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Call for Sculpture - Percival Plinth Project 2021
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Entry Deadline: 2/22/21
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Regional
State: Washington
Event Dates: 1/27/22 - 1/27/22

The City of Olympia is seeking up to 16 loaned sculptures from Washington and Oregon state artists for temporary display of up to one (1) year on Percival Landing in Olympia, WA. Selected artists are eligible for consideration for the Peoples’ Prize purchase award. An award selected by public vote of one sculpture to be purchased and added to the City’s public art collection.  


  • Each sculpture submitted through CAFE must be available for exhibition June 2021-June 2022.
  • Artists may submit up to two (2) entries, with three to five (3-5) slides each. (Artists wishing to submit two entries must submit two separate applications. Each application should include only 1 (one) work of art with 3-5 different views of the same artwork. Eg. Front, back, side, detail, etc.)
  • $700 honorarium for 1 year loan of each sculpture.
  • Up to $10,000 annual purchase - Peoples’ Prize.
  • Work on display can be available for sale. No commission will be taken from artwork sold.
  • New works will be celebrated with a public event (tentative for 2021 pending county health guidlines allow for this), kicking-off one month of public voting for the Peoples’ Prize.  
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: February 22, 2021

Washington and Oregon state sculptors, 18 years of age or older.  Artists may not submit works previously exhibited on the Percival Plinths.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of sculpture including evidence of artistic ability and originality or uniqueness of vision, technical competency, material integrity and craftsmanship.
  • Sculpture must not present a safety risk to the public, should be able to withstand exposure to the elements and unsupervised interaction, and be maintenance-free for the duration of the exhibition.  Artists must expect that sculpture may be climbed or marked on during exhibition.
  • Balance and diversity of materials and style among selected sculptures.
  • Artists should bear in mind that the audiences will be broad-based and of all ages and artwork should be appropriate for display in a public place.  Artwork that includes advertising or logos or is political, religious or sexual in nature will not be considered.

Selected artists will agree to loan sculpture(s) to the City for up to one year (June 2020-June 2021).

Percival Landing, Olympia, WA - Sculptures will be displayed on outdoor pedestals (plinths) along Percival Landing for up to one year. Plinths are sited individually along the Landing and in several small groups.  If selected for exhibition, location of sculpture during exhibit will be at the sole discretion of the City.

Artists will be paid a $700 honoraria for each loaned sculpture.
Artists selected for exhibition must possess a City of Olympia Business license.  Please see for business license information.

Peoples’ Prize
Based on popular vote by the people, one sculpture of the exhibition will be purchased by the City for permanent display in another public place.  Purchase price is not to exceed $10,000 inclusive of fees and taxes.  If selected for purchase, placement of sculpture in another Olympia location will be at the sole discretion of the City.


Sculpture must be made of durable materials and finishes intended for exterior exhibition.  Suitable materials include, but are not limited to, bronze, aluminum, steel, stone and concrete.  The work must also be maintenance-free and graffiti resistant.  Maximum weight allowed is 1000 lbs for City installation, with a center of gravity within 9” of the center of base plate, and within 42” of the top of the base plate.

The City of Olympia
will provide property insurance for all works during the exhibition from the time the work is installed onsite until the work is returned to the artist. 



Artists are responsible for shipping/transporting works to and from the exhibit location.

Installation of artwork will take place in June 2021.  
For installation, selected artists must securely attach their sculpture with a minimum of 3 points of contact to a 24" x 24" x 1/4” stainless steel plate to be provided by the City for the duration of the exhibition. Artist may
make holes for attachment no larger than ¼” and/or weld to the attachment plate with stainless steel filler only. The plate weighs about 40lbs. Artist is responsible for placing sculpture on a foot pump lift (1000 lbs capacity), in coordination with the City and support with installation and placement of work on the pedestal. As a courtesy the City provides use of a foot pump lift and limited staff to support the installation.

Artists will be recognized by a plaque near their work, and artist information and contact information will be available on the City’s website.  Artists are responsible for any inquiries regarding sales during the time of exhibition, and artwork may not be sold until the end of the exhibition period.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria