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2021 Troy Main Street Sculptures on the Square: Taking Flight
Entry Deadline: 2/19/21
Application Closed
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Ohio

Troy (OH) Main Street 

2021 Sculptures on the Square 

Taking Flight

Sculptor Call for Submissions

Deadline: Friday, February 19, 2021. 5:00 PM Eastern


As part of Troy Main Street’s 2021 Sculptures on the Square event, we are inviting artists to submit letters of interest, sculpture details, and qualifications for outdoor sculpture artwork. 

The 2021 event will be Troy’s 10th Sculptures on the Square biennial event, having started in 2003. The event regularly attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding communities and states as well as engaging the Troy community and Miami county with the arts. Besides the sculptures on the downtown sidewalks, the event also includes displays of local artists in downtown businesses and interactive arts activities throughout the months of the event. 

Troy is located in southwestern Ohio, 20 miles north of downtown Dayton, OH, off of Interstate 75. Troy is an easy drive from Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; Lexington, Frankfort, and Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL, and Pittsburgh, PA.

The 2021 Sculptures on the Square event, scheduled to be exhibited June 18 - October 4, 2021, is expected to display approximately 20 sculptures on the sidewalks of downtown Troy. 

The generalized theme of “Taking Flight” has been selected for the 2021 event. The theme is inspired due to the aviation history in and near Troy. Troy was the home of WACO Aircraft Company during the late 1920s and early 1930s and is the current home of the WACO Air Museum. Troy is also located between Dayton, OH, home of the Wright brothers, and Wapakeneta, OH, home of Neil Armstrong. 

Sculptors are welcome to freely interpret the theme of “flight” in their submissions. Proposals do not have to meet the theme, but sculptures fitting the theme are encouraged.

The Selection Committee is looking for sculptures that are not larger than 5 feet wide x 5 feet deep x 8 feet tall. Sculptures will be displayed outside for the duration of the event. If the sculpture being proposed significantly differs from these dimensions, please contact the email identified in the call. The sculptures can be free-standing or placed on pedestals. Sculptures needing special placement including locking into concrete or the ground must have that information clearly stated in the proposal. 

The artwork must be family and community-friendly in design, nature, and content. Accepted artists must complete an agreement provided upon selection.

For artists looking for some information about Troy’s history and culture, we offer these starting points. 

Some aspects about Troy:

The Troy Local History Library ( offers an archive of the history of Troy.

Call for Proposal details:

The submitted call for proposal will need to include:

  • Artist(s) name, mailing address, email address, website

  • Resume or CV showing a history of on-budget and on-schedule public art projects. If this is the first public art proposal, a professional resume or CV showing a history of exhibited artwork is acceptable.

  • A schedule detailing the creation and installation of the artwork

  • If submitting an existing artwork, provide photographs of the artwork in multiple angles, base and installation methods, and photographs of it installed publicly if available.

  • If a new artwork, provide detailed conceptual drawings depicting the size, scale, and details of the artwork and installation methods. If the artist(s) has created similar artworks but is creating a new artwork for this call, include photographs of previous artworks along with the conceptual drawings of the new artwork.

Stipend per selected sculpture:

$1,500 USD. The stipend covers the cost of having the sculpture located in Troy for the duration of the event, shipping costs to and from Troy, insurance, and attendance at the Opening Gala if desired.

Troy Main Street thanks The Troy Foundation ( for funding the stipends for this event.


Selection Information:

The Troy Main Street Sculptures on the Square committee will designate a jury to review the submissions to determine which artwork will be selected for display.

Entries will be judged by a selection committee including select members of the Sculptures on the Square committee consisting of artists and administrators, and select members of the community. Entries will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. Adherence to community- and family-friendly content

  2. Adherence to appropriate size

  3. Inclusion and adherence of adequate budget, schedule, and installation details that meet city requirements for items installed on public sidewalks

The selection committee reserves the right to reject delivered artwork if the final work fails to adhere to the proposed content, size, budget, schedule, and installation requirements. 

Application Requirements:

This project is open to resident American and legal resident artists / artist teams residing and working in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How to Apply:

Apply via Applicants must create a free account on to apply. Existing users can use their existing account.

For Questions, Please Contact:

Troy Main Street


Email: (subject line: 2021 Sculptures on the Square)

Phone: (937) 339-5455


Application Requirements

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