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City of Clearwater Police Substation III RFQ
Entry Deadline: 3/2/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida

Request for Qualifications

Clearwater Police Department Substation III

2851 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL 33761

Art Allocation: $75,000

Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 11:59p.m. MT

Project Description:
The Clearwater Public Art & Design Program seeks an artist or artist team to develop artwork for the Clearwater Police Department Substation III Redevelopment. The project will consist of the demolition of the current substation, built in 1983, and the construction of a new 22,000 SF facility built to withstand a category 5 hurricane. This new facility will house an Emergency Operations Center and police training spaces. District III personnel are responsible for responding to, and handling, law enforcement calls for service, performing directed and proactive patrols of problem areas, community engagement, and general enforcement of local, state, and federal laws.

The project committee has identified an exterior concrete wall suitable for low or sunken relief designs. The committee has expressed interest in applicants that can capture and present the values of the Clearwater Police Department, which include dedication, dependability, pride, safety, service, and trust.  

This project is open to visual artists residing in the United States with experience executing their ideas from concept to completion and working in the public realm with public agencies. Regional artists are encouraged to apply. The artist will be working closely with the City’s Public Art and Design Program and the Clearwater Police Department.

The project budget is $75,000; this amount is to cover all expenses including design, fabrication, installation, travel, insurance, etc. The artist is expected to meet project budget and schedule.

City Background:
The city of Clearwater is a vibrant coastal community of approximately 115,500 citizens located on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Clearwater is a progressive city that is committed to enhancing residents’ lives while preserving a heritage that is rich in culture and exquisite in landscape. Located approximately 30 minutes from both Tampa and St. Petersburg, Clearwater enjoys immediate access to natural amenities such as the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, and cultural offerings from a variety of museums, galleries, concert venues and theaters.

Clearwater Police Department Background:
The objective of the Clearwater Police Department is to consistently provide effective, professional, and dependable law enforcement services to every citizen, visitor, and business within the city of Clearwater.

The Department is guided by the following principles: 1) Preservation of life – ensuring the safety of all persons, wherever possible; 2) Commitment to excellence – employing a rising standard of quality over time; and 3) Community champions – engaging citizens, solving problems, and ensuring the high quality of life in Clearwater. The CPD operates with a neighborhood policing philosophy that seeks to further the City Council’s Strategic Direction of providing cost effective municipal services that reinforce the city’s standing as a safe community for residents and visitors. For additional details and to read the CPD Strategic Plan, visit

Public Art Site:
The public art site has been identified as a concrete exterior wall along the west façade of the main building. This wall encloses the building’s equipment yard and faces the public parking area. The wall is located adjacent to the building’s public entrance and is one of the first sights seen upon entering the facility. The wall measures 49’ 5” long and 20’ 10” high. A sliding gate measuring 12’ long and 9’ 4” high is mounted behind the wall and allows access to a restricted area housing the equipment yard. The wall area available for public artwork, less the gate, is approximately 918 square feet.

To view site details:

For specific site information, please contact

Submittal Requirements:
This Request for Qualifications is the first step in the Clearwater Police Substation III public art selection process. Artists are not being asked to submit a specific proposal. This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and not a Request for Proposals (RFP).

No emails, slides, or hardcopy materials will be accepted for this call. First time CAFÉ applicants must allow enough time to prepare their CAFÉ formatted digital images and electronic submittal prior to the deadline.

Each application must be submitted via the CAFÉ website ( no later than Tuesday, March 2, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. MT. Submittals received after this deadline will not be considered. To be considered complete, submittals must include:

1) Letter of Intent, up to 1 page
Clearly describe your interest in the project and how you will be able to contribute to its success. Articulate your interest and/or experience in public art design, fabrication and/or project collaboration. Summarize experience in developing and/or executing creative projects of this scope in the public realm.

2) Resume/CV
Artist’s experience emphasizing professional experience including any commissions, residencies, tours, exhibitions, collaborations, and projects involving the community and work in the public sector. If you are applying as a team, include all team member resumes/CVs within one document.

3) At least one (1) and up to six (6) digital images of relevant artwork. Please do not present more than one view of artwork per image. If you wish to show a detail view, please include it within the maximum of six (6) images.

4) An image list providing details of selected images including title, year made, materials, dimensions, commissioning agency, and budget.

Selection Process:
A selection panel consisting of a Public Art & Design Board representative, Clearwater Police Department representative, arts professionals, and community representatives will review artists’ qualifications. Several artists will be selected to provide proposals and each artist will be paid a stipend of $1,000 for their proposal. Final artist selection will take place after review of the artist proposals. The Cultural Affairs Coordinator serves as the non-voting administrator of the selection panel.

The Clearwater Public Art & Design Program and City of Clearwater reserve the right to reject any or all applications, proposals, applications, or projects, and to modify or terminate the application process or the selection process for any reason and without prior notice.

Selection Criteria:
The selection panel will use the following evaluation criteria to select an artist or artist team:

Excellence: Works of art in the artist’s portfolio are original, innovative, of exceptional quality, and enduring value. High artistic quality and suitability to the final proposal in relation to the project description, program goals, and site descriptions.

Relevant Prior Experience: The artist has created projects of a similar scale and budget and has experience coordinating with multiple stakeholders; or, is jointly submitting the qualifications of a collaborator that has created such projects and that has such experience.

Appropriateness to site and project: Works of art in the portfolio indicate that the artist is likely to be sensitive to the social, economic, cultural, historical, and physical context of the site and the surrounding neighborhood and/or area.

Durability: Works of art in the artist’s portfolio utilize materials and processes likely to contribute to the longevity of public works of art, especially for projects that will be located outdoors, or is willing to adopt such practices by collaborating with a partner with relevant specialized experience.

Collaborative Spirit: Willingness of the artist to consult with the facility’s employees, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, and general contractors to assure smooth integration of the artwork into the site and to make necessary adjustments in relation to building codes and other construction issues.

Estimated Timeline:
- Submittals due: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 – 11:59p.m. MT
- Panel review: Thursday, March 4, 2021
- Finalists notified: Friday, March 5, 2021
- Finalist proposals due: Thursday, April 1, 2021
- Artwork design, coordination, fabrication – May – August 2021
- Artwork installation: December 2021

For further information, contact Christopher Hubbard, Cultural Affairs Coordinator. (727) 562-4067.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria