Call Detail
Public Art: 124th RTD Station
Entry Deadline: 10/11/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 15
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 17
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Colorado
Event Dates: 9/11/20 - 1/31/21



The city of Thornton, in collaboration with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), is seeking to purchase existing (prefabricated), 3D, large scale work or designs for our station located at 124th Avenue and First Street. The public art work will serve as a gateway (entrance) into Thornton. The work should touch on the station’s overall theme and create a strong visual impact to help establish Thornton as an innovative and exciting destination-city; engaged in contemporary conversations on art and culture.

About RTD
The RTD of Denver, Colorado is the transportation agency for an eight-county area in Colorado serving a population of 2.8 million people. RTD, in collaboration with the city of Thornton, have committed to increasing the number of original commissioned pieces of art throughout its district. RTD and the city of Thornton are pleased to announce a series of commissioned art opportunities on the N Line (referred to as the North Metro Rail Line during construction). The N Line brings RTD train service through Denver, Commerce City, Northglenn, Thornton and North Adams County. Three stations in Thornton are currently under construction and include, Original Thornton at 88th, Thornton Crossroads at 104th, and Eastlake at 124th.

The process for public art will unfold in phases. These major works are the final phase and will serve as the major landmarks for all three stations.

Station Theme: Historic Eastlake
The town of Eastlake was founded over 100 years ago by John Frank Church and Andrew Morrison Pattern.  The men purchased over 1,520 acres and worked to build three reservoirs (fed by Clear Creek) to irrigate the farmland and begin selling plots to farmers. Danish immigrant, Kristian G. Lambertson is believed to have purchased one of the first plots of irrigated farmland. 

As more settlers purchased land, the town grew and soon had its own bank and post office. The introduction of the Union Pacific Railroad supported Eastlake’s economic success, allowing farmers to ship their crops and livestock to market in Denver and Greeley. At one time, there were two working grain elevators, a pickle factory, alfalfa mill, beet dump, and cattle corrals along the rail tracks. 

The town was its own community for 80 years before joining the city of Thornton in 1990. Eastlake continues to retain its own identity and charm. It is important that the work  for this station reflect Eastlake’s long history, character, and/or deep agricultural roots.   

Key Themes and Objectives
This is an opportunity to install public art that will be a unique and creative addition to Thornton’s existing public art collection. This work will also have a positive impact on all who visit this station. 

Successful work should touch on the Historic Eastlake theme, nature, community, and/or agriculture in addition to the following:

·         Cohesive design.

·         Dynamic use of color, composition and style elements that create a visual impact.

·         Interdisciplinary practice with an emphasis on creative and innovative materials as well as technology.

·         Experience in large scale fabrication and installation of landmark works.

·         Holistic approach to place-making and (re)activation of a physical space.

·         Strong understanding of contemporary art and its positive effect on public space and community identity.

·         Understanding of the specialized needs and materials needed for durable, outdoor public work. 

·         Understanding of the diversity and unique character that make the city of Thornton a special place to live, work, and play. 

Colorado-based;  This call is open to all Colorado-based artists, teams, architectural firms, schools, etc.; age 18 and over (or with a supervising/advising adult), regardless of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.

Preference will be given to those with existing work (prefabricated) or designs that are ready for purchase and can meet the scope of this project. Applicants who may not have prefabricated work, but are confident in their ability to design, install work, and meet the demands of the space and strict deadline are still encouraged to apply.

Special consideration will be given the local artists as well as youth and school programs.  

City of Thornton employees are not eligible.

Deadlines and Commitments
This project is an intergovernmental collaboration. Both parties are required to meet specific deadlines set by stakeholders. Projects included in this call have been dictated by an Intergovernmental Agreement. Please ensure that you are able to meet the requirements set by this agreement before applying to this call. Applicants who are confident in their ability to fabricate, complete, and install work before the deadlines are strongly encouraged to apply.

The final deadline for this project is set for December 31, 2021. Work must be installed and all billing completed by the final deadline.

 Site Location and Footprint 
The 124th Station has designated one site for the installation of work. 

  • Two Station Planters  (must be completed and installed no later than December 31, 2021). Both planters are 35 feet by 45 feet with a height restriction of 14 feet. Preexisting landscaping and irrigation exists. 

For complete call with  RTD drawings and project summary, please click here: 
Please note: This is the second bid attempt for this project site. Dates on the original call me have already past.  

RTD Art Guidelines

1.       The movement, safety and security of pedestrians is priority.

2.       The artwork will be outside and exposed to elements. It must be able to withstand the constantly changing weather conditions of Colorado. These conditions may include a wide fluctuation in temperature and intense, direct sunlight.

3.       Materials used must be durable and require little and/or easy maintenance.

4.       Prior approval for use of electricity is needed. 

5.       Works proposed by the tracks must not violate any of the clearance and safety regulations concerning the overhead electrical wires or impede with any train operations.

6.       Details and calculations for art are needed if there are any connections to RTD and/or city infrastructure.

7.       Contractor will be required to coordinate installation activities with RTD’s North Metro Contractor or if station is already turned over to RTD, contact RTD real property for station access.

8.       Depending upon the proposed art, at RTD’s discretion, the design may have to be presented and accepted by RTD’s Executive Safety and Security Group.

Total Project Budget
The project budget is $40,000 which is inclusive of artist payment and costs associated with transportation, shipping, installation (including foundational needs), insurance, and all other costs for the successful completion of these projects.

Review Process and Award Approval

The RTD Review Panel will consist of stakeholders. This may include artists, community members, business owners and RTD staff.  This project may require several rounds of reviews:

Portfolio Review: October
The panel will review a portfolio of existing work and/or designs available for purchase. Applicants are encouraged to submit 4 – 15 pieces that highlight their skills and creativity.

Based on the applicant’s body of work, the panel will identify one piece or design that will be purchased and installed at the 124th station. The piece will be selected based on skill level, artistic merit, and the overall impact of the piece. The finalist will be notified and the recommendation.

Information will be sent out via email and/or as it is made available by the RTD Review Panel.

Public Forum and Additional Community Feedback (if needed)
Depending on needs identified by the panel, the finalist may be asked to present their work or design in a public forum setting for a larger group of community members, RTD employees, and/or Thornton City Council. Artists will be notified ahead of time if additional feedback is needed. 

Recommendation and Final Approval
Please note that no project is officially awarded without final approval from Thornton City Council. The RTD Review Panel will make a recommendation to the Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO) for approval. If approved, TASHCO will then present their recommendation for purchase to Thornton City Council. Thornton City Council may request additional information to support the public art recommendation or approve the award.  

Final Award: Febraury 2021
Upon final approval by Thornton City Council, the award winner will begin to enter into contracts and purchasing agreements with the city of Thornton. 

Planning and Install: February – December 2021
The award winner will coordinate with RTD and city staff to finalize all implementation plans for this public art project. 

Submission Requirements
Please visit to submit an application and submission materials.

By submitting your application and materials in response to this project RFP, you are agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions imposed by Westcafe for use of CAFÉ ( You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Thornton for any claim, cause of action, lawsuit and/or damages related to your use of CAFÉ for this RFP. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Please include all of the following materials to secure your place in the first review:

1.       Portfolio

 4 - 15 images of existing work and/or designs available for purchase. Please ensure this work showcases your creativity, and ability to meet the demands of this project scope.

2.       Statement

 Written statement or video detailing your creative process, drive, and/or philosophy.

3.      Resume/CV with references

                The finalist will be asked to submit the following:

o   Implementation schedule

o   Itemized budget including shipping, insurance and installation costs.

o   Project narrative

o   Materials list (including supplier information)

o   Warranty information

o   Maintenance information (including procedures, timeline, and estimated city costs)

o   Contractors (if applicable)


Will I have access to electrical or other infrastructure?  Possibly. This will need to be approved by RTD. Additional costs that will need to come out of the project budget.  We encourage applicants to utilize renewable energy in their work whenever possible.

Can my work incorporate different languages?  Applicants are encouraged to use unique themes and designs to touch on the station theme and highlight the diverse cultures and languages that make Thornton a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Do I need to be a Colorado resident to apply to this call?  Yes, this call looking for local artists with a proven history in creating unique and impactful public art.

Will my name be included in publications? Yes. The project winner will sign an agreement granting Thornton permission to display materials associated with the work. The award winner will be noted for their work.

How will I coordinate installation with RTD and city of Thornton staff? Key staff have been identified to work with the award winner and coordinate the installation of the purchased piece.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, all timelines and/or budgets for this, and other public art projects are subject to change. These changes will be determined by Thornton City Council. Staff will communicate any changes or delays to applicants as the information becomes available. All efforts are being made to continue supporting creative expression and artists. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these challenging times. 

Additional Questions?
Please contact Jesse Jimenez, Arts & Culture Coordinator at 720-977-5881 or