miles southeast of Philadelphia. The campus is easily reached from the N.J. Turnpike, the Atlantic City Expressway or any of the Delaware River Bridges.