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Call Type: Proposals
Eligibility: Local
State: Texas
Event Dates: 6/30/20 - 8/22/20
Entry Deadline: 8/9/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
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Today, Fine Line Group, the Family office of Sasha and Edward P. Bass, announced the launch of THE NEW NORMAL Rockport. Building on the success of THE NEW NORMAL artist initiative in Fort Worth, this $150,000 competitive grant program challenges Rockport’s visual artists to create works inspired by their current experiences in the world. 

THE NEW NORMAL Rockport supports the creative community’s economic recovery through both service and art. The program will culminate with the creation of an important and profound body of work that interprets and documents the Rockport community's experience confronting three major contemporary challenges of our time: 1) recovery from Hurricane Harvey; 2) impact of COVID-19 on health, work, and social interaction; and 3) the country's current focus on eradicating systemic racism. A five-person panel of Rockport’s most influential art leaders will manage the selection process for this competition. Panelists will review candidate applications and provide grants of either $2,000 or $5,000 to Rockport artists based on the strength of their proposal, portfolio, and demonstrated financial need.

THE NEW NORMAL Rockport is administered by Gallery of Dreams, a Fort Worth nonprofit arts organization established by Lauren Childs of Fort Works Art.

 “Cinema, literature, music, painting, sculpture and other forms of art are widely considered to be the repository of a society's collective and indelible memory,” said panelist and Executive Director for the Rockport Center for the Arts, Luis Purón. “Much has been written about the intrinsic value art plays in strengthening a community's identity and sense of place. Extending our own mission to support the artists of Rockport by providing the creative space to learn, grow, and impact their studio practice economically, we are beyond thrilled to play a part in THE NEW NORMAL. Ed and Sasha Bass’ vision to further empower our local arts community through grant-making will encourage creativity, diversity, healing, and inclusion.”

 THE NEW NORMAL artist grant program is a first of its kind initiative. Its pilot program launched in Fort Worth in April 2020 has already given over 30 grants to artists to help get them back to work. The program’s founders, Sasha and Ed Bass, have historic family ties to the Rockport community. As the Fort Worth pilot gained traction, they began working with local arts leaders to bring THE NEW NORMAL to Rockport.

 “Ed and I are excited to bring this program to Rockport’s vibrant arts community. This competitive grant initiative supports the artistic community’s economic recovery from pandemic shut-downs and sparks communal reflection on the many urgent issues every community is now confronting,” said Mrs. Sasha Bass. “Artists are ‘essential workers’ in society’s processing and healing from trauma. The body of work this program helps to create will live on to tell Rockport’s story at this unprecedented moment in history.”

A recent survey commissioned by Americans for the Arts found that as many as two- thirds of artists in the U.S. are without income due to the pandemic, making it one of the hardest-hit professions in the country. THE NEW NORMAL initiative aims to jumpstart Rockport’s creative economy by providing a highly-focused support structure that helps its artists get back to work, while also bringing the community together to share, process, and heal through art that truly speaks to what members of the community are feeling and experiencing.

Applicants are asked to submit a written proposal including a personal statement sharing their views on how this opportunity will help them create art, an overview of the COVID-19-related work they intend to create, and an idea on how their art can support others in the city of Rockport. Examples of the artist’s current work, along with a statement of need demonstrating loss of income due to the COVID-19 crisis, are also required.

This initiative is open to all artists working and residing in Rockport, TX.  There is NO entry fee to apply.

Application Open: Now
Application Deadlines: August 9, 2020

Distribution Schedule: Grants will be distributed after acceptance of an approved application. We encourage artists to apply as soon as possible.  

Funding: The Panel will select artists to award grants of $2,000. The selected artists will not only receive these grants, but they will also have their work seen by Art Professionals, Museum Curators and Museum Directors. Selected works will be chosen to participate in an exhibition in Rockport in the Fall of 2020 or Spring of 2021. TBA. 



 Sara Sells Morgan


 Art Museum of South Texas


 Suzanna Moroles

 Founder of MorolesArtCo.

 Jesús Moroles Archivist/Art Curator


 Luis Purón

 Executive Director

 Rockport Center for the Arts


Elena Rodriguez

Curator of Exhibitions

Rockport Center for the Arts


Michelle Smythe

Executive Director

K Space Contemporary


Eligibility Requirements: "THE NEW NORMAL Rockport" is open to all local visual artists working and residing in Rockport, TX exclusively. Medium examples include painting, drawing, digital, video, mixed media, photography, illustration, sculpture, fibers, etc. All works must be original and completed in response to submitted proposal. All works must be available to exhibit in a group show. One work will be chosen for the artist to exhibit and donate for exhibition. 

To be eligible, you must meet the prompts listed below. Please note that “THE NEW NORMAL” selection panel will make final eligibility determinations at their discretion.  

·       A practicing artist able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work, career, and a public audience. 

·       Experiencing financial need due to the COVID-19 pandemic or in response to current events; Examples include loss of income due to canceled shows, furloughed work, etc. 

·       21 years of age or older. 

·       Currently lives and works in Rockport, TX. Must have a Rockport address.

·       Must not be an immediate family member, officer, or full-time employee of any of the jury panel partners.

·       Has not previously been awarded a relief grant from this fund.  

Application Instructions: 

Written detail of financial need due to the COVID-19 crisis, demonstrating a loss of income from canceled gallery shows, loss of paid projects, unemployment, etc.

A written proposal must be submitted for consideration that details how the artists see themself creating art that interprets and documents the Rockport community's experience confronting three major contemporary challenges of our time: 1) recovery from Hurricane Harvey; 2) impact of COVID-19 on health, work, and social interaction; and 3) the country's current focus on eradicating systemic racism. Please describe what type of art you will create during this time, and what will you do to support the community. We want you to create the future of this initiative.  The proposal selections will rely heavily on how the artist sees their work or this opportunity as a way for them to support others within the community. 

We know that great artworks have yet to be created in response to this artists initiative, but we would like to see examples of your current work included for consideration. 

·       IMPORTANT: Please refrain from using your name in any of the written proposals or artwork submissions, as this is an anonymous selection process.

Entry Fee and Procedures: One, two or three digital images or videos may be submitted via CaFÉ with NO ENTRY FEE. 

Submitting Images for Jurying: All entries (information and images) will be accepted through the CaFÉ website. To apply you must use a personal email to sign up for a CaFÉ account.  

1) Each entrant may submit up to three digital images of three different examples of their current art works. 

2) Each work must be represented by only one image (no detail views or duplicates). 

Instructions on how to format images to CaFÉ specifications can be found under the Media Prep tab. 

If you require additional information regarding "THE NEW NORMAL ROCKPORT" please see the FAQ page or e-mail us at 

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