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(JUN) ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ | A Global Art Project
Dab Art Co.
334 S Main Street, No. 5001
Los Angeles, California 90013

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Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: California
Entry Deadline: 6/30/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 20
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 20
Entry Fee (Dab Art Co. Entry Fee): $35.00
Admin (Optional Consultation Fee): $50.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum):$5.00


Dab Art Co. director and curator in chief Yessíca Torres recently wrote and released an essay about the importance of art and artists in a turbulent time. For almost 10 years Yessíca’s passion for contemporary art and commitment to the exploration of the artist process have been reflected in her gallery program. With 3 galleries in 2 countries, Yessíca takes progressive and in some ways a rebellious approach to art exhibitions. Her mission with ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ proposes an unconventional solution to keeping contemporary art relevant, propelling the art experience forward and promoting the valuable role artists will play in this time of global crisis. Click HERE to read the original essay titled ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™.

This year long comprehensive project will include an online exhibition (opening March 23 and updated daily until December 31), weekly youtube videos (featuring selected works and artists), a full color publication of all selected works, a multi-gallery, international exhibition and a documentary film on the project in its entirety (the film will be screened in Los Angeles). 

The goal with this innovative project is to record and exhibit (in real time) the defining artwork created during civil uncertainty. Our hope is to unite viewers and help them find the sanctity, comfort and inspiration needed to heal a world in turmoil.

To start the exhibit we'll consider works that are relevant to this crisis. As we progress thoguht the year our expectation is that artists will begin creating work based on their experinces through this time. The call will remain open through the end of the year so that artists have time to process their experinces even after we flatten the curve. 

We are hopeful as a company and as members of our respective communities, that when current mandates and quarantines are lifted, our resilience as artists will be the foundation for social unity. 

This project consists of 3 phases. 

The initial phase of this project will be an ongoing online exhibition (curated daily), of art relevant to the current global crisis. Artists and artworks will be reviewed, juried and added each day as entries come in. Online visitors and collectors will be able to see brand new art work everyday, (7 days a week) maximizing the viewing audience and keeping the exhibition fresh. The online exhibition will continue to run through the end of the year and conclude in December. Our hope and goal with this project that artists will continue to create defining artwork throughout this time of unrest

All artists and artwork selected will be featured on our website and our international sales platform ARTSY. The Dab Art Co. Galleries and Online Exhibits already garner views into the tens of thousands (views are expected to grow exponentially during this time of “shelter in place” mandate). Our partner platform ARTSY currently receives 2.2 million+ unique visitors every month which means artists and exhibitions featured by Dab Art Co. are well-positioned for optimal collector visibility. Dab Art Co. is in good company, Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth and Simon Lee also use this collector platform. You can view our Artsy page HERE.

To accompany our “real time” exhibition we will be producing weekly Youtube videos highlighting selections for the online exhibit, artist interviews, guest jurors and project updates. Artists selected for interviews will be given advanced noticed and time to prepare for a recorded online discussion with the curator. 

After the online exhibition concludes in December 2020, we will be publishing a full color 8.5x11 in. art book titled after the project, ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™. This publication will include all the works selected for the online exhibit, artist interviews, juror commentary, curator notes and the project mission and released in February of 2021. The book will also be added to the permanent catalog in the LACMA Balch Art Research Library. (Read more about LACMA below) 

The largest art museum in the western United States, LACMA’s Balch Art Research Library maintains an extensive research-level collection of approximately 175,000 books, journals, periodicals and art publications. This non-circulating collection consists of monographs on artists and specialized art subjects; art reference books; collection and exhibition catalogues of museums, galleries, and private collectors; scholarly periodicals in the field of art and related areas; current auction catalogues; artist files; and material in related fields of study. 

10 of the artists from the online show will receive an additional feature (bio, artist photo and curator notes) in the publication. The 10 artists featured will be selected by the Dab Art Co. director and receive hardback copy of the exhibition book. 

Once the online exhibit concludes in December, the Dab Art Co. curators will collectively make selections for a multi gallery 8 week exhibition to be held simultaneously in 3 cities at all the Dab Art Co. Galleries; Los Angeles, Ventura and Mexico City. Our anticipated gallery exhibition will begin in March of 2021 to coincide with the one year anniversary of the viral outbreak in the U.S. 

The Dab Art Co. film production team has already started working on the documentary film accompanying this project. We will be asking for artist participation, gathering footage and stories as the year progresses. Dab Art Co. is committed to completing this art documentary in time hold a special screening in March when the gallery exhibits are on display. The debut screening will be an event open to public and held in Los Angeles, California. 

(Exact Dates for Phase 2 & 3 will be made as far in advance as possible.)

ONLINE EXHIBITION | March 23 - December 31, 2020 (Daily considerations and selections made to the exhibit. Weekly Youtube videos produced)



GALLERY EXHIBITION | March - May 2021 (3 locations; Los Angeles, Ventura, Mexico City)

FILM SCREENING | April 2021 (Los Angeles)

ACCEPTED ARTWORK | Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Glass, Fiber, Functional, Digital, Photography, Installation, mixed media and New Genres. Proposals may include multiple disciplines.

CALL FEES | Basic media fee is $35 for 3 images. Additional media may be added, the cost is $5 per image. No more than 20 images can be added. Artists may submit more than once. We will also be launching a "sponsor program" for artists who are currently unable to afford the call fees due to economic hardship. (Should be available by May)

CONSIDERATIONS | Though this will be a rolling open call, we will set a weekly deadline to keep us organized. However, considerations and selections will be made daily. 

SUBMISSION TIP | A comprehensive and detailed submission will include at least 3 images, biography and artist statement. We want to highlight the artists, not just the artwork. 

SUBMISSION NOTE | All work slected online must remain availble for sale for the entirety of this project. This clause will be written into the legal agreement. 

NOTIFICATIONS | Notifications are sent via email. We will send notifications weekly during Phase 1 of this project. Notifications for the Gallery Exhibitions will be sent by January 31, 2021. Artists selected for the gallery exhibition will be given sufficient time to prepare their work & make shipping or delivery arrangements prior to the exhibit date.

GALLERY REQUIREMENTS | All work must be original, unsold work, & the artist must own the sole copyright to art. Frames, mats & wiring must be professional quality & in good condition. No saw- tooth hangers. Wiring must be securely fashioned & support weight of the artwork. All accepted work must remain for the duration of the exhibit. 2D Artwork selected for exhibition MUST BE READY TO HANG. Unframed or improperly mounted work will not be accepted. The number of pieces varies depending on the artist’s medium, sizes and shapes of selected work and available wall space. Every artist will be able to exhibit a sizable body of work so that they are well represented in the exhibition. The number of pieces can vary considerably.

SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS | Absolutely no packing peanuts. Crates, boxes, even small packages containing packing peanuts will be resealed & immediately shipped back to you, no exceptions. Artists are responsible for round-trip shipping & insurance (during shipping) of artworks. All shipments must include a prepaid UPS OR FED EX return label & be shipped in a container suitable to re-use for return shipping. Work sent through the US Postal Service, must include a shipping label, USPS stamps will not be accepted.

COMMISSION | Gallery retains a 50% commission on all exhibition sales in gallery & online. Artwork and artists selected for exhibition will be listed on the Dab Art Co.'s sales platform, Artsy. You can view our Artsy page HERE.

SALES | All sales remittances are paid by the Dab Art Co. Remittances are sent after the close of exhibition. Payment to Artist will be provided within 60 days after the exhibit concludes and receipt of full payment from Buyer to Dab Art. 

NOTIFICATIONS | Notifications are sent via email. Artists selected for an exhibition will be given sufficient time to prepare their work & make shipping or delivery arrangements prior to their exhibit date. There is no maximum or minimum number of artists for our roster and artist selection is ongoing. Early applications are encouraged as exhibition considerations are made monthly.

FOR MORE INFORMATION | Visit to find out more about the Dab Art Co. View our Exhibition Program, Artist Index, Curators, Venues and Films. We look forward to seeing your work!

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