Call Detail
Antelopes on Parade!
Entry Deadline: 7/19/20
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

Entry Fee (Antelopes on Parade! Template (Required)): $10.00
Entry Fee (Antelopes on Parade! Additional (Optional)): $5.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 2
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: California

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) and the City of Palmdale’s Public Art Division are thrilled to announce the next iteration of Antelopes on Parade! Taking place every ten years, Antelopes on Parade celebrates the richness of the Antelope Valley region by inviting local artists to create original artworks on fiberglass antelope sculptures. This year’s selection committee will select eight antelope designs (four for the City of Lancaster and four for the City of Palmdale) to be produced by local artists and put on display throughout the two cities at locations to be determined. Completed antelope sculptures will make their debut on Saturday, October 3 at the Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival. 


ONLY ONLINE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. See "Submittal" below for more information.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History and the City of Palmdale's Public Art Division will only be accepting entries online through (CaFE). Artists must create a free account with CaFE in order to submit their work. To create an account, please click on "Artist Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner of the CaFE website.  Once their account has been created, artists will be able to search for "Antelopes on Parade!" To submit, all artists must download the Antelopes on Parade! template on which their designs must be made. To download the template, click on "View Site Details" above. Artists must submit their designs on this template for consideration. Complete template design submissions must have both front and back views completed. Optional: one additional, supplemental image, showing details or other important design elements, may also be submitted. Artists may then upload their completed template (including any additional image) and pay all applicable fees. Antelope sculptures are made of fiberglass. Submitting artists should be aware of, and/or have experience in, manipulating this material, and must purchase any necessary personal protection equipment for the safe completion of the project.

For a quick how-to video click here.

Artists may submit a maximum of two separate applications for consideration. All submissions are subject to the appropriate fees as described below


Selection Process:

Representatives from both the Lancaster Museum and Art and History and the City of Palmdale's Public Art Division will select eight winning designs to be put into production. Once the eight winning designs have been chosen, the selection committee will conduct a draft, wherein the winner of a coin toss will select the first antelope design that will be designated for either the City of Lancaster or the the City of Palmdale and so on until each of the eight antelope sculpture designs have been distributed evenly between the cities (four to each).  With no exceptions, the City of Lancaster and the City of Palmdale will have the sole responsibility of ownership, placement of the completed sculptures, and maintenance of their respective antelope sculptures. 


Antelopes on Parade! is open to artists working with all arts media. Artists of all ages are welcome to submit, although artists 17 and under must have their parent's permission in order to participate. Eligible applicants must reside within the following ZIP codes:

91321 91350 91351 91355 91381 91383 91384 91387 91387 91390 93501 93505 93510 93516 93523 93524 93532 93534 93535 93536 93543 93544 93550 93551 93552 93553 93560 93561 93563 93591 93599 92371 92301 93203 93243

Honorariums and Material Stipends:

Selected artists will be paid a $250 honorarium for their time and design, plus an additional $100 materials stipend will also be made available to each selected artist for the purchase of materials needed to execute their design.


Template entry (required): $10.00

Supplemental entry (optional): $5.00 

Presentation of Final Work:

Antelope sculptures must be executed in good faith, staying true to the submitted design templates and to the best of the artist's ability. Completed antelope sculptures must be clean, dry and ready for display in accordance with the Project Schedule below. Antelope sculptures must remain free-standing and should not be removed from their attached bases. Any modification to the original design must be reported to the artist's project coordinator as listed below as soon as possible. Antelope sculptures will make their debut on Saturday, October 3 at the Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival taking place in the City of Palmdale at Marie Kerr Park located at 39700 30th St. W. Palmdale, CA 93551.

Project Coordinators:

City of Lancaster

Lancaster Museum of Art and History
Robert Benitez
Art Program Coordinator

City of Palmdale
Public Art Division
George Davis
Public Art Coordinator

Project Schedule:

Online Submission Deadline - Sunday, July 19 at 5 PM
Finalist Selections and Draft -  Monday, July 20 - Thursday, July 23
Notification of Accepted Designs - Friday, July 24
Delivery of Antelope Sculptures to Artist Studios - Late July/Early August by appointment
Completion of Antelope Sculptures - Sunday, September 27
Pick-up of Completed Antelope Sculptures - Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2 by appointment
Antelopes on Parade Debut - Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival - Saturday, October 3 

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria