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Little Rock Airport Terrazzo Floor Artwork

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Arkansas
Entry Deadline: 8/23/20
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Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT) is interested in commissioning an artist or artist team for an artwork opportunity in the recently renovated airport. The opportunity is for a site-specific terrazzo floor artwork located in the concourse exit area. The project should celebrate the natural beauty of the region and welcome people to Little Rock and Arkansas.

Selected artist will create a custom design for the floor and LIT will contract for fabrication and installation. The selected artist will receive a design fee of $10,000. A separate budget will be set for fabrication and installation and will be paid by the Airport. 

To be eligible, artists must currently reside in Arkansas or have lived, worked or studied in the state.

There is an additional artwork opportunity at LIT for a wall-mounted artwork. To be considered for both projects, artists will have to apply for both opportunities separately.

Up to three (3) finalists will be selected to develop concept proposals for this opportunity. The submission process is described below. Submissions are due August 23, 2020.


About Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT), located in Little Rock, is Arkansas’s largest commercial service airport, with nearly two million passengers annually. The airport hosts six airlines with dozens of daily departures and nonstop service to 14 destinations. The mission of the airport is “to pursue all Opportunities in Flight to safely and efficiently connect our customers with the world and to promote economic development for all aeronautical activities.”

LIT recently completed a multiphase construction initiative aimed at strengthening the passenger experience. Improvements include upgrades to the pre-security terminal, modernization of the concourse and a new baggage-handling system.


Description of Opportunity

The floor art is envisioned as a terrazzo piece, or pieces, totaling between 350 and 750 SF and set within a surrounding terrazzo field (designed by the base building architect). The location is pre-security, on the second floor of LIT (concourse level) between the top of the escalators on the south, and the start of the ramp down to the security checkpoint on the north, and between the meeter / greeter lounge on the west at the front of the Riverbend Bar and Grill and the entry to airport administration / information desk on the east.

The shape and proportions of the piece, or pieces, are to be designed by the selected artist and coordinated with the terrazzo field and base building architect. The floor art is seen as part of the overall environment, and thus should harmonize with (though not necessarily match) the surrounding finishes and architecture of the space. Both floor art and field terrazzo will be installed at the same time and coordinated as one project.

Artwork Goals

The terrazzo floor artwork will be encountered by all those arriving at LIT and beginning their experience in Arkansas, as well as thousands of meeter-greeters. As such, the project has the potential to help define the passenger arrival experience for thousands of people each year who are returning home to Little Rock and Arkansas, arriving for a visit, or coming to the region for the first time.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Reflect the region’s celebrated natural environment.

  • Welcome people to Little Rock and Arkansas.

  • Create a positive first impression of the airport and the region.

  • Infuse creativity and artistry into a highly visible location at the airport.

Artist or artist team should consider the scale, design and finishes used in the areas surrounding the site to coordinate the artwork with the style and scale of the space.


The newly formed Art Committee (LIT-AC) is comprised of regional arts and culture leaders and will serve as the recommending body for selecting an artist or artist team. The LIT-AC will also be selecting an artist for the other current artwork opportunity at LIT (Wall-Mounted Artwork) and they may select one artist for both projects or different artists for each of the projects.

Artists interested in applying for both opportunities will need to complete applications for both opportunities.


To be eligible, artists must currently reside in Arkansas or have lived, worked, or studied in the state. A fabricator selected by the airport will fabricate and install the terrazzo floor, with direction provided by the artist. The selected artist does need not have experience working with terrazzo to be considered for this project, but should express an interest in translating their work into this material.

Qualification Review Process

The LIT-AC will review artist qualifications and select up to three (3) finalists to create concept proposals for the project opportunity. Artist qualifications will be reviewed by the LIT-AC based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic excellence and innovation as demonstrated by past work and the submitted materials.

  • Understanding of the project and ability to create an artwork that responds to the goals of the project.

  • Ability to meet the timeline.

  • Ability to create artwork that provides interest in public spaces and continues to engage viewers through multiple visits as demonstrated by past work and submitted materials.

Finalist Review Process 

Up to three (3) finalists will be selected to create concept proposals for the artwork opportunity. Finalists will be paid a stipend of $1200 to develop a site-specific concept proposal to present to the LIT-AC.

Finalists will attend a teleconference orientation on the project and will be provided with detailed information about the site scale and design, renderings of the passenger experience in the spaces, and relevant colors, surface finishes and lighting types.

Finalists will present their concept proposals to the LIT-AC. The LIT-AC will recommend a selection to LIT.


Selected artist for the terrazzo floor artwork project will be paid a design fee of $10,000 inclusive of travel costs.

The Airport will contract directly for the terrazzo floor fabrication and installation, as well as the architect-designed terrazzo floor field. However, the selected artist(s) will work closely with the architects and fabricators throughout the process as outlined above.


  • August 9, 2020​: Deadline for questions regarding qualifications submission process.

  • August 23, 2020: Qualifications due

  • October 2020: LIT-AC reviews qualifications and recommends finalists. Finalist orientation via teleconference.

  • December 2020: Finalists present concept proposals to LIT-AC. Committee makes recommendation to LIT. 

  • January 2021: Selected artist meets with terrazzo fabricator and LIT to discuss translation of work. Artist provides final design documents to LIT and fabricator.

  • TBD: Installation of terrazzo

To Submit

To submit your required materials, go to the CaFE homepage at and create a free artist account. CaFE is free to use and there is no entry fee for this call. Under “Find Calls,” search for “Little Rock Airport Terrazzo Floor.” Follow the instructions for submission, upload the required images and files, and submit.

All materials are due before 11:59 pm CST on August 23, 2020.

You will be asked to submit the following response in your online submission:

  • A statement that indicates your interest in the project and how you might approach the commission (no more than 500 words).

  • A brief description of your connection to Arkansas (no more than 25 words).

You will be asked to attach the following files in your online submission:

  • A CV/resume with current contact information (PDF, no more than 3 pages).

  • Names and contact information for 3 -5 professional references (PDF).

  • Up to 10 sample images of previous artwork relevant to this project (JPEG).

  • Corresponding image information about each work sample, including: artwork title, a brief description of the artwork (100 words or less), medium, completion date, dimensions, location, and total budget/cost (please use the Price/Value field in CaFE). In the description field, please state the commissioning agency if applicable, and state your role in the creation of the artwork if other artists or design professionals were involved in its creation.

Please do not send specific proposals at this time. Only finalists will be asked to create concept proposals for the opportunity.


Please submit all questions via email to no later than August 9, 2020. Responses to all questions will be posted on by August 12, 2020. 

For Technical Questions about the submission process, visit: or click on Help on the CaFE website.


  1. Site plan for artwork location

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