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Sculpture Garden Public Art Project

Entry Deadline: 11/30/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: California

The City of Santa Clarita (City) is seeking three (3) sculptural art works for its Public Art program. Artist(s) are invited to submit portfolios of past work for consideration. Up to five (5) artists will be invited to submit site-specific proposals for sculptural art works (Art Work) to be permanently located on concrete pads along the Canyon Country Community Center walking paths. The City intends to select one artist to design and fabricate three Art Works. The all-inclusive budget for this project is $60,000 in total for three (3) art works.

The City is centrally located, just 30 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles. The City boasts year-round fun, abundant sunshine, a unique blend of upscale sophistication and small-town charm, historic elements, destination dining, signature shopping, outdoor adventure, and a variety of world-class events, scenic drives, and attractions.  These characteristics and more make Santa Clarita the ultimate Southern California lifestyle with endless opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the weather while biking, running, hiking, and swimming. Spending quality time with family and friends is easy to do at one of our many parks, along our trails, and throughout our open space and nearby lakes.


 It is desired for the sculptures to reflect a connection to the Canyon Country Community Center and surrounding community. 
 Creativity and innovation of design are encouraged. 
• Art Work must be an original design. 
• Art Work must be suitable for viewing by all ages. 
• Art Work may not be created for advertisement or to promote business, product, or viewpoint. 
• Designs must not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, business names, corporate or organizational branding, or images of drugs. 
• Art Work can be of any medium, but artists should consider structural and surface soundness and materials that can withstand outside (desert climate: high winds, extreme temperatures) and uncovered weather conditions as well as inherent resistance to theft, vandalism, and excessive maintenance and repair costs. Artists will be required to describe their experience working with the proposed material in their proposal and provide a suggested maintenance schedule.

Art Work must fit on a pre-determined concrete pad.  Pad measures 6’ by 6’ with a usable corner-to-corner space of  8-1/2' by 8-1/2’.  A horizontal base could use the maximum length of the base if its width is within the dimensions.
• Art Work should be no less than 8’ and no more than 15’ in height including the base. 
• Art Work weight must scale per the following:
15’ height is a maximum weight of 1,675 pound
12’ height is a maximum of 2,200 pounds
10’ height is a maximum of 2,800 pound
8’ height is a maximum of 4,000 pounds

• Art Work must be installed in a manner with sufficient anchoring to prevent the Art Work from being removed, tipped, broken, or overturned due to wind or an earthquake.  The City reserves the right to review and approve the artists proposed installation plan and may request additional information from a California licensed engineer (hired by the artist) to address safety concerns the City may have. 
• An area on or near the Art Work will be specified for use in presenting a plaque that indicates the name of the artist, title of Art Work, materials, and the year installed.  On the Public Art App, the name of the artist, title of Art Work, materials, year installed, 100-word narrative about the Art Work, and information about the artist. 
• All Art Works must be designed to easily secure the Art Work to the concrete pads. The concrete pads may not be altered in any way to accommodate the Art Work, except for the anchorage locations. 
• Power for the Art Work itself is not available onsite. If the Art Work requires power then it is suggested that it include a solar component.
• Each Art Work must comply with standard engineering practices and requirements. 
• Each Art Work will be evaluated to require that it does not present a hazard to public safety and must conform to ADA standards.
• Delivered Art Work that differs significantly from approved application will be disqualified.

November 30 at 11:59 p.m. PST - Application Due
February 2021 - Selections made by Artist Selection Committee
March/April 2021 - Arts Commission and City Council review and approval of selections
May/June 2021 - Selected artists notified


The three identified locations will be on outdoor walkways surrounding the Canyon Country Community Center. Click here for locations:

The Canyon Country Community Center is being built on a six-and-a-half-acre lot. The building has a ‘California Rustic’ theme. The indoor facilities include a gymnasium, fitness center, arts and crafts room, classroom, activity/multi-use rooms, and a teaching kitchen. Outdoor there is a play area and half basketball court, an event area, and a parking lot.

BUDGET: Up to five (5) artists will be invited to create site-specific Art Work proposals. Semi-finalists will receive a $1,000 honorarium, plus $400 (accommodation allowance) for the Art Work proposal. The total budget for three Art Works is $60,000.

The honorarium will include: A presentation will be given to the Artist Selection Committee. 
• PowerPoint/PDF proposal of the Art Work (concept of the Art Work) must address the Design and Project Guidelines in the Call for Entry. 
• PowerPoint/PDF proposal must address the maintenance and conservation of the Art Work. 
• PowerPoint/PDF proposal must address the budget for the project. 
• Presentation will be 30 minutes, with questions and answers from the Artist Selection Committee.

The fabrication and installation agreement will include: 
 Artist is responsible for delivery and installation of artwork per scheduled date. 
 The artist is required to provide installation instructions and a maintenance guide for proper care of the Art Work. 
• Artist is responsible for all associated expenses related to design, fabrication, and transportation. 
• Artist is responsible for all materials required to deliver the Art Work to the location. 
• Artist is responsible for travel and hotel accommodations. 
• The selected artist will be required to include insurance coverage for the installation period only. 
• If a protective coating to address environmental or vandalism concerns is deemed necessary, this must be covered by the artist.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists 18 years of age or older are invited to submit an individual or collaborative artist application. Must be located in the U.S. 

TO APPLY: The required materials must be submitted electronically by midnight (PST), Monday, November 30, 2020 through CaFE ( 
1. Cover letter.  
2. Resume or CV.  
3. Artist Statement

4. Portfolio: up to ten (10) images of previous sculptural work. At least one example must be an existing public art work.  

Description of the images must include: material(s), dimensions, previously shown location and dates (if applicable), and maintenance

•  Visual impact 
•  Interpretation and creativity 
• Composition and design
• Craftsmanship 
• Design criteria and eligibility guidelines met 
 Durability of materials 
• Clarity of project-specific intent, relevant professional experience, and artistic vision, as expressed in Cover Letter, Resume/CV, and Artistic Statement 
• Past experience of the artist in public art 
• Feasibility

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FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information about the prospectus, please contact the City of Santa Clarita’s Arts and Events Division at or (661) 250-3787.


Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria