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Entry Deadline: 11/18/20
Application Closed
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Louisiana


Application Deadline: November 18, 2020 (10:59 PM CT)
Project Budget: $80,000 (all-inclusive) 

Submission Requirments
  • Resume (chronological):  Demonstrating a minimum of five years of professional visual art experience (NOT STUDENT WORK). If submitting as a team, a current resume should be submitted for each team member (compiled into one document). A biography will not be accepted in place of a resume.
  • Letter of Interest & Artist StatementProvide a brief statement summarizing your methods of working, interest in this project, and availability to participate in the design and implementation of the project. If submitting as a team, only one letter of interest and artist statement is needed however, this can be a collaborative effort among team members.
  • Three professional references: Include the names and current contact information for three individuals with whom you have worked, collaborated, or who have commissioned your work in the past. References will be contacted for artists invited to develop a proposal for the commission.
  • Work samplesUpload six images of your original completed commissions, not proposals, which demonstrate your qualifications for the project. 3-D models, sketches, or drawings will not be accepted. You must include the title, medium, dimensions, project budget (price), year completed, location, and a description. The value must be indicated in US dollars. MULPTIPLE VIEWS PER PROJECT OR UNEXECUTED CONCEPTUAL PROJECT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED, AND MAY DISQUALIFY YOUR SUBMISSION.
About Blue Works
In the Port of Terrebonne lies Blue Works, a new 27,000 square foot building and expansion of LUMCON (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium). Through this new, collaborative technology space, Blue Works aims to restore passion and commitment to ocean and coastal exploration and science. The mission of LUMCON’s Blue Works is the build capacity, knowledge, and passion at the intersection of blue science and technology to find innovative solutions and train the next generation of innovators.

The expansion of LUMCON will also better fulfill their mission to:

  • Connect through collaboration between academia, agencies, and corporations as well as citizens, students, and specialists.
  • Enrich by engaging all those who come through its doors and by making STEM available to everyone.
  • Transform by providing the technological and engineering space and culture to allow creative and innovative ideas to become reality.

The unemployment of the region around LUMCON is consistently higher than the national average. Inspiring students early in the educational pipeline for careers in Blue STEM will ultimately lead to workforce development and economic growth. Blue Works seeks to be the first point in this pipeline and provide a regional asset to support other STEM initiatives. Blue Works also seeks to leverage regional expertise in engineering and technology developed out of the energy sector to provide coastal and ocean solutions.

Blue Works also allows Louisiana to secure, maintain, and expand its historically and internationally prominent role in ocean and coastal research, both in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.

The Building and Spaces

Public access to all the spaces listed below is essential to the mission and vision of Blue Works. Blue Works seeks to create a space where people can freely use tools and supplies to create and invent projects that are personal and unique to them.

  • Welcome – Reception and welcome area , exhibit space, informal interaction spaces, meeting rooms and conference spaces
  • Learn – Library, zoological laboratory, technical laboratory, maker spaces, 3-D print laboratory, research laboratories
  • Work – Office suites, records, IT

About the Art Installation
The installation should capture the mission and core values of Blue Works (found on page 4 of the full call document). The installation should also marry coastal and ocean with digital, computational, technological, and engineering themes. Artists are greatly encouraged to utilize kinetic and light elements to convey a sense of movement and energy. The installation will be located in the atrium/front lobby area. It is envisioned that the piece will cover the wooden wall on page 5 of the full call document. The piece should ideally serve to generate awe and excitement to all that enter Blue Works.

Scope of Work
Artist(s) are expected to create an installation that will not only serve as a focal point but will also provide an artistic element to the space upon entering the building.

The development and design for the installation should:

  • Consider the elements of the site as a source of design ideas.
  • Consider the building and the area surrounding the artwork and its intended uses as described in this call.
  • Reflect Blue Works main and core values.
  • Be durable, sturdy, stable, suitable for the climate conditions, resistant to UV damage, and safe for public interaction.
Selection Process & Evaluation Criteria
An Art Selection Committee (the Committee) may include (but is not limited to) representatives from the Louisiana Office of Facility Planning & Control, the architectural firm that designed the facility, representatives from LUMCON, professional artist(s), and the State Arts Council will review all eligible artist submissions.

Submissions are evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Artistic excellence and originality as evidenced by the representations of past work images and other supporting materials.
  • Appropriateness of artist’s medium, style, and previous experience as they relate to the project goals and setting
  • Experience with projects of a similar scale and scope
  • Ability to create site specific or site reactive work
  • Availability to participate in the design and implementation of the project as required
  • Special consideration will be given to Louisiana artists, as defined by La. R.S.25:9000.1(E)

The committee may also take into consideration when selecting artists whether or not an artist is already represented in the state’s collection.

Notifications & Proposals
Notifications will be issued no later than the end of January 2020. A full timeline will be provided to those finalists who have been shortlisted.

This is a call for submission of samples of previous work and qualifications only. If selected to develop a proposal for one of the commissions, you will be contacted by Percent for Art program staff with further details about the site, concept and scope.

Finalists will be invited to attend two (2) meetings: a mandatory site visit to view the space and meet with the committee, and an optional presentation of the artist’s proposal before the committee.

The proposal must include the concept, materials, size, weight, installation requirements, details of maintenance, and budget. The proposal must also include a maquette or digital renderings as appropriate, which shows the physical volume of the space and allows for multiple perspectives of the artwork within the space.

All proposal documents, including the maquette and renderings, will become property of the State of Louisiana and will be used for educational and/or promotional purposes of the program. Each finalist’s proposal and/or maquette may be exhibited for Committee and community consideration.

An honorarium/ proposal fee of $1,500 will be paid to finalists to offset expenses associated with development of proposals and travel to present to the Committee.





Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria