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Navasota Artist in Residence Spring 2021
4180 Highway 6 South

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Call Type: Residencies
Eligibility: International
State: Texas
Entry Deadline: 2/7/21
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 12
Entry Fee (Navasota Artist in Residence Spring 2021): $25.00
The Artists in Residence will have an opportunity to live and work in the historic Horlock Home in Navasota, Texas which includes living and studio space for each of the three participating artists as well as a retail gallery space. The term of each residency is roughly six (6) months. The City of Navasota will provide amenities including internet, cable, electricity, retail space, and live/workspace free of charge to selected artists with the purpose of providing artists the opportunity to create and sell their work. Each artist will also receive a one-time $600 stipend at the beginning of the residency to assist with groceries, fuel, and supply purchases.

Who is Eligible?
  • Any artist is eligible to apply. 
  • Applicants must be artists who concentrate on one of the following areas:
    • 2-D Mixed Media
    • 3-D Mixed Media
    • Drawing
    • Fiber arts
    • Literature
    • Music 
    • Painting
    • Poetry
    • Photography
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture
    • Ceramics
    • Digital Media
  • Applicants must be available to live in Navasota for the entire six (6) month term of the residency. Applicants must be fluent in English, have reliable transportation they will bring with them, and be eligible to live in the United States for the entire term of the residency program.
What do the City of Navasota and The Arts Council offer?
  • The City of Navasota and The Arts Council will offer up to three selected artists studio space, living space, retail space with utilities and rent provided free for the term of the residency. Selected artists are required to supply their own materials, equipment, food, and transportation.  Each artist will, at the beginning of the residency, receive a one-time $600 stipend to assist with supply purchases.  If the artist should leave the residency early for any reason, they will be required to pay back a pro-rated amount of the stipend.
  • The City of Navasota and The Arts Council will offer PR opportunities to all participating artists. Opportunities will include radio interviews, promotion at Arts Council events, inclusion in newsletters, attendance at Arts Council events, Horlock House Open House event, etc.
What is required of the artist?
  • Living/Working Arrangements
    • The artist must live and work in the Horlock House in Navasota, Texas for the entire term of the residency.
    • The artist will be provided free utilities and living, studio, and retail space, but is responsible for all groceries, equipment, and supplies necessary for the production of their artwork.
    • The residency housing provides basic items for each resident, including a queen bed, dresser, and desk.  Shared spaces include the full kitchen, laundry room with washer & dryer, a den with a television, and two bathrooms.
    • The residency does not furnish any supplies/equipment such as kilns, darkrooms, forges, or power tools.  The artist will be responsible for bringing their own equipment or finding a place in the area to rent.
    • The artist will be responsible for all transportation to, from, and during the residency. As Navasota is a more rural location, public transportation is limited, and applicants must bring their own vehicles.
    • The artist is responsible for the upkeep of the living and working quarters.
    • The artist must be the sole occupant of their residency location.  No pets are allowed.
    • The artists must keep the Horlock Gallery open to the public Wednesday through Sunday.  All three artists will be required to work shifts in the gallery each week.
    • All participating artists must be able to pass a background check.
    • Artists may not hold a full-time or part-time job during this residency program.
  • Teaching Opportunities
    • The City of Navasota and The Arts Council may have paid teaching opportunities available for participating artists. 
  • Shows/Sales
    • Any pieces sold by the artist in art fairs or gallery shows/events organized by The Arts Council, and at the Horlock House will be a 70/30 split, with 70% going to artist and 30% going to The Arts Council. The artist must follow sales procedures of The Arts Council, including documenting and collecting sales tax.
    • Artist is responsible for managing the Horlock House Gallery including staffing open hours, hanging and displaying works, sales, etc.
Submission, Deadlines, & Interviews
  • Applications will be juried and finalists will be selected for a virtual interview.
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