Call Detail
City of Orlando I-4 Ultimate Public Art Opportunity
Entry Deadline: 8/27/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Florida

City of Orlando I-4 Ultimate Public Art Opportunity $350,000.00
Project Overview
The City of Orlando (City) and its Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) seek an artist or artist team (Artist) to create 3-dimensional artwork (Artwork) for a site (Site) generally located south of Colonial Dr., north of Concord St., east of Garland Ave. and I-4 and west of CSX railway corridor (See Exhibit “A”- Location Map). The proposed Artwork is to capture the distinct character or culture of the community and/or visually enhance public spaces, including the Site’s open space and surrounding area. To be located by the recently developed Colonial Drive (S.R.50) bicycle and pedestrian bridge, the proposed art Site abuts a multi-modal transportation hub where large numbers of cars, bikes, trains, and pedestrians pass on a daily basis. 
This Call for Artists is open to professional artists working in three-dimensional media.
Thursday, August 27, 2020.  Using the CAFÉ online service, Artists’ applications must be received by Midnight in Mountain Time Zone. The CAFÉ link is: Except for those requiring accommodations in order to submit, submissions will only be accepted through this on-line portal. The City of Orlando is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and providing equal opportunities for all interested Artists to be able to participate in this Call for Artists. Those persons requiring special accommodations in order to participate in this Call for Artists should contact Mary-Stewart Droege, Project Manager, at 407-246-3276 at least 7 business days prior to the date on which such accommodation is needed.
Located within the economic hub of Metro Orlando, the City of Orlando has an estimated population of 285,000 and is comprised of a +/-118.5 square mile area. With its unique Central Florida location, Orlando is easily accessible from Interstate 4 (I-4), Florida Turnpike (SR 91), East/West Expressway (SR 408) and the Beachline Expressway (SR 528). The subject Site is also situated within the Downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area (Area) boundaries. The CRA oversees this Area and strives to strengthen Downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida.  
As part of the I-4 Ultimate Project, funds were set aside for public art, which is intended to beautify and enhance the I-4 Corridor and create a scenic and cultural experience for multi-modal users.  The City of Orlando is a recipient of a portion of these funds.  The I-4
 Ultimate Art Endowment Committee consisting of representatives from I-4 Mobility Partners, FDOT, and the construction joint venture of Skanska Granite Lane (SGL Constructors) was created to oversee the multi-county public art project.  Final approval of the City’s art selection and final Site location are subject to approval from the Art Endowment Committee.  In order to meet the requirements of the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Committee funding, the City’s art project must be fully completed and installed by May 28, 2021. To assist the City in selecting the Artwork, the City has formed a committee to evaluate proposals and make a recommendation of the proposed Artwork for the Site to City Council (I-4 Ultimate Art Committee).
As described in the Project Overview section, the proposed Artwork location is located within a multi-acre Site currently being used as a laydown yard for the I-4 construction project and can currently be viewed from Gertrude’s Walk and from the Bike-Pedestrian bridge over Colonial Drive. (See Exhibit “A” - Location Map). Interested artists are invited to visit the area surrounding the Site. Viewing the Site can be accomplished from the Colonial Drive Bike-Pedestrian Bridge, area walkways and abutting roads. Direct access to the Site is not possible at the time of issuance of this Call for Artists. It is anticipated that at a later designated date and time, the short-listed Artists (Finalists) will be invited to visit the Site with City staff and other parties who can answer Site-related questions.  
It should be noted that the Site, has certain constraints including dry ponds and limited view sheds.  It is recommended that the Artwork be placed on the areas designated as “A” and “B” on Exhibit “A” -  Location Map.  A goal of the project is to be able to view the Artwork on the Site from various vantage points by a variety of users. The final siting of the Artwork shall be determined at time of contract execution.
A total of $350,000 of the funding to be received by the City from the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Committee is anticipated to be used to fund this art project, including all Artwork development, Artwork transportation, Artwork related Site preparation and installation, as well as required all permits, inspections and associated utility hook-up, if necessary. An additional $50,000 has been set aside and will be retained by the City for current and long-term maintenance, as well as funding a stipend for Artwork development by Finalists.  
Due to local weather variability and the abutting transportation hub, the proposed Artwork must be both permanent and durable, requiring minimal maintenance.  The Artwork must be structurally sound and be able to withstand an outdoor environment in a largely unsupervised area that is not protected from weather or curious viewers. In particular, Orlando has a subtropical climate that is hot and humid with intense sun, seasonal heavy rains and hurricane-force winds. Materials must  be sun and rust resistant and the

Artwork, as installed, must be in compliance with Florida Building Code, City Code standards, and related requirements.

The Artwork should enhance the I-4 corridor and Downtown Orlando with a focus on capturing the distinct character or culture of the community and/or visually enhance public spaces, including the Site’s open space and surrounding area. The proposed Artwork may consist of one or more pieces.  Artwork with a vertical element that complements the pedestrian bridge over Colonial Drive is desirable. The Artwork can be lighted; however, it is desirable that sustainable solar lighting applications be used. No water or electronic sound treatments are allowed. Given the general Artwork placement by a transportation hub, it must not have elements that are potentially hazardous, unsafe or distracting to the area users. 
The 3- dimensional Artwork should not include:
 • Theme park representation;
 • Logos;
• Specific or identifiable sports team representation;
• Representation of individual businesses;
• References to Pulse Nightclub, as other projects (both public & private) focus on this theme;
• References to COVID-19;
• Identifiable persons or celebrities; 
• Copyrighted or trademarked materials of third parties;
• No more than 5% text; or
• Political messages
Submittal Requirements
The City of Orlando is using the CAFÉ online service ( to obtain submittals for this Project.  There is no charge for artists to register with café or submit an application. No paper or electronic submissions outside of this portal will be accepted, except as necessary for those needing special accommodations.  Any evaluation tools available in the CAFÉ system may be used by the City and the I-4 Ultimate Art Committee to assist in the evaluation and selection process, but any recommendations, selections or other actions shall be made by the committee or the City, as applicable, in their sole discretion.
Artists shall submit the information and images requested in the application found on the CAFÉ online service.  Please note that any images submitted to the City and CRA may be shown, displayed, and circulated as necessary for evaluation and selection.  
Selection and Approval
Artists’ submissions will be evaluated and shortlisted by the I-4 Ultimate Art Committee based on the following criteria: 1) Project Approach and 2) Artist’s Experience, including Artist’s aesthetic as shown by previous works and general experience and expertise in 3D media and public art projects.  From these submissions, one or more Artists will be selected by the I-4 Ultimate Art Committee, in its sole discretion, as finalists (Finalists) and paid a stipend of at least $3,000 per Finalist to further develop their respective proposals and provide additional information regarding their proposed Artwork as may be requested by the City, which may include but is not limited to a budget, timeline, and renderings/models of the proposed concept. The City anticipates obtaining final submissions directly from the Finalists and conducting final selection outside the CAFÉ service but reserves the right to use the CAFÉ service in such final selection process.
Based upon the proposals received from the Finalists, the I-4 Ultimate Art Committee will make a recommendation to City Council of the final proposal that best meets the City’s project goals as detailed in this Call for Artists taking into consideration such factors as final proposed concept, project approach, experience, budget, and ability to meet the project schedule.  The selected Artist will be required to enter into an agreement with the City in substantially the form and content as included in this Call for Artists on the CAFÉ service, unless otherwise agreed to by the City.  
The City of Orlando reserves the right to reject any or all applications, proposals, applicants or projects, and to modify or terminate the application process, or the selection process for any reason and without prior notice.

Compensation and Rules
The selected Artist will be eligible for contract award in an amount of up to $350,000. The contract and fee will be all inclusive from concept through final set-up and installation, which includes Artwork design, fabrication, materials, insurance, travel, public presentations, meetings with staff as necessary, and all related costs, fees and expenses. Penalties may apply for lack of performance.  All materials necessary to create the Artwork shall be provided by the Artist and shall be subject to the prior approval by the Project Manager before use.  Access to the Site shall not be allowed without the Project Manager’s approval. Notwithstanding the preceding, the City, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to perform installation and any engineering required for the installation of the art selected pursuant to this Call for Artists and to deduct such work and associated costs from the $350,000 allocated for the art project.
(All dates are subject to change by the City in its sole discretion)
o Release of “Call for Artists” on CAFÉ: Thursday, July 23, 2020.
o Artist Submission Deadline on CAFÉ: Thursday, August 27, 2020.
o I-4 Ultimate Art Committee Meets to Review Submissions:   September 10, 2020.
o Finalists’ Proposals Due to I-4 Ultimate Art Committee:  October 2020.
o I-4 Ultimate Art Committee Meets to Review and Rank Final Submissions:  October 2020.
o I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Committee Review of Proposed Artwork and Site:  October/November 2020
o Artwork Installation Completed: May 28, 2021
For further information, please contact Mary-Stewart Droege, Project Manager, CRA/DDB at or at 407-246-3276.

(For an image of site, please see Floor/Site Plan Image in CAFÉ, or contact Mary-Stewart Droege, see contact information above.)

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria