Call Detail
RFP Terrazzo Art Medallions - Nashville International Airport
Entry Deadline: 3/1/21
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 7, Maximum:Max. 7
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 7, Maximum:Max. 7
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Tennessee

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and Arts at the Airport (AaA) invite artists/teams living in the U.S. to submit proposals for the design of two separate terrazzo floor medallions to be in the wings of the Terminal Lobby of BNA@. The Node at the A/B connector area and the Node at the C/D connector area are located respectively at the north and south ends of the Terminal Lobby. The artists/teams will create the floor medallion designs which will then be produced and installed by a Terrazzo Floor Company to be selected by BNA. The art zone is a circle and measures 23’8”/16’0” in diameter in the A/B and C/D nodes respectively. The design fee budget is $35,000 for each Node. The artists/teams will be required to work with the Terrazzo Company during fabrication and installation to ensure design integrity. The deadline for submission on (CaFÉ) is Monday, March 1, 2021, 11:59pm MST. Project installation will occur in the summer of 2021.  

Project Background
The BNA Vision: A World-Class Airport for a World-Class City. By 2041, the population of the Greater Nashville Area is expected to surpass 2.5 million people. By 2032, BNA passenger traffic will grow from 18 million today to more than 23 million. BNA Vision is a comprehensive plan designed to enable the airport to meet the needs of this record-setting growth and maintain the customer-friendly character unique to our region. For more information

The Art Medallions will be in the Terminal Lobby Renovation phase of the BNA Vison Plans. The expected completion date for the BNA Vision will be in 2023. The spacious central entrance hall will warmly welcome travelers with natural light and compelling airfield views. This area will comfortably accommodate airline ticketing, and baggage check-in. The Terminal Lobby will expedite the security screening process with an expanded and consolidated security checkpoint. The art medallion nodes will be in the area connecting the Terminal Lobby with Concourse A and B (A/B Node) and with Concourse C and D (C/D Node).

The Terrazzo Floor Requirements
Terrazzo will be 3/8” epoxy resin terrazzo. There will be no color restrictions other than what is possible with the colors that can be achieved utilizing terrazzo as a medium.  It is important the artist understands this medium, the colors it can achieve, how it is installed and how colors can be controlled. Colors can be achieved utilizing many types of aggregates (stone, metal, shells, glass, mirror, etc.) and epoxy resins. You cannot fade colors. Colors are controlled by areas contained within metal (zinc/aluminum) strips. The metal strips can be varying thicknesses depending on what the artist is trying to achieve. Metals can also be part of the art itself by using metal numbers, shapes, etc. 

Interior Finishes
See the linked BNA Vision Interior Concept Design for a complete explanation of the finishes and colors for the A/B and C/D Nodes. View document.

Artist Eligibility
This call is open to artists and artist-teams living in the U.S. Applicants must have successfully completed at least one art commission (public or private) within the past five years. It is preferred artists have direct experience with a terrazzo floor design/installation, but not mandatory. Artists must provide evidence of prior public or private art commissions with documentation in their resumes, photographs, and references. Terrazzo floor experience should be documented as well. Artists must meet the above criteria to apply. Current MNAA employees, commissioners, and Arts at the Airport Board members may not apply.

Art Scope and Goals
This is an opportunity for artist-teams to create terrazzo floor designs for the Nodes located in the A/B connector area and the C/D connector area of the Terminal Lobby. The artwork will be accessible to all BNA guests passing through the Grand Hall (pre-security), allowing all BNA passengers, employees and guests the opportunity to enjoy the artwork. The art zone is a circle that measures 23’8” and 16’(A/B and C/D) in diameter.

Images and information about the project can be found:

·         Terrazzo Masterplan Concept

·         Art Medallion at A/B Node

·         Art Medallion at C/D Node

·         BNA Vision Interior Concept Design

The primary goals of the project are to:

·         Create a visually stimulating design that will be impactful, iconic and memorable for passengers and employees of BNA.

·         Express inspiration from regional features such as Nashville, Middle Tennessee, BNA, and Aviation through design, form and materials.

·         Design artwork that will create a landmark or gateway for our travelers’ journey.

·         Design specifically for the airport environment, honor existing architectural factors and the general character of BNA. Be proportional to the scale and volume of the space.

·         Enhance the existing Arts at the Airport public art collection.


Project Budget
The project design budget is $35,000 for each Node. The budget fully includes artist design fees, travel costs, permits, insurance and transportation. The selected design will be implemented by a Terrazzo Floor Company selected by BNA. The artist is expected to work with the Terrazzo Floor Company to oversee the fabrication and installation of the designed medallions. Artist should expect several site visits to BNA.

The selected artists or artist-teams will be issued a Proposal/Design Phase Contract and begin collaborating with the Terrazzo Floor Company and Arts at the Airport. The final design will be approved by the Arts at the Airport Selection Committee and the MNAA Board of Commissioners.

Selection Criteria Process
The Arts at the Airport Selection Committee, consisting of Arts at the Airport Board of Directors, staff, a MNAA design representative and professional artists from the community, will evaluate each artist’s or artist-team’s qualifications, statement of interest and artist’s/team’s past work. Artist’s proposals for design of the actual A/B and C/D Node will be reviewed and selection will weigh heavily on this design.  

Evaluation Criteria
Applications will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of design for A/B Node or C/D Node.

·         Professional qualifications and preferred prior experience in terrazzo floor design.

·         Experience with projects of this scale, setting and complexity or resources available for completing the project.

·         Quality, creativity, and strength of work submitted.

·         Appropriateness of previous work to scope of this project.

 The panel will review artists’ materials using the online CaFÉ platform:


January 18, 2021 – RFP is opened on CaFÉ.

March 1, 2021: Deadline for Proposals submitted via CaFÉ, 11:59 MST.

April 15, 2021: Artist-teams selected/notified.

June 1, 2020:  First site visit.

July 1, 2021: Final design is approved by AaA Board.

Summer 2021: Fabrication and installation dates to be determined.

 Application Requirements

Submissions must be received through CaFÉ no later than 11:59 MST on March 1, 2021.

Required Application Materials

  • Statement of interest (one page)
  • Current resume (two pages)
  • Images/samples of past work (three) with descriptions
  • Images of proposed design for the terrazzo floor (four)
  • References (three)


1. Statement of Interest
 At minimum statement should:
          a. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the project scope.
          b. Describe a recent experience collaborating with architects and other design                professionals on projects of this scale and size, especially regarding public                art.
         c. Schedule and availability to accomplish this project.
         d. Prior terrazzo art experience

 2. Current Resume

 3. Image Descriptions

Where applicable, include the commissioning agency, budget, completion date and project manager/client. With images that require clarification, provide a brief description (no more than two to three sentences) for each.

4.    References
Please provide the names, addresses, current telephone numbers and email addresses for three professionals to reference your past work and qualifications. Artists’ teams should provide separate references for each member.

 The Selection Panel reserves the right to reject incomplete applications or responses.

Construction Support Documents

The following additional materials can be found:

·         Terrazzo Masterplan Concept

·         Art Medallion at A/B Node

·         Art Medallion at C/D Node

·         BNA Vision Interior Concept Design