Call Detail
City of Loveland: Rialto Theater Pass-Through Artwork
Entry Deadline: 8/31/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Colorado

The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications for distinctive artwork for the Rialto Theater alleyway entrance into the pass-through hallways leading from Backstage Alley to Fourth Street in downtown Loveland’s Creative District.  Creative wayfinding is desired to assist passersby in identifying the pass-through and navigating these hallways.  This project is open to any professional Colorado artist (or artist team) with demonstrated experience in public installations.

About the Rialto Theater
The mission of the Rialto Theater is to serve as a center for the cultural arts, enriching the community by offering the opportunity for all ages and backgrounds to experience high quality, diverse, affordable performing arts, films, and educational activities.  Located in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Northern Colorado is the community of Loveland.  Less than an hour north of Denver, this city prides itself on providing amenities designed to satisfy the creative needs of its residents.  At the center of these offerings is the Rialto Theater, whose vision is to provide world-class offerings while never losing sight of supporting local performing organizations who have called the Rialto home for almost 100 years.  With over 250 events produced annually, the Rialto Theater truly is the cultural heart of Loveland.

Since its opening in 1920 with silent films and vaudeville acts, the vision of the theater is to serve as the performing arts and cultural center for Loveland, Colorado and its residents.

Scope and Project Description
As stated, creative wayfinding is desired to assist passersby in identifying the Rialto Theater’s pass-through and navigating these hallways.  Two specific locations, the interior main-level wall (pictured in the floor plan area of this CAFÉ listing) and the exterior doorway in Backstage Alley, have been identified as the start-and-end points for the pass-through.  Artwork is also desired within the hallway to serve as visual cues for pedestrians.  The selected artist (or artist team) will be responsible for the design, fabrication and delivery of the artwork ready-to-install at the site.

A maximum of $18,000 has been allocated for the project to include design, fabrication, implementation, insurance, contingency and incidental costs.

RFQ Application Process
The Commission is requesting qualifications only.  From this RFQ, up to three finalists may be selected to present design concepts for this project.  Finalists will be paid an honorarium to develop and present their artwork design concepts.  Please do not submit proposals as those proposals will be removed from the jury process.

All applications must be submitted through the CAFÉ website at: and must include:
• a preliminary statement of approach for the project which communicates experience with projects of similar scope and scale
• at least five images of fabricated and/or installed artwork completed within the past five years, which highlight your previous accomplishment(s) with public art installations of similar style and scale. No more than two images per project are permittedDo not submit images of past proposals that have not been executed.  Minimum: 5 Maximum: 10 images
• your professional resume highlighting similar public artwork installations, including 3 professional references

Artwork Jury Overview
• City staff will oversee operations and administer the decisions of the jury panel.
• Artwork Selection Panel:  Members of City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission, representatives from Rialto Theater staff, Backstage Rialto Guild and 2 Loveland residents may serve as jurors for the project. 
• The selected artist/artist team will work closely with Cultural Services staff throughout the project timeline to ensure project requirements are met.

Design Components for Selected Finalists (only)
The artwork should have an immediate visual impact at the entry points and provide visual wayfinding through the hallway.  All media will be considered; however, a mural-like surface treatment is likely most appropriate as the artwork cannot project into the hallway.  Additionally, power along the hallway is not available.

If selected as a finalist, the artwork should meet the following preferences:
• exterior and interior designs that can be easily identifiable and garner public attention
• assist with wayfinding through three sections of hallway from the Backstage Alley to Fourth Street
• reflect the activity within the theater and/or its history 
• easily maintained and reasonably protected from vandalism as this is a well-traveled corridor
• suitable for general public viewing

A detailed budget will be required of finalists (only).  The detailed budget must include all expenditures in connection with the execution of the project to ensure the project can be executed as presented.

Selection Criteria
The primary criteria for final artwork selection:
• Aesthetics:  Does the final presented artwork meet the aesthetic preferences as stated within the RFQ?
• Assigned Personnel:  Do the person(s) working on the project have the necessary skills to execute the project?  Has the artist/artist team completed on time and on budget a project of similar scope?
• Materials:  Are the proposed materials safe and durable enough for public contact?
• Availability:  Can the work be completed within an acceptable timeframe?

Project completion date will be determined jointly by the artist and the Visual Arts Commission; however, the intention is for the work to be installed by spring 2021.