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City of Fremont: Public Artwork for Outdoor Plaza (Downtown Event Center)
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Entry Deadline: 10/9/20
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5
Work Sample Requirements
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: California

The City of Fremont, California is seeking artist proposals for the commission of an engaging and permanent public art installation for the new Downtown Event Center and Plaza in the City’s Downtown District. The artist will design, fabricate, and install the artwork. The area for the artwork is approximately 10 feet by 20 feet, with a maximum height of 10 feet.

This opportunity is open to all professional artists nationwide. Artists must be at least 18 years of age and have experience working with substantial budgets.

The budget for this project—including design, fabrication, and installation—is up to $172,500.

The City of Fremont has embarked on the ambitious project of building a vibrant, centrally-located Downtown District from scratch. With many new buildings now under construction and others beginning to open their doors, there is a sense of momentum and vibrancy in Downtown. The Downtown Event Center and Plaza will be the first new public building constructed and will add to this energy by creating a unique space for the entire Fremont community to gather. The Downtown Event Center and Plaza will serve as a destination for community meetings, receptions, local business events, and economic development conferences. The project features a 13,400 square foot community center adjacent to a one acre plaza that provides room for active games/sports, food trucks, concerts, maker fairs, markets, and more. For more information on the Downtown District and the Downtown Event Center and Plaza project, please visit

The artwork installation will be located within the new public plaza adjacent to the Downtown Event Center. The artwork will activate an otherwise passive area of the plaza. It will be located along one of the main walkways leading into the entrance of the Downtown Event Center, and it will receive significant exposure. The artwork will help define the character of the plaza by creating an engaging and vibrant atmosphere while also offering pleasant walking experiences for residents and visitors.

In line with the current development momentum of Fremont building a downtown from scratch, the artwork should reflect the theme of “forward.” The artwork should convey the energy and excitement of the construction of the new downtown and this new community gathering space. Particular consideration will be given to artwork that engages its viewer through the use of interactive elements, lights, or other technology. At the art installation location, the City will be providing 277 volts of power on a dedicated circuit with 1-1/4” conduit and waterproof J-Box.

Selection Process
Responses to this call for artists will be evaluated by the City of Fremont’s Art Review Board. The Board shall recommend a first choice and second choice proposal to the Fremont City Council for final approval. The Art Review Board consists of community members and art experts that serve to advise the City in artistic matters and selection of art in public places.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria to be used for consideration shall include, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Strength of artist’s conceptual art proposal and descriptive narrative.
  • Strength of artist’s resume and letter of interest.
  • Artist’s demonstrated ability to complete public art projects of similar scale.
  • Proposed artwork’s resistance to general wear, vandalism, and theft.
  • Proposed artwork’s ease of maintenance.
  • Proposed artwork’s adherence to public safety standards.
  • Proposed artwork’s cost, including materials, fabrication, shipping, and installation.

The tentative timeline is as follows: 

  • September 14, 2020: Issue call for artists
  • October 9, 2020: Deadline for call for artists
  • November 2020: Art Review Board reviews artist proposals and selects finalists
  • December 2020: Art Review Board interviews finalists, identifies first and second choice, and makes recommendation to Recreation Commission
  • January 2021: Recreation Commission makes recommendation
  • February 2021: Fremont City Council awards contract to selected artist
  • February 2021: Execute contract
  • February 2021-Spring/Summer 2021: Artist completes artwork and installation

Application Process
All interested artists are asked to submit their proposals electronically via the CaFÉ website. Applicants must submit the following materials:

1. Letter of Interest: Describes the artist’s interest in this specific project, what they bring to the project as an artist, and experience with other projects of similar scope.

2. Conceptual Art Proposal and Narrative: One conceptual art proposal (preferably an annotated sketch) for the site and a descriptive narrative including vision, approach, size, and possible materials. The description narrative must also include a breakdown of estimated costs of the artwork between materials, fabrication, shipping, and installation costs, as well as the total estimated cost of the artwork. If the artwork requires electricity or other utilities, the descriptive narrative should also include a description of utility needs. Only PDF documents will be considered, and each page should be clearly labeled with the artist’s name and title of the artwork.

3. Updated Resume: Professional resume not to exceed three (3) pages.

4. References: Three (3) professional references from past projects with contact information.

Contact Information
For questions, please contact:
Luciana Torres
Communications/Management Analyst
City of Fremont

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria