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Sage Living Request for Submissions
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Wyoming
Event Dates: 9/15/20 - 10/23/20
Entry Deadline: 10/23/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 2
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6

Sage Living – Request for Original Artworks, Limited Edition Prints and Photographs 

The artworks displayed in Sage Living will be thoughtfully selected to provide benefits to residents with a variety of cognitive abilities. The art will contribute to a stimulating and imaginative atmosphere that supports creative engagement between residents, staff, and visitors. Artwork will support wayfinding, contribute to the identity of each wing, and provide residents with a sense of belonging and familiarity. 

St. John’s Health Foundation seeks original paintings and limited edition photographs, and prints for display in the residential and gathering spaces of Sage Living.

Artists are invited to submit up to 6 currently available works of art, ranging in size from small (8”x10”) to medium (18” x 24”), to large (4’x6’), with prices between $500 and $5,500. Please do not submit pieces that are not available. Please list prices with each artwork.

Artists living in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado are invited to apply. 

Request for Submissions issued September 14, 2020

Submissions due by October 23th, 2020

Artwork Selection will take place in October and November of 2020

Information session: September 23, 4:00 pm MTN time.
Zoom Meeting:
Meeting login information available at

Delivery date to be determined.

Carrie Geraci, Public Art Coordinator, 307-413-1474,

Alex Pope, Project Manager, 917-885-1006,

Overview of Sage Living

Sage Living prides itself on offering the highest levels of quality care and service. The team has been providing our community’s seniors, rehab patients, and their families high-quality care for years. After 30 years, the Sage Living’s relationship-based, resident-centered mission and vision have outgrown the current space. It is time to give some of our most respected and revered community members a full overhaul of their living space.

After a series of intensive committee meetings and public input sessions for predesign and programming, the board voted at a special public board meeting on April 5 to accept the recommendation of St. John’s strategy committee to build a 72-bed facility. The center will provide two; 20-bed, long-term care neighborhoods, and a memory support neighborhood.  Hospice care will be available in all three long-term care neighborhoods. In addition, Sage Living will include a transitional care unit for patients requiring short-term rehabilitation after surgery or other medical events such as a stroke.

Some companion suites, featuring private sleep areas and shared in-suite bath, will also be available to accommodate interest in this type of living arrangement. Within the individual neighborhoods, there will be spaces for community meal preparation and dining and socializing. The facility will also feature a flexible common space with a small café and areas for a wide range of life-enriching programming. Highlights include wellness, educational, and cultural activities, all of which support the Living Center’s Eden philosophy of supporting seniors in respectful and dignified aging. The Living Center is the only Eden-registered facility in the state of Wyoming.  (

To support a resident-centered approach, in line with current best practices, the facility will be upgraded to a household model, which will provide: Memory Care, Dedicated Short-term Stay (Rehabilitation), Private Rooms/Baths, Community Spaces

Sage Living will nurture a familial experience and welcome friends and family. Resident-centered, relationship-based care is already at the core of the Sage Living’s mission, and now the facility will better support the care model. As a community hospital, St. John’s Health cares about reinvesting back into the community. Ultimately, building a new facility without an overly burdensome debt structure will ensure that St. John’s Health can continue to reinvest in our community.

For nearly 100 years, St. John’s Health has functioned as the anchor of the community. In the 1930s, a retiring Dr. Huff—the area’s first physician—commented that many people could not think of living in “so isolated a community were it not for the fact that they feel they will be carefully cared for by the hospital.” The same sentiment is true today. Simply put St. John’s Health is a community hospital. 

A community hospital is only as healthy as its community—and vice versa. In a rural community, this is particularly true because of the critical role that the hospital plays in the life and health of its citizens. St. John’s Health is located in a remote corner of Wyoming and faces healthcare service delivery challenges as a result of our region’s population and geography. St. John’s Health strives to balance the healthcare needs of the community in the face of demographic and geographic extremes as well as significant health and wealth disparities. Since its inception, St. John’s Health has risen to such challenges with innovative and proactive approaches—including a commitment to maintaining a collection of the healing art.

Art Goals/Criteria: Art for Healthcare Settings
The artworks displayed in Sage Living will provide benefits to residents with a variety of cognitive abilities. The art will contribute to a stimulating and imaginative atmosphere that supports creative engagement between residents, staff, and visitors. Artwork will support wayfinding, contribute to the identity of each wing, and provide residents with a sense of belonging and familiarity. The art committee is primarily interested in recognizable subject matter that is easy to comprehend. Additionally, the Sage Living art committee will follow “Evidence-Based Art Selection” criteria to serve as general guidelines:

  • Nature imagery that depicts healthy, fresh plants and flowers
  • Landscapes with visual depth, open foreground
  • Color palettes that are calming, natural, verdant colors
  • Conceptual designs that reference ethereal movements of wind, water, and air
  • Wildlife that depicts creatures in good health, standing strong, or in anthropomorphized social groups
  • Figurative art depicting smiling faces and leisurely interactions

Sage Living Neighborhoods 
Artworks will be grouped thematically to respond to neighborhood names using color and visual imagery to create a unique identity for each neighborhood.

The artworks for the Skilled Nursing neighborhoods, Paintbrush Place, and Wildflower Way should generate a sense of belonging and familiarity to support wayfinding while also reflecting the name of the neighborhood.

Artwork for the Transitional Care Unit should display images of rejuvenation, play, outdoor activities, scenery, and wellness to motivate and inspire healing. 

Artists should submit existing works of art with prices ranging from $500 - $5,500.

Selection Process
St. John’s Health Foundation works with a volunteer art committee to ensure that the highest aesthetic standards are expressed in the Health’s art collection. The Foundation’s art committee makes recommendations that are reviewed by the Foundation Board and internal committees.

The selection process will proceed as follows:

  • The art committee will review submissions based on the criteria defined in this document. 
  • Artists whose works are selected for purchase will enter into a purchase agreement with St. John’s Health Foundation.
Selection Criteria
  • Artistic merit, originality, and creativity as evidenced by prior artwork
  • Professional artistic experience to fulfill the requirements of this project and the ability to undertake the design, creation, and installation of the artwork within the timeline
  • Appropriateness of materials, style, scale, and concepts in relation to the architecture of the building
  • Meets Evidence-Based Criteria 
  • Creates a welcoming first impression that evokes a sense of calm, healing, wellness, and excellence in service.
  • Responsiveness expressed in the Letter of Interest 

St. John’s Health Foundation seeks original paintings, and limited edition photographs and prints for display in the residential and gathering spaces of Sage Living.

All artwork must be made of or framed using durable, permanent media that is safe, can be cleaned, and requires little to no maintenance. Plexiglas, not glass, should be used in all framing.

Artists are invited to submit up to 6 existing works of art, ranging in size from small (8”x10”) to medium (18” x 24”), to large (4’x6’), with prices between $500 and $5,500.

Artworks that are representational are sought. Abstract works may cause confusion for aging populations and will not be considered for this opportunity. 

Submission Requirements
Jackson Hole Public Art will use the Western States Arts Federation CAFÉ site to manage submissions. There is no cost to register your profile on CAFÉ and you can update it at any time. To register, visit  CAFÉ provides artists with an easy-to-use system to create a profile with contact information, to upload digital images of their artwork, and to apply to a number of open calls for entry at one time. 

Please label your attachments with your namenot the name of the project, and the title of your artwork.

For example: Smith.Tom_Wildflowers.pdf

Letter of Interest: The letter should articulate your interest in this project in particular and how your work addresses the goals of this project. Please limit the letter to 500 words or less.

Images of Work: Please provide 6 images of currently available art and the price for each artwork that specifically relate to this opportunity. For best results, images should be sized to 1920 pixels maximum on the longest size, 72 dpi, and with compression settings resulting in the best image quality where the file size remains under 2MB.

Price Sheet: upload one-sheet listing the prices of each artwork shown.


Resume: A two-page (maximum) current, professional resume. Artist teams should submit resumes for each team member compiled into one document.

References: Please submit up to 3 current references. Check your contact information to make sure it is up to date. Please make sure you include the reference name, phone, alternate phone, email, title, and one sentence describing your professional association.

Please note: Only artists who submit through CAFÉ will be considered. The first 250 applicants will be accepted through the CAFE website. If you are starting an application close to the submission deadline, we suggest you contact JH Public Art before you proceed to determine if the opportunity has reached capacity.

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